mom's old dress

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damn girl!

sqoiler  asked:

Since you can't sleep describe your dress to me?

It’s actually my mom’s old wedding dress! We got it modified to fit me and look more modern 😛 hang on a sec I think I have a picture of me wearing it

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but wait, i was looking @ the manga volume 17, and in the chapter that shows Levi's whole childhood ordeal with Kenny and all that, what Levi was wearing when Kenny came and found him, was Levi wearing his mom's old dress?? Idk i was just looking at it and their outfits looked similar and it was 3am and i cried because if it's tRUE OHMYGoSH

Well it’s not like she could buy him a bunch of clothes


Today I have a full day of meeting new cool people and partying. 

First we have an opening ceremony of kind of a new flag of our “nation” (google Sweden and nations if you’re interested in that, and no I wouldn’t say it is like sororities for those who are aquatinted with that). 

Then we have a welcome reception from the University principal in the University Aula. 

Then go on to a predrink and then dinner with all the new student part of my nation and then more partying. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and Saturday <3 


Today I learned that my mom kept my old prom dresses and that im still still the same size as I was in high school  👑 👑 👑

(that second one I actually designed and sewed myself #iconic)

14701) My sister and I were at our grandma's house, and she brought out some of our mom's old prom dresses to try on. Our mom was naturally very slim as a teenager, so the dresses were really small. My sister was too big for them. I was the only one skinny enough to fit into them. It made my sister feel awful and I got the sickest pleasure knowing that I was the skinnier one. I'm such a horrible person.