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Fandom vs Canon (Diabolik Lovers)

Fandom Shu: Lazy closet pervert who loves music and his s/o, likes bathing with his clothes on

Canon Shu: Lazy open pervert with PTSD who wrestled a fucking polar bear and can probably kill everyone in the room if he wanted to. Scared to death of loss. Extreme sadist, cuts you with a knife because your blood tastes better when you’re scared.

Fandom Reiji: BDSM mom friend, likes collecting plates

Canon Reiji: Pessimistic sadist with a sibling oriented inferiority complex. Had no problem murdering his own mother and even wanted to resurrect her so he could kill her in a more painful way each time. Burned down a village to kill his brother’s best friend. Could kill you in your sleep and wouldn’t blink twice.

Fandom Ayato: Lovable and confident dork who likes memes, boobs and takoyaki.

Canon Ayato: Do-S with an extreme superiority and inferiority complex. Abused and pressured to beat Shu as the heir to the vampire throne. Thrown into a lake to drown by his mother, ended up murdering her out of hatred and smiled the entire time. Sleeps in a fucking iron maiden. Will probably snap your neck if you don’t call him Ore-sama.

Fandom Kanato: Smol screaming child, bipolar, will like you if you make him deserts

Canon Kanato: Neglected sadist, quite possibly with Aspergers, with severe distrust towards other people, bordering on paranoia. Has sex with you more than any guy in the game, eats the ashes of his dead mother when he gets panic attacks. Might stab you in the throat with a fork if he doesn’t like your desert.

Fandom Laito: Macaroon fedora pervert, constant boner, “Bitch-chan~”

Canon Laito: Confuses love with lust due to being sexually abused by his own mother, was thrown in a dungeon by his father when he found out. He killed her so she could “be with him in eternity.” Manipulative and incredibly clever, voyeuristic with a degrading kink. His personality can turn dark in less than a second. Will use your fears to break you.

Fandom Subaru: Angry emo trash but is actually a cinnamon roll. Likes Blink 182, MCR, and punching wall-chan

Canon Subaru: Extreme sadist who ended up being an incest child because his dad used him as his mom as an experiment. Was called a filthy abomination by his mother who he loved more than anyone, now has a distrust towards women and constant suicidal thoughts.

Fandom Ruki: Hot mysterious book worm who’s into BDSM. Secretly cares about you and loves you.

Canon Ruki: Hot mysterious book worm who has been abusing people since he was seven years old. Was abandoned by his mother and his father killed himself, forcing him to live in the street. Warped perception of companionship, fear of abandonment, treats you like livestock because he was branded like cattle.

Fandom Kou: Prancy dancy idol-chan, sweet but manipulative, listens to BTS

Canon Kou: Abandoned at birth, turned into a sadist due to the amount of abuse he endured as a child. Ripped out his own eye to escape border line slavery and tried to commit suicide multiple times. Manipulative, will always expect something in exchange from you, capable of a 180 personality flip and won’t hesitate to kill when he’s angry.

Fandom Yuma: Giant gardening teddy bear, sugar-chan~ rebellious in a hot way

Canon Yuma: Can and will snap you in half. Beaten by his parents for not praying to God. Watched his parents burn alive and joined a gang, living on the streets. Sold himself as a slave to just to make enough money to survive. Sadistic, perverted, hot headed and can go on a total rampage. Kills you or someone else in almost all of his dark ends.

Fandom Azusa: Sweet masochist cinnamon bun who collects knives, doesn’t say much

Canon Azusa: Extreme masochist and sadist who enjoys self harm and harming others. Cuts you because he “wants you to feel good.” Enjoyed getting beaten as a child. Pain keeps him alive and gives him purpose, borderline suicidal.

(I might do more of these for other fandoms as well~)

based on the #momplates route of @zarla-s handplates web series. Although some like to speculate that in this scenario Toriel took the boys, I’d imagine it was a forced handover with supervised visits until Toriel can train Gaster up into being a good daddy. Too bad he never gets the chance.

Nerdy Virgin Luke

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 10.000+

Summary: I wrote a song preference once and wanted to continue a part out from it. Would appreciate feedback and request if you want the other boys as well! ~ #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V

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Better For Me (Part Six)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao
Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn. 
TRIGGER WARNINGS (CHAPTER 6): Attempted sexual assault, talks of past sexual assault/rape, violence, swearing, almost smut, angst
Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?
Word Count: 3K+
Chapter Summary: You and Bucky spend the holidays with your family and he discovers something horrific about you and the only thing on his mind is getting out of there.
A/N: Chapter 7A coming soon! If I missed any trigger warnings, please let me know! If you want to be in the taglist, links are below!


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Sneaking out ( JJ iii)

Summary: Reader and Jughead have a secret

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“she’s asleep” your mother whispered to your father and you waited for the sound of the door closing.

you jumped out of bed fully dressed. grabbing your phone you opened the window and climbed down the ladder that was sat under your bedroom window.

“i’m on my way” you texted and while you waited for a response  you put on your headphones

“i’m waiting” he replied

the  lights of pops illuminated your face in neon colors and you could see the person you were here to meet through the window.

when you walked through the door the bell rang and he looked up . he had already ordered you a milkshake

“hey” you slid in the booth sitting across from him grabbing your milkshake

“hi” he said quietly.  more quiet than usual and it worried you he was never this quiet

“whats wrong?” you asked taking a sip of the milkshake in front of you

Jughead sighed “we can’t keep doing this” he gestures between you two with his hands

“what do you mean we can’t keep doing this” you ask and he rolls his eyes

“this we can’t keep doing this. you have to sneak out of the house just to see me you’re going to get caught because of me” you grab your boyfriends hands rubbing your thumbs over the backs in soothing circles

“Jughead, you’re right we can’t keep sneaking around” you start

“tomorrow you’re coming over for breakfast and we’re gonna tell them about us.” you say and almost giggle at his panicked face.

“what if they don’t want us together?” you laugh “then i guess they’ll just have to deal with it”


“mom, make an extra plate” you say walking into the kitchen

“why? you having someone over?” she asks and you nod  reaching over to grab a piece of bacon

“you have to wait!” she scolded and smacked your hand away

“ouch” you rubbed your hand and went to the dining room and helped your mother set up

“why is there an fourth plate? is your mother here?” your father asked your mother ducking around as if there was bat in the house

your mother playfully smacked your father on the arm “no, Y.N is having someone over” your mother beamed

“oh are you now?” he asked and you nodded

the door bell rang and you jumped up “i’ll get it!” you yell running towards the door and there stood Jughead dressed in his usual clothing but he wasn’t wearing his beanie

“hey Jug wheres the beanie” you asked running a hand through his raven boys hair

he seemed to relax at the feeling of your hand in his hair

“i didn’t bring it” you grab his bag and take the beanie out  "you never go anywhere without your beanie jug" you say

before he can say anything you place the beanie on his hand fixing some strands of hair “you don’t have to change Jug just be yourself"you assure him

grabbing his hand you lead him into your house and to the dining room where your mother and father were sat patiently waiting for your return

the sound of you entering the room alerted your parents

"mom, dad this is jughead” you began “my boyfriend” your mother gasps

“boyfriend?” she asks excitedly  "boyfriend" your father says


there was a silence while you all ate

it was like they didn’t know what to say

“so” your father starts “how long have you and Jughead been dating?” he asks

you and jughead look at eachother and answer at the same time “eight months”

“eight months?” your mother says “why are we just now finding out?” she asks

“well, we were afraid of what you guys would say so we kept it a secret” Jug says

“is that why you were sneaking out all the time?” your mother says

you choke on your orange juice “You knew?” you say regaining your breath

“sweetheart i used to sneak out all the time you’re not exactly quiet” your father says

“i never knew you were sneaking out  because of a boy” your mother says dreamily  "you know i used to sneak out to go meet your father at this little treehouse-“ you stop her

"ew mom i don’t want to know what you and dad did when you snuck out” she nods

“it’s not  appropriate for kids anyway” she says and your father gently elbows her in the ribs

“oh my god” you whisper


your parents asked their questions and Jughead answered truthfully and by the looks on their faces they were interested by him

“i should get going” Jug says and you both stand up

“i’ll walk you out” and you start to the door

“thanks for coming Jug” you say and he grabs your hands

“i’d do it a million more times for you” and you smile at the cheesy line

he leans in and your lips meet “they kissed Eliza” you hear your father whisper

you turn your heads and see your parents peeking around the corner but quickly turn when they knew they got caught

“i’ll see you later” you tell him and he kisses your cheek one more time before leaving

you shut the door and walked back into the dining room

your mother was hunched over the table and your father was sat in the chairs looking through an upside down newspaper

“i saw you guys” you say and walk upstairs to your room.

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I'm the eliza+maggie enthusiast and I loved the fic about the pictures, maybe you could write one about how eliza weekly call to alex started to include maggie, first she asks about maggie, then to alex to give the phone to her and finally she just calls maggie right away 😊

“Hey mom,” Alex answers her phone on the couch, Maggie’s head turning from where she’s lying on Alex’s lap, turning down the TV so Alex can talk to her mom better. 

Phone calls from Eliza have become a weekly occurrence since Alex came out, since Eliza found out about her daughter and Maggie, and Maggie is glad because Alex never used to smile when Eliza rang, always used to wince slightly when she saw her mom’s name flash up on the screen, but now she answers and she smiles and she laughs and jokes with Eliza. Alex had also started opening up to Eliza more, telling her more about Maggie, and Eliza had gotten better at asking questions that didn’t centre around work or Kara and instead focussed on Alex. What Alex was doing, what journal she was reading, how her and Maggie were, whether they spent enough time together with their crazy work schedules and Alex was finally reconnecting with Eliza. 

“Yeah, everything’s fine with work. Yes Kara’s fine mom, I don’t know why you’re asking me I know you’ve phoned her too,” Alex rolls her eyes at that and Maggie chuckles. “Yes I’m eating! Mom I’m not a child! Well yes maybe Maggie is cooking for me but-no! Mom no I’m not making her cook she offers too oh my god mom just ask her yourself!” Alex rolls her eyes harder and passes Maggie the phone.

“She wants to talk to you,” Alex mutters under her breath and Maggie grins and Alex can’t help the smile that escapes her lips because her mom, her mom who has always pushed her so hard to be better, to be more, is finally easing up. Is finally realising that Alex is enough as she is and is embracing her brilliance and her daughter’s girlfriend with open arms. And Alex couldn’t be happier, and neither could Maggie, because Maggie has a family. Maggie has Eliza, who checks up on her when she checks up on her other daughters. Maggie has a new little sister in Kara who has roped her into sister nights every so often, and she has brothers in Winn and James and her very own space dad in J'onn who has welcomed her into the DEO and into their family with open arms because anyone who makes Alex happy is more than worthy of my time, is more than family.

So Maggie grins and she grabs the phone and she sits up on the couch next to Alex.

“Hey Eliza! Yeah it was my aunt’s recipe, it’s pretty easy to make, I can show you next time Alex and I come up to visit. Yeah that works too,” Maggie laughs and Alex can’t really hear her mom on the other side but she hears Maggie’s “I know she wolfs it down like it’s going to disappear,” and she knows they’re talking about Alex’s mile a minute eating.

“You only don’t eat that fast because you know Kara wouldn’t steal food off your plate mom!” Alex shouts from where she’s moved to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and she hears a faint laugh from the other end of the phone.

“Your mom says you used to eat that fast even before Kara, apparently you were a chubby baby too,” and Maggie laughs as Alex’s cheeks redden.

“Give me the phone,” Alex deadpans as she returns to the couch and Maggie grins and shakes her head as she continues her conversation with Eliza. Alex just shakes her head, smiling softly at how content her girlfriend is talking to her mom.

Eventually Maggie hands the phone over to Alex and Alex chats with Eliza for a while before saying her goodbyes and she sits back on the couch, pecking Maggie on the lips.

“You know my mom might as well call you instead of demanding I give the phone to you every time we speak.”

“Oh she does. She phoned me yesterday because she wanted to ask me about a case we were working on, something to do with her research.”

Alex sits up, mocking offence. “So now my girlfriend is the first port of call for my mom when she talks about aliens, not her own alien daughter, or special ops alien fighting daughter. Fine!” Alex huffs, but she grins and she pulls Maggie back down into her lap, leaning down and smoothing some hair behind Maggie’s ear before kissing her softly.

“Special ops alien fighting daughter. Is that your official job title now?”

“Shut up,” Alex grins. “But seriously, I’m glad she calls you, I’m glad you’re close.“

“Me too Danvers, me too. The Danvers women have become a pretty important part of my life.”

“I’m still your favourite though, right?” Alex cocks her eyebrow and Maggie laughs.

“I don’t know, if it weren’t for Kara’s awful taste in Netflix binge watching she’d probably be my first choice." 

"Pfft It’s a good job you’re cute Sawyer.”


“Yeah, and I mean the fact I love you helps a little bit.”

Maggie laughs and she pulls Alex downs for another kiss. “I love you too and I love your mom and I love Kara, but I’m head over heels, would move mountains and oceans for you in love with you.”

With that Alex smiles softly and almost in embarrassment because she’s still not fully used to Maggie, this wonderful, amazing, beautiful, strong woman loving her and telling her so. But she’s learning, she’s learning how to be happy and how to be loved.

i know for a fact that there are times when it’s just ronan and gansey and ronan walks over to gansey and puts his arms around him in a tight hug and whispers “thank you”
i also know for a fact that they never talk about those times and gansey doesn’t comment on it but he cherishes ronan’s hugs like they’re more valuable than any goddamn china plates his mom buys

The Dinner


It was coming up on two weeks since Cameron left to report for duty. The time went by fast but that was because i kept myself busy scheduling clients back to back. Cam and i FaceTimed almost every night usually until he or i would fall asleep. Some nights we had a little fun (😉) but most nights we just stayed up talking. He was so funny and had me crackin up about stories from his day. But as much as i enjoyed our FaceTime calls, i was ready for him to come back home because i was missing our sessions more than anything. He told me he was coming back from base on Memorial day and i was lit because i knew i was getting some (much needed) dick that same night. The only plans i made for memorial day was a dinner at my parent’s house that evening with my half-brother and his family, but that night i had no other plans than to have my legs wrapped around Cam. 

Growing up as a military brat, my family always took federal holidays pertaining to the service very seriously. Memorial day was like our Pre-Fourth-of-July and normally on holidays, my brother would drop in to celebrate. Jeremy (half-brother) and I were never really close growing up though, reason being was that he was a product of my dad’s first marriage. His Ex-wife was jealous of my parent’s relationship so in spite of his happiness, she kept his son from him. When Jeremy was old enough, he started coming around on his own, learning that the lies his mother told him about his dad and “his new family” weren’t true. Since then, Jeremy always made an effort to come around at least on the holidays.

I had spent majority of the afternoon at my parent’s house helping with dinner prep and talking with my mom and Summer (Sister-in-law) and playing with Liliana (niece) while my dad and Jeremy marinated then grilled the steaks.

When the food had finished cooking, everyone gathered to make their plates and headed out to the patio to enjoy the scenery and a nice meal. I had noticed my mom making an extra plate and setting out another placement at the table but i didn’t think much of it because I had my hands full with my busy-body niece who had finally fell asleep in my arms after playing all afternoon. By the time we all sat down at the table, Dad’s guest came walking through the house. i couldn’t make out the face, but the figure looked familiar. It wasn’t until he walked through the patio doors that i realized it was Cam. 

Surprised, I almost asked “what are you doing here?” but i caught myself because i didn’t want to be obvious that Cam and i have been talking since we met. But damn, i wish he would’ve given me a heads up that he was coming.

He walked towards his seat lookin all good and flashing that sexy ass smile of his. He greeted my parents first then stuck out his hand as he introduced himself to my brother and his wife. When it came to me, he greeted me subtly, acting like he couldn’t remember my name. I went along with it though. He knew how i felt about involving my parents in my business. They always over-analyzed everything and if i would have acted like i knew Cam like i know him, they would have internalized the relationship to make it seem like it was more than what it was and i didn’t want to go through all that with them. The twenty one questions, the “what are your intentions with my daughter?” type shit. And I know they do it because they care, but i just wasn’t ready for that yet. I barely knew anything about Cameron other than the fact that he could lay pipe and i wasn’t ready for an interrogation from my mom and dad about him. 

“Cameron, Thank you for joining us! We’re delighted to have you here.” My mom said as Cam took his seat. 

“Oh no, thank you for having me Mrs. Dianne. Everything looks delicious, wow.” 

“So Cameron, how are you liking your new position as a PO?” My dad asked taking a bite.

“I like it a lot. I’m definitely a lot busier when i get to base but it helps the time go by faster. The new schedule is nice too, two weeks on, two weeks off. It’s like having a vacation every month. And having a private living quarter is nice too. No more bunking with three other guys.” he replied taking a sip of his wine.

The whole while he and my dad were talking, i couldn’t help but look at him. i tried to be modest but he was so cute the way he interacted with my family. He was fitting right in, making us laugh, talking sports with my dad and Jeremy and even offered some advice to my mom about home repairs. I couldn’t take it, he was making me wet. I wanted to jump across the table and fuck him in his seat. I already knew he had me dickmatized, but now i was starting to become attracted to his personality too. I guess all the late night calls and cupcakin was starting to take an affect on me.

I guess my staring wasn’t as discrete as i hoped it was because when i looked up, Jeremy was looking dead at me smiling.

“Y’all fuckin?” he mouthed to me across the table.

“Shut up!” i mouthed back as my eyes got big and started smiling.

I looked around to see if anyone else was paying attention to me and Jeremy’s silent conversation but everyone else was swooning over Cam too. I looked back at Jeremy who was silently laughing to himself and shaking his head.

Damn. Was i being that obvious that even my older brother, who i never see, was able to tell? Shit. This is the first time that i’m seeing Cam like this. Actual boyfriend material and not just someone i’m fuckin. I was beginning to become infatuated with Cameron. And for the first time in months, I actually hadn’t thought about Stefon. 

After dinner was over Summer and I helped my mom clean up everything. I cleared the table while Summer and my mom packed up the extra food. Jeremy, Cam and my dad were inside the house still talking about sports and future football drafts. But i guess Cam somehow managed to sneak away from the conversation and make his way out to the patio where i was.

While i was outside grabbing the dirty dishes from the table, i felt a presence behind me and someone touch my arm. But i knew who it was so i didn’t have to look back. Cam hugged me tight and kissed my head.

“You look amazing.” he said still holding me tightly. 

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” i asked

“I wanted to surprise you. Did i?”

“Ummm, definitely, but it was a nice surprise. I’m glad you came though cuz I missed you.”

“Well how about after we finish here, we go to my place and you can show me how much you missed me?”

“Sounds good.” I said laughing as he and I finished picking up the rest of the dishes.

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Im glad Kala FINALLY getting her mind right!

Also Shout out to the CC creators! thanks yall for all the new CC yall been dropping. i’m loving it! everything is poppin!! ❤️❤️❤️


Sebastian Stan Request

Can you do a sebastian x reader where sebastian & reader have three kids(two twin boys named James & Josiah and the youngest is their daughter Lea-AnnaGraice) but sebastian cheats on the reader. So the kids find out and treats sebastian bad until he apologizes to the reader. Could it be a long story. Love you💋💖😘

“Hi Mom,” your three kids chimed as they came into the garage.

“Hi kids,” you called from the kitchen. “How was practice?” Your 17 year old twins, James and Josiah had been at soccer practice while your 15 year old daughter, Lea-Anna Grace, had been at track practice at their high school. All three of them came into the kitchen to see the meal you had sprawled out in front of them. “Happy Friday,” you gestured to their favorite pizza and cheesy bread that you had hot and ready for them on the counter.

“That’s why you’re the best Mom,” Jack grabbed a plate and stacked it full with food.

“I know. We’ll all eat and then you three stinky humans can take a shower. After that we’ll find a movie to rent and we can all snuggle up on the couch and watch it. I know how much teenagers like to spend Friday nights cuddling with their mom’s.”

Just as everybody sat on the couch your phone rang. “Hey babe,” you happily answered your husband’s call.

“Y/N,” he seemed rushed. “What are you doing?”

“The kids and I just sat down for dinner. Why?”

“Don’t turn the TV on tonight. Keep it on movies and promise me you won’t turn on the TV.”

“Don’t turn on the TV,” you gave a nervous chuckle. “Why?”

“Just, please listen. I’m on my way to the airport. I’ll be home tomorrow morning.”

“You’re freaking me out. What are you talking about?” By now your kids were looking at you as you spoke with their father. “What aren’t you telling me, Sebastian?”

“Just pop in a movie and focus on that.”

You were worried and done beating around the bush. “Gracie,” you held a hand towards your daughter, “hand me the remote.”

“Y/N, don’t.” She handed you the remote and you turned on the TV flipping it to E! Network.

“Up next we have exclusive information about Hollywood’s own Sebastian Stan who was seen out and about in a very compromising situation with his newest leading lady.” A picture of your husband holding hands and another of him kissing his costar filled up the screen and you dropped the remote on the floor. Your kids looked at you in shock unsure of what to do.

“What the hell am I watching Sebastian?”

“Y/N please-”you cut your husband off hanging up your phone. You sat there in shock watching as the “news” came back on and your husband’s infidelity took over the screen.

“Mom,” Josiah finally spoke and snapped you out of your trance? “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” you cleared your throat, “yeah.” The kids watched as you turned your cell phone off and set it on the table before you stood up. “I just….um….I just need a second. Go ahead and eat dinner. I have to ugh…run to the bathroom and…take a shower before you guys use all the hot water.” You excused yourself to your bathroom and locked the door. You turned on the scalding hot water, left all your clothes on, and slid down against the shower wall letting your tears blend in with the water.

You came out an hour later, after the hot water ran out, in one of your oversized sweatshirts and dingy grey sweatpants. Lea-Anna Grace, Josiah and James looked up at you with worry in their eyes. You could tell from their damp hair that they had all had a quick shower but when you saw the living room you fought tears from your eyes once more. They were all in pajamas, the couch had been turned into a mass of pillows and blankets, and the TV had 101 Dalmatians ready to be played. “We got everything ready for you,” James smiled and patted the spot between him and his sister.

You sat down between them, propped your feet up, and wrapped an arm around James on your left and Gracie and Josiah on your right. Your three kiddos leaned into your side got ready for the movie; you looked on the coffee table and saw that their phones had been turned off too and were laying next to yours. “You guys are the best,” you told him and Josiah started the movie.

The four of you had a late night watching tons of classic Disney movies until you were all struggling to keep your eyes open. “Ready to call it a night?” Your three babies sat up and looked unsure at you on what to say. “Do you guys want to talk about what happened tonight?”

The looked around at each other before Gracie spoke up. “We just want to make sure you’re ok, Mom.”

You pressed a kiss to all three off their foreheads as soon as you stood up. “As long as I have you three I’ll be ok,” you said sadly. “You guys go and get some sleep. I love you guys.”

As soon as your door closed they looked around at each other unsure of what to do.


The kids woke up early compared to their normal times. By 9 o’clock they were all up and talking hushed in the kitchen trying to figure out how to help you. When 9:30 rolled around they heard the garage door open and close and in walked their father. “Ugh, hi kids,” he checked his watch and spoke nervously. “You guys are up early.” All he was met with was cold stares.

“I tried calling last night but, ugh…”

“We all turned our phones off,” James said coldly. “None of us wanted to talk to you.” That his Sebastian hard.

“Where’s your Mom at?”
“Sleeping,” James continued. “She was up crying for most of the night. Lea heard her.” The kids turned their backs to their Dad and ignored him.

“Is this how it’s going to be?”

“We have no interest in talking to you until you apologize to mom and-,” Josiah added before shunning Sebastian again.

Before your kids could say anything else your door opened and you walked out in your sweats from the night before with your hair a mess and your eyes bloodshot. You stopped when you saw your husband.

“Y/N,” he went to say but you stopped him but you cut him off.

“Kids, go back a bag.” The stood mortified as they saw you standing toe to toe with Sebastian. “Go pack now.” You waited for all three doors to shut before you pointed a finger towards the basement door and walked down the stairs. Once you were out of earshot of the kids you turned and face the man who you thought you knew.

“Y/N, let me explain.”

“No, you don’t get to explain anything. How long have we been married, Stan? 20 years. We’ve been married for 20 years. I’ve loved you for 20 long years and you managed to throw that in the trash in one day!” You heard your volume slowly increase. “I have loved you for 20 years. I have given you three beautiful children and the best years of my life! How long have you been cheating on me?”

“Y/N it was one time, I swear! I swear to you that this has never happened before.”

“It shouldn’t have happened at all Sebastian! Not at all. You know how awful it was to turn on the TV with my kids and see their father plastered on the TV with some bimbo all over the screen? Do you know how awful that was! And I can’t even imagine what the kids have seen on their phones since last night,” you teared.

“Y/N, I know I’ve messed up very badly and I know that I can’t take it back but I need you to know that I love you so so much and that I am beyond sorry for what happened. I need you to know that it meant nothing to me,” he pleaded.

“It might have meant nothing to you but it meant everything to me and everything to the kids.” You walked passed him and started up the stairs.

“Y/N, where are you going,” he said crying now.

“I’m taking the kids and we are staying at my parent’s house for a while.”

“Please, Y/N, please. Don’t leave me.”

“I can’t stay here right now,” you couldn’t even say his name. “I’m taking the kids and we are going for a while. I just need some time to figure things out.” You walked up the stairs, threw some clothes into a bag, and met the kids in the living room.

“Where are we going Mom,” Lea-Anna asked?

“We’re just going to stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s for a while, ok?” The kids started for the car and as you closed the door you locked eyes with your crying husband. After a second of holding his gaze you closed the door and drove away, looking at your once happy home in the rearview mirror.

Imagine Crutchie meeting your parents for the first time:

Crutchie stands just down the hall from your apartment, barely leaning against his crutch as he taps his good foot nervously against the wooden floor. He’d been standing there for a couple of minutes, contemplating how tonight will go. He twists the single daisy (it was all he had enough for) around between his fingers as he stares at it. Will your mom like it?

Sighing, he straightens up and makes his way down the short stretch of hallway to your door. Standing nervously by the staircase for another five minutes won’t solve anything. Taking a deep breath, he switches the daisy to his left hand and knocks on your door with his right.

After a couple of seconds, the door swings open to reveal you, and all of Crutchie’s worry melts away at the sight of you. Your hair is in a very loose updo, with small, (h/c) strands falling out to frame your face perfectly. Your eyes brighten when you see him, and you smile. “Hello.”

Crutchie grins lopsidedly, noticing the bit of flour on your cheek. “Hiya, sweetheart.” He steps inside the apartment, kissing your cheek softly. “How are you?”

Your eyes widen, and you exhale slowly through your mouth. Crutchie chuckles to himself at your exasperation. That one expression was all the answer he needed to know what you were feeling.

“(Y/n), is he here?” A feminine voice comes from the kitchen, and your mother appears in the doorway, hands on her hips. She immediately notices the handsome blonde man with a lopsided smile and a daisy in his hand, leaning against a wooden crutch. Your mother smiles nervously before saying, “You must be Crutchie. I’m Mrs. (l/n).”

Crutchie smiles and ambles forward with his crutch, embracing your mother softly, startling her a bit. “It’s nice to finally meet ya, ma'am. (y/n)’s told me lots about ya.” After pulling away from the hug, he looks down at the small daisy in his hand and offers it to your mom. “This here’s for you. I know it isn’t much, but …”

With slightly widened eyes, your mother takes the daisy out of Crutchie’s outstretched hand. “Thank you, dear. Would you like to come sit down with (d/n) while (y/n) and I finish dinner? It should be ready in a couple of minutes.”

Crutchie smiles again, tensing a bit at the terrifying thought of meeting your father. “Sure.” He’s about to follow your mom into the kitchen, when a hand around his stops him. Your hand.

“She loves you, Crutch,” you whisper softly, squeezing his hand. “My daddy will too. Thank you again for doing this.”

He smiles down at you. “Anythin’ for my goil.”

Giggling, you kiss his cheek before leading him into the kitchen and to the small round table in the corner, where your father sits reading the newspaper. Crutchie smiles to himself, having memorized the headline for today anyway. Your father looks up and smiles thinly, standing up from his seat at the table. “Hello, young man.”

Crutchie smiles and shuffles the rest of the way over to the table, extending his free hand to your father for him to shake. “Good to finally meet ya, sir. I’m Crutchie.”

Your father’s eyes flicker to the raggedy crutch before settling back on Crutchie’s face as he sits back down. “Fitting name.”

“Ah …” Crutchie trails off, lowering himself slowly and carefully into one of the chairs and scratching the back of his neck nervously. “I, uh, don’t remember my real folks. After I got sick, they left me for dead. Didn’t even remember my name, until Jack found me and gave me a new one.”


Crutchie swallows nervously, holding onto the sound of your sweet voice sounding from the kitchen as you talk to your mother for strength. “My friend, well, more like my brother. He took me in when no one else would, helped me survive all these years.”

(D/n) nods, and they both hear you say: “Dinner’s ready, come and get it!”

Both men stand (Crutchie a little slower), and make their way to the kitchen to fill their plates. Crutchie takes one look at the mashed potatoes with gravy and the salad and the chicken, and his mouth immediately begins to water. “It looks delicious,” he says to no one in particular, eyes flicking over the plates in awe. He hasn’t seen this much food in forever. Literally.

“Oh, thank you,” your mother says, handing Crutchie a plate. The four of you fill your plates in silence until you make your way back to the table with the food.

Your mom glances at Crutchie’s plate, and sees the single piece of chicken, and minimal amount of salad and potatoes. “Please, sweetie, have as much as you want. There will be plenty of leftovers.”

Crutchie swallows the mouth full of chicken he had been chewing before responding: “Oh, thank you, ma'am, but I really couldn’t. Half of the boys back at the lodging house haven’t had food like this, or even seen food like this, in years. I couldn’t let myself be the only one ta have it.”

Your father frowns, looking around at the simple meal on the table. “What do you boys eat?”

“Well,” Crutchie says, setting his fork down, “we usually only make a dollar or so a day, sometimes more. Just enough to get a piece of bread from the bakery for lunch and pay for our bed each night. Having potatoes and chicken is a real treat, so thank you again, Mrs. (l/n).”

Your mother smiles at him, heart breaking a little bit as the realization of what those boys go through everyday hits her. “Anytime, sweetheart.”

Crutchie takes another bite and swallows before saying: “Of course, it’s always nice when (y/n) here shows up with extra baked goods from the bakery for the boys. They love her just as much as I do, I’d bet.”

Smiling, you take Crutchie’s free hand in yours. He’s too sweet. Your mom smiles at the love in yours and Crutchie’s eyes. The both of you have something special between you. Your father can see it too, and he can’t help but smile to himself.

“Now, how long do you plan on being a newsboy?” He asks. “If I was informed correctly, you are 19 years old?”


“No, (y/n), it’s a'ight. It’s a good question,” Crutchie says, patting your hand. “I actually–and I haven’t told you this yet, (y/n)–met with Governor Roosevelt last week about the possibility of me running the new Refuge, and making sure it’s a good place for kids to sleep at night and everythin’. It’s still in the works, but we all knows that I can’t keeps on bein’ a newsie now that I’m an adult.”

“That’s great, Crutchie!” You exclaim, smiling widely at him. “You would be perfect to run the new refuge. It’s comforting to know that someone like you, someone who will actually take care of the kids, is going to.”

He laughs. “Ah, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselfs. It ain’t official yet.”

The rest of dinner goes by very well, with small talk and laughter ringing through your small apartment. Your parents love Crutchie. He’s handsome, kind, compassionate, and perfect for their daughter. On their way out, your father shakes Crutchie’s hand, both of them smiling, and your mom kisses his cheek. Then they head for home, radiating happiness for their daughter.

Crutchie sticks around your apartment a little longer to help clean up. Your mother was right, there is some extra food, and Crutchie convinced you to let him invite the boys over tomorrow night for a “feast.” They deserve it.

“That went well,” you say, smiling at Crutchie as you both linger by the door. Neither of you want him to leave, even though you both know he has to. “My parents adore you just as much as I do, crutch.”

He leans a little heavier on his crutch, gazing at you with tired, but loving eyes. “And I still adore you as much as I did yesterday. You were worried for nuthin’, sweetie. Your folks is great.”

“I know,” you say, looking down and pushing a loose curl behind your ear. Crutchie smiles down at you and takes a step closer to you. He takes your chin and softly lifts your head up before kissing you softly on the lips.

It only lasts a couple of seconds, but everything he’s thinking is conveyed to you through that kiss. A kiss full of love, adoration, and promise. A promise that will last forever. He pulls away first, and you smile up at him.

“Until tomorrow, (y/n),” he says, stepping out the door. “I love you.”

You smile at him. “I love you too.”

The Town With Pep

Chapter One-Chapter Two-Chapter Three-Chapter Four-Chapter Five


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Your sister’s words stuck with you that night. What was with the bitterness? You honestly couldn’t see Chuck breaking up with her setting her off, she was just too strong for that.

But what did Chuck tell Sally? Most importantly, why did Chuck tell Sally you were having sex with Jason Blossom?

Your date night with Jughead quickly turned into the tipping point of an anxiety rodeo. Yippee.

Your phone blared once more, reminding you that you have yet to reply to Jughead’s simple goodnight text he’d sent about 15 minutes ago. Despite the pit consuming your stomach, you felt your lips curve up into a smile when you think about him. You text back: Goodnight, Jughead.

The read icon appears at once and the thought of him being on the edge of his seat for your reply made you giggle to yourself. Again your phone alerted you that your date for that night texted you back.

You too, beautiful. Get some sleep. We got a lot of stuff to work on for OUR novel tomorrow. That is if you’re still up for it.

You sent an assurance text before turning off the ringer and tucking it in the nightstand where no alerts could keep you awake at night.

You trudged downstairs the next morning with unbrushed hair in a bun and a fuzzy peach colored robe covering the Hello-Kitty pajamas you had on.

Your family was setting the breakfast table. You watched your mom intently. In the back of your mind you wonder if she’ll be calm today.

Ever since the accident, as she called it, with your father, she just seemed…different. The same old mom you knew would phase out at times, leaving you with an unstable and frantic woman. With time, you and the others learned to not trigger your mother’s seemingly psychotic meltdowns.

It was almost like she wasn’t herself during the episodes. Honestly…it could get scary. You hated to admit it because that woman gave birth to you and doted on you even before what happened. Before your father ran away, leaving all of Riverdale to stomp over his reputation; play him off as weak or scared so that the only thing he may do is grab some things and drive out to the woods with a nose and a prayer written.

It sickened you. You knew he didn’t. You knew, deep deep down in your heart.

The first episode with your mother, admittedly, had been caused by your own sloppy words. “No Filter” might as well be written across your forehead.

You brush away the thoughts and prepare for the day.

Darren and Sally were already seated, your mom off in the kitchen with a spatula teasing the baking pancakes.

“Good morning,” your parents chimed, though Sally gained a bitter look in her eyes while she sipped her orange juice. You took a seat beside your step-father who continued to talk about Sweetwater River.

“What about the river?” you ask, reaching for the pitcher of lemonade. “Darren was just talking about the case,” Sally supplied without looking at you. “You know…Jason Blossom’s?”

She turned her steely bluish, greyish eyes sharp upon you. “Well, seeing it’s the only ‘case’ Riverdale is buzzing over, I could assume it was Jason’s,“ you retort.

Awkward silence settled over. The sisterly fights left Darren shaken up mostly because he, as a male, has absolutely no clue how to cope with the inner monster that is the raw female. Although he had no idea what really happened between you and Sally. You could only wish that this was a normal bicker but Sally was seethingly upset with you and you had no clue why.

Your mom set a plate with stacks of pancakes in the center of the table and grinned. “Happy breakfast faces, girls!” she chimed, all too sweetly.

As she took her seat, you made eye contact with Darren who slightly shook his head.

Uh-oh. Something happened. Maybe it had to do with Darren threatening to shove a bullet through Chuck’s head on the yard last night.

Breakfast went on painfully. Between Sally’s occasional glares and your mother’s occasional twitching smile there was Darren who silently pleaded you to stay patient. You did. Not that you had much choice.

When breakfast is finally over, you rushed upstairs to get dressed. You were seeing Jughead again today.

Wow, even thinking that made your heart flip like an Olympic gymnast.

You brushed your hair intently, trying to remove any frizzle or any knot.

While you were reaching for makeup, there’s a knock at the door. Sally leans on the frame and you watch her with the mirror. “Are you going out with that Jones boy, again?” she asks.

You narrow your eyes at her while opening red lipstick. “Why do you care?”

Sally shakes her head, folding her arms over her chest. Her actions were screaming her superiority complex. “He isn’t good for you, [Y/n]. He isn’t safe.”

You scoff and begin applying the matte layer upon your plump lips.

“Ask him about his family and you’ll see. And when you realize that I’m right then you’ll be sorry.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, you slam your hands down on the vanity and turn to face your sister. “What is your problem?!” you shout. “If this is because of what Chuck told you then I don’t want to talk about it.”

Sally brushed her bangs out of her face. “Someone killed Jason Blossom. We won’t be safe until we know who.”

You cover your face and groan. “Sally,” you say with a muffled voice, “Jason drowned. On accident. Cheryl was there!” When you moved your hands away, you found your sister gone and the door closed again.

And your palms were red stained. For a moment you thought it was blood which made you feel queasy. Looking in the mirror you see that your lipstick is smeared. With a sigh, you reach for a tissue and dab the red away completely.

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On my days off I watch my brother who has CP. That way his aid gets days off, I take some stress off my mom's plate and I get to hang out with a cool dude. Also means three people are dependent on my schedule for their lives. Yet my manager doesn't understand why I get mad when she moves my schedule around without notice. I've walked her through this stuff before I don't understand why she insists on changing the schedule that's just a couple days away without asking or mentioning it.

Mom: Son

Mom: Son What are you doing

Mom: Are you making brownies right now

Mom: Its like midnight what the hell

Mom: I don’t understand 

Mom: WhY ArE U DoiNg thIS??!!11??

Me: ~A E S T H E T I C~


Modern!Ezio x Reader


Once again I do not speak Italian (I wish😫) so if anything is wrong or doesn’t make sense my bad.

Damn it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Ezio in action. This made me wanna break out AC 2. 

Things between you and Ezio have been….awkward, to say the least. You thought it was only on your part though, because Ezio wasn’t giving you any hints he felt the same. It was almost as if he hadn’t said he wanted more from you. Had he moved on that quickly? Did he realize you were right and was back to being content?

You couldn’t help feeling like that. Now that you knew how he felt, you questioned every little action of his during sex. Was his affection simply from the intimate act, or was he pushing for more again? Would he ambush you with a confession again? If so when? Your mind raced with questions every time he came around now. 

Another aspect of it was you were fighting yourself. Don’t hold on to him too long and send the wrong message. Don’t lose yourself in his kisses too much. Be careful of what you say so you don’t send the wrong message. You were policing yourself left and right because the truth was, you wanted to do all of those things and more. You were just scared because of who he was. 

Nevertheless here you were, Friday evening, wearing an impossibly tight red dress. Ezio admitted on several occasions you drove him crazy in red, and you’d picked the dress with that in mind. You just wanted to get back that carefree intimacy you’d had with him before. He’d invited you over for dinner, which you figured was code for good food and better sex. You decided to use the opportunity to roll things back into place. 

You knocked on the tall metal door of Ezio’s apartment and tried to quell the few butterflies in your stomach. This was a new thing too, getting nervous around him. 

Ezio opened the door in a dark button down and casual slacks. You bit your lip when you caught a peep of chiseled chest through the top undone buttons of his shirt. He smirked when he caught your roving gaze. 

“Bella? I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.” 

“I’m sorry. I hope I’m not too late, the traffic was hell.” You entered when he stepped aside. 

“Senza Senso! It’s fine, perfect even.” He kissed your hand with a gentle smile.

“Good.” You returned his smile.

Your eyes scanned the expanse of dark colored refinery surrounding you. You had only been there a few times, as he mostly came to your place, and you’d never get over how luxurious his place was. All modern and sleek with the moon completely visible in the wall of floor to ceiling windows. His apartment was the very essence of him. 

“Let me take your coat.” His voice interrupted your impressed glances. 

“Thank you.” You started to slide your long black coat down your shoulders only to stop when a woman appeared in the foyer. 

The dark haired woman’s eyes widened considerably, before a familiar looking smirk settled on her face. 

“Madre she’s real! Mio dio.” She laughed clapping a hand over her heart. “I’m Claudia, his sister.”

“Hi, I’m (Y/N).” You gave a small wave in her direction. 

Ezio hadn’t said a thing about guest. He hadn’t said anything other than he wanted you over for dinner at eight. 

“What do you mean she’s real? You think I have to lie about seeing a woman?” Ezio regarded the woman with clear annoyance. 

“It’s just she’s so pretty, and probably smart. Why would you want my idiota brother?” 

You laughed. You didn’t speak Italian, but you didn’t have to for you to get what she’d said. 

“Probably for the same reason you were sneaking out of your room in high school. I wonder if mama and papà know about the good child’s secrets.” He replied coolly. 

The girl’s nostrils flared and before you knew it they were embroiled in a heated argument. You could only understand them when they let a word of English slip, but you were enjoying it nonetheless. 

A petite woman with a brunette bun and a frown on her face entered from a side room. She clapped her hands loudly and the two instantly went silent. 

“Imbarazzante.” She shook her head and then her gaze settled on you. 

You felt self conscious under her sharp gaze. You didn’t often feel this way, being a model had really boosted your self confidence. Not to mention, working out to maintain your shape had left you being able to pull of so many different looks. This woman, however, shattered that with one wizened look. You then remembered how slinky your dress was. You shook the jacket up onto your shoulders again. 

“She’s beautiful figlio, you did good.” The woman, who must’ve been his mother, placed her palms on either side of his cheeks. 

What had he told them about the two of you? They seemed to think you were together. You didn’t even know they were going to be there. You hoped Ezio hadn’t included you in something that was family related. You would’ve been fine with rescheduling.

“Take her coat, don’t be rude. I raised you better than that.” She dropped her hands after patting one cheek roughly. It was almost a slap. 

“Si, madre.” He ground out. 

You giggled at his childish tone and expression and he pinched you when he removed the jacket. 

“Haha bella, enjoy tonight’s comedy stylings at my expense.”

“I am…idiota. I’m using that now by the way.” 

Claudia’s face lit up and she laughed loudly. “Yes! I’ll gladly teach you more. This is our mother.” 

“Mrs. Auditore it’s so nice to meet you.” You extended your hand. 

“Please, call me Maria mio caro.” She embraced you instead. 

“You two be useful and introduce her.” His mother dusted her hands on the apron around her waist and turned back into the room she’d come from. 

“I’ll do it. I mean look how long it took you to introduce her to us in the first place.” Claudia waved him away and hooked her arm through yours. 

She led you into the living room where 3 males were seated on the expensive furniture, talking. A scowling Ezio followed you two and stole you from his sister. Before you knew it, you’d been thoroughly introduced to his two brothers and father. 

Federico the eldest brother, was twice as flirtatious as Ezio. You wouldn’t have even believed that was possible before you met him. His smooth words had you feeling like a teenage virgin, instead of the experienced grown woman you were. He was especially taken with your choice of dress. 

Their father Giovanni cautioned him against flirting with his brother’s date, only to be more devastating than he was. Ezio and Federico had no choice but to be handsome heart killers with him for a father. 

The youngest Auditore child, Petruccio, was incredibly sweet. He’d been homeschooled due to his health and was very smart. He’d been delighted when you were able to bounce random facts back and forth with him. He admitted to missing the museums back in Italy and before you’d known it, you’d offered to help him find some good ones in California. 

All-in-all Ezio’s family was very warm and welcoming to you. Each of their memorable personalities surrounded you, and you found yourself having an amazing time. One thing kept nagging you throughout your conversations. You knew the night would be perfect if it was real. Once again, you questioned yourself on what he’d told his family about the two of you? 

Before long, his mother entered the room to announce that dinner was done. You followed his family into the dining room and Ezio seated you next to him. 

“Ezio you didn’t tell me you were having your family over. I wouldn’t have intruded.” You kept your voice low, not that it mattered, his family was engaging in conversation about the food. 

“Che cosa? You’re not intruding, I wanted you to be here.” He uncorked a nearby bottle of wine and filled your glasses.

“I would’ve liked to have known at least.” 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would mind. I just really wanted you to be here.” He gave you that warm smile that always made your stomach drop.

You tried (and failed) to stifle a smile as you turned to your empty plate. 

Ezio’s mom had outdone herself. Authentic Italian food was laid in an amazing spread before you. Your manager would be pissed if he knew, but you couldn’t find a single fuck to give about it. The conversation didn’t stop, once over dinner. His family was interested in your career and thought it was adorable that you’d met at a photo shoot. His parents stressed how happy they were Ezio had settled his roving eye and you just smiled and nodded at that. You wouldn’t lie no matter how much you liked them. You and he weren’t dating. 

Once dinner was done Claudia volunteered to bring out dessert and give her mom a rest.

“(Y/N) could you give me a hand?” 

“Sure.” You nodded and slid back in your chair. 

Ezio’s fingers brushed across the bare skin of your thigh before you rose, causing you to shiver. 

“Hurry back mio caro.” 

You gently pushed his head once you were standing. “You’ll live.” 

He laughed along with his family as Petruccio noted you were already fitting in. 

“My brother is in love with you, you know.” Claudia flipped the light switch, flooding the expansive kitchen with light. It wasn’t a question. 

You paused, running a hand through your hair. “Oh wow…” 

“I know, it’s not my place. However, I also know I love my brother and I want to see him happy.” She walked over to a beautiful glass cake dish placed on the counter. 

You were silent, having a feeling she wasn’t done speaking. 

“He’s never been serious about a woman before and he’s certainly never brought one for us to meet. Our parents have been frustrated with him for a long time. Papà offers him a role in the family business he goes into modeling, he has nice women he gets along with and he runs from them, he goofed off in school and coasted through his classes.” She stacked some gold rimmed plates from the cabinet. 

“He’s never brought a woman home before?” you had a hard time believing that about playboy Ezio.

“No. I mean there was this one time me and mama came over without notice, and a leggy blonde was running around the apartment. I don’t think he wanted us to meet her though.” Claudia laughed at the memory and then she sobered once she realized she probably wasn’t helping her case. 

“He’s serious about you though, and we can all see that. He explained to us that you weren’t official. Now maybe my parents don’t know but I do, I get it. You’re fuck buddies,” She chuckled at your horrified expression. “I’m not judging you. Ezio told us you’re not sure if you should go there with him.” 

“I was wondering what he told you. You guys treated me like we were already…” you rubbed your arm.

“Dating?” she raised an eyebrow. 

“Well yeah.”

“Hopefully, soon enough you will be.” She handed you the plates before taking the cake dish. “Give him a chance hmm amico? I know why you’re worried, but I don’t think you should be.” 

You followed Claudia back into the dining room, all the while your mind racing with what she’d said. Were you really the first girl he brought home? You knew how important his family was to him, if the way he spoke about them was anything to go by. He’d told his family about you and had you come to meet them, all this and you two weren’t even dating. Was he really trying to prove to you that he was serious? You had expected him to drop it, but in hindsight that was out of character for him. He’d made it clear he wasn’t giving up. Did you really want him to? 

You set the plates on the table before turning to Ezio. “Can I talk to you?”

He looked slightly worried but nodded. “Of course bella.” 

He gently took your arm and led you out onto the balcony off the living room. 

You glanced down at the city below, well aware of his warm gaze on you. “I know what you’re doing.”

“Hmm? What’s that?” he feigned ignorance turning his gaze onto the city as well. 

“You think you can bring me up to your fancy tower, introduce me to your family, and I’ll just fall in your arms?” 

He turned to you quickly, his face in a state of panic. “No I wasn-“ 

“It’s working.” You took his chin between your thumb and forefinger and brought him down to kiss him. 

You waited until Ezio got over his initial shock and started kissing back, before you slipped your arms around his neck. His kisses held a note of desperation that you hadn’t ever felt before. It only made you want to draw closer to him. 

“Wait bambino, wait.” He gently removed himself from you, though he slid his hands down to cup your waist. 

“Hmm?” you murmured, your lips already kiss-swollen and your eyes glazed over. 

“I don’t know what Claudia told you, but I wanted to talk to you about this later myself. I wasn’t trying trick or pressure you.” 

“You just wanted to show me you’re serious right?” you asked, trailing your fingers over the back of his neck. 

He shivered and nodded. “Si.”

“I appreciate you letting me into your world. I know how important your family is to you. Ezio I need you to promise me something.”

“Anything bella, name it.” He pressed his lips to your forehead and smoothed back your hair. 

“Don’t hurt me. I want to be with you so I’m going to trust you, please don’t hurt me.” Your hoped your eyes conveyed to him how serious you were with your request. 

“I swear to you I’m yours. I won’t let you down mi amore.” He pressed his lips to yours and you breathed sharply returning it. 

He cupped the back of your head, threading his fingers in your hair. You felt dizzy as he deepened your shared kiss. He broke away after while, giving you the chance to breathe, and started trailing kisses down your neck. He pressed you against the solid railing of the balcony, and the rush of the night air was a contrast to the heat he was creating. 

“Don’t think this dress went unnoticed.” He fingered the thin straps of your dress. 

“I would hope not, it’s obvious who I wore it for.” You gasped when he tugged at a strap lightly with his teeth. 

A loud banging on the glass made the two of you leap apart. Claudia and Federico were grinning and mouthing dirty things to the two of you, while his parents were shaking their heads and smiling. 

“Merda.” Ezio hissed, running a hand through his hair. 

“Better not let them see that.” You giggled, eyes roving over the obvious tent in his pants.


End Notes:

I thought this would be a perfect way for Ezio to prove he was serious about the reader. I know he’s fiercely loyal to his fam so.

P.K. Subban - Meet the Parents

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Request: “  Can you please write a pk subban? Something cute please or what ever you feel like lol thank you “

Hopefully you enjoy this? Also I’m sure his name is abbreviated to “P.K.” With the periods, but due to wanting to cut out choppiness, I left out the periods. If this annoys anyone, please tell me so I can change it!

Warnings: None!

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