mom took my laptop


A short Drabble about Percy and Nico sleeping.

Moonlight fluttered in through the open door illuminating the two people asleep on the bed. Percy, who was asleep on his back, and Nico, who was asleep on his chest on top of Percy with his head pushed into the gap created by Percy’s head and shoulder.

Asleep together like this, they really did look perfect, their bodies fit perfectly together while they inhaled and exhaled in sync.

They looked ethereally beautiful.

Nico’s body suddenly tensed and his hands tightly gripped Percy’s upper right arm and mid-left arm.

Percy’s arms slowly wrapped around Nico’s body, as much as they could with Nico’s arms gripping them.

Nico slowly untensed and loosened his grip, burying himself deeper into Percy’s neck.

Neither of them woke once in this entire exchange.

The blond girl smiled and left, quietly shutting the door behind her.

This is what they deserved.


If BTS actually had tumbr:
  • Seokjin: Food blog. Writes really funny yet helpful recipes that get almost no attention, but whenever he posts a selfie, it hits 40000 notes and he receives 20 anonymous messages begging for him to "make me a salad, daddy~"
  • Yoongi: half of his blog is just aesthetic photography and the other half are shitposts about his depression. "follow my soundcloud 4 more #relatable #suffering guys!!!1!" Talks shit about tumblr irl but secretly has 24k followers.
  • Hoseok: doesnt really understand how blogging works but tries to post lots of fun selfies and pictures of his dog for all 8 of his followers to enjoy. Unironically comments "Love this! XD" and "Hilarious!!! :D" in the posts he reblogs. Pure. Too good for this wretched hellsite.
  • Namjoon: Overshares about his personal life in sappy poetry and under read mores. Reviews books movies and T.V shows in long text posts you have to scroll through endlessly to get past. makes otp gifsets of Ross/Rachel from Friends and gets into internet fights with ppl who hate The Catcher in the Rye
  • Jimin: Reblogs black and white pictures of people making out with tags like "god i wish that were me". Posts risque bathroom selfies at 3 am that he later regrets and mass deletes the next day. usually posts cute cat gifs and pictures of desserts when he isnt being thirsty.
  • Taehyung: Posts weird stories about his encounters with cryptids and supernatural beings during walks through the forest. His followers cant tell if hes joking or not in his posts about meeting the Mothman, but they obsessively create conspiracy theories about his life and gush over how adorable he looks in his blurry selfies.
  • Jungkook: Certified Tumblr Famous™. always on top of the latest memes. posts roughly 500 times a day. once when he didnt post for a week, "#JUNGKOOKISDEAD" began trending on tumblr, until he posted: "sorry about the hiatus, guys! my mom took away my laptop because i was playing too much Overwatch 😢😢😢"


Decided to add some more information on the situation since people keep asking.

I’m starting pay what you want commissions to help out my family.

So here is the situation.

It was Mardi Gras back home in alabama and my family tends to stay in this place called camper city. It’s a place were everyone takes their trailers/campers for the entirety of Mardi Gras and parties. It’s a big family oriented thing and everyone is super neighborly.

Some acquaintances of my stepdads brought some unwanted guest to the trailer. He claimed he was some white supremacist Aryan brotherhood member. He started throwing out racial slurs towards my stepdads black friends. And he promptly decided to kick him out.

This guy tried to attack my stepdad and hurt him. So everyone in camper city chased him out. But this guy was throwing threats at my family. Well. They throught nothing of it….. And we’re very wrong.

My step dad went home the next morning and both of our doors were wide open and busted up… stepdad walked in in our house was trashed and everything that we had that was of any value was gone. We are a very very poor family. They didn’t even bother taking out Tvs because we don’t have flat screens. But they took my moms laptop, our DVD player, our old stereo and went through all of our personal information. My moms a very organized person and keeps everything….so we have to change bank accounts and change passwords and all that fun stuff.

But to make matters worse they poured grease all over our kitchen and caught it on fire and then left.

So our house is in a condition bad enough so it can’t be lived in. There is an investigation going on and the insurance company put my family in a hotel for now. But it can take months for the investigation and the house to be livable again.

So what I want to try to do is help by sending some money home. I accept PayPal payments and you can pay anywhere from $1 to whatever. Any little bit helps. It’s all going to my family to help any little bit I can. So pay what you want and I’ll draw you a chibi of whatever you want. It can be OCS, you, anime characters. You name it.

Shoot me a message here or email me at and we can talk about what you’d like. Thanks for taking the time to read this

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I haven’t changed positions in a year. Someone came to the house just cut my hair, still didn’t move. My mom took the old laptop away and placed the new one in front of me, still have not moved.

I dont like the “taking a childs phone away is not child abuse” text post because i can assure you that in a context of abuse it is definitely a tactic meant to isolate the victim….when my mom was afraid id call for help she took my phone and my laptop and even my DS. I stole my sisters old phone to connect to the internet and facebook msg my dad to come get me.

When the situation is already abusive it is terrifying. The act alone isnt abusive but i think that post is just unfair