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Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 4

Characters: Derek Hale, Werewolf!Stiles, Isaac Lahey, PackMom!Reader.

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Derek and Isaac had moved in and you were up to your eyeballs in testosterone. Isaac was sleeping on the couch, Derek in the guest room. You miss your privacy.

You came home late one evening, you had errands to run. You went upstairs, wanting to crash in bed. You opened your door to find Derek in your bed.

“Oh, really?” You crossed your arms and looked at him.

“Isaac’s in my room. I had nowhere to go.”

“Why is Isaac in your room?” You raise an eyebrow.

“He brought some girl home, I don’t know.”

“Derek! Oh my God!” You slipped out the door and swung Derek’s door open. You walked in and leaned on the wall. Isaac looked up at you and groaned.

The girl looked at you blankly. “Can I help you?” She smarted off.

“You can actually. Get out.” You point to the door.

She nudges Isaac. “You’re going to let her talk to me like that?” He shrugs and she pouts.

“I said out. Now.” You slammed the door closed when she left and you looked at Isaac.

“What the hell?” He got off the bed and put his shirt back on.

“Don’t what the hell me, Lahey. Bringing a girl home? To my house?”

“We didn’t even do anything! We were just making out!”

“I don’t care. You still brought her here.”

Derek opened the door and stood behind you.

“This isn’t fair! Scott didn’t care about this stuff!”

You scoff, “Was Scott becoming your legal guardian? No? Then I don’t want to hear it. My house, my rules.”

Isaac huffs and pushes past you, storming down the stairs.

Derek high fives you. “That was good pack-parenting.”

You laugh. “I cannot believe you let him in here with a girl.”

“Sorry. That was bad pack-parenting. He’s done it before so I didn’t really think much of it.”

“He’s done it before? In your room? Derek…he needs his own room.” You sigh.

“I can sleep on the couch.” He shrugs.

“No, stay with me. It’ll be 100% nonsexual. You can handle that right?”

Derek smirks. “Of course I can.”

That day he moved all of his stuff in, you were now sharing a closet with a man who you’d just met. You’d kissed for maybe fifteen seconds, but you just met. “What side of the bed do you sleep on?” He turned and looked at you.

“In the middle…so pick whichever side you want.” You say, moving your clothes over in the closet.

Stiles has been in and out of the house all day. He’s decided that you and Derek are the only ones that can calm him down.

“Why is Jackson such a huge idiot?” He stormed in and sat on your bed.

“All right then..” You muttered before sitting beside him. “What’d he do now?”

“He said that I’ll never be as good of a werewolf as him, so when I got angry he laughed at me. He’s showing off for Lydia.” He grunts.

You roll your eyes. “I just talked to him about this..Stiles don’t let it get to you. If I’m being honest I think that he’s a little worried about you and Lydia. You’re stepping in on his lady, Stiles.” You nudge him and he laughs.

“I don’t mean to…I just can’t help it. She’s just..” He lays back on the bed and groans. “She’s so pretty and she’s got the greatest personality. I just don’t know how she can stand to be with him. He’s a dumb jock, that’s all he is. She’s too smart to be with him. I get her, I get her sense of humor and I get her smart little fun facts. I just really like her, y'know? I do everything I can not to screw up around her and Jackson always makes me look stupid.” He sighs.

Derek joins the two of you on the bed. “I know what you mean. Pretty girls are hard to get over.” He flicked his eyes over to you and smirked.

“Let me give you some advice. If you’re having trouble with Lydia just try being her friend. Don’t try to impress her, or show off, just be her friend. Go out on friend dates with her and Jackson, no matter how much it hurts because that’s going to show that you aren’t around just to get in her pants. It’ll show her you’re trustworthy.” Derek smiles at him.

“I never really have tried being her friend…” Stiles says quietly. He jumped off the bed quickly.

“So, quick question…”

“What?” You look up at him.

“When’s the next full moon?”

“Monday, why? Do you need us?”

Stiles nods, “Okay, thanks guys. I have to go be Lydia’s friend now.” He jogs out of the room and you look at Derek.

“Such a spaz.” He says under his breath and you smack his arm.

“Leave him alone.” You defend the younger boy.

“Fine. Sorry.” Derek throws his hands up on defense, a smile playing on his lips. “Let’s go out tonight.” He looks at you.

“I uh..where?” You stand up, pulling the hoodie you were wearing down.

“Let’s go to a club. You know, where we can drink and not have to worry about teenaged werewolves.” He laughs.

You snort, “That’d be great.”

“It’s a plan?” He asks you.

“It’s a plan.” You repeat, high fiving the much taller werewolf in front of you. You glance at the clock. “That means I should start getting ready. Can you call Isaac and talk to him? He probably won’t answer if I call. Just tell him what’s going on and that he gets his own room now.” You grab your makeup bag as Derek nods. You go to the bathroom, turning music on loudly. You go back to your room to pick a dress out before retreating back to the bathroom.

You finish getting ready and you head downstairs. You find Derek in a tight white button down shirt and dress pants. You feel your breath hitch when you see him. He smirks at you. “I talked to Isaac…are you ready?”

You nod, the both of you going out to his car. You arrive at the club, the line surprisingly short.

“You look drop dead gorgeous. I just thought I’d let you know.” He smirks down at you and you blush.

“You don’t look too bad either.”

You’re standing in line talking when you’re approached by a young girl. “Derek? You’re Derek Hale right?”

Derek turns and looks at her, nodding. “Can I help you?”

“You’re an alpha, right? You know what to do.”

“I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking me.”

“I-I’m pregnant. I think my water just broke. I need help.”

Your eyes go wide and Derek turns to look at you.

“I’m not Derek Hale but I can help you.” You say, stepping out of line. You take the young girls arm.

“I can’t go to the hospital. My mom doesn’t know I’m pregnant. I can’t go.”

Derek takes her other arm. “Let’s get her in the car.”

You help her into the backseat and sit with her. “Derek, take her back to the house.” You arrive at the house and you help her inside, setting her up in Isaac’s room. You take all the sheets off the bed and put a towel down over the mattress protector. You cover her up and sit beside her. Derek stands in the doorway, watching.

“How old are you, sweetie?” You press a cool rag to her head.

She groans, you can see her contracting. You take her hand and let her squeeze. She’s not talking through the contraction so you figure she must be close.

You stand at the edge of the bed. “Is it okay if I look?” She nods.

“I’m fourteen, by the way. I’m pretty sure the baby’s a werewolf too.”

You nod and look under her dress. “Derek, she’s crowning already.” Can you come in here and take her hand.

He nods and comes in, making conversation with the girl.

“Honey, what’s your name?”

“My name’s Brittany.”

“Okay, Brittany..I’m going to need you to push. Can you do that? I’m going to count down from ten and I need you to push while I count.”

She nods and squeezes Derek’s hand.

“1..2..3..push.” She begins pushing and you count down. This goes on for about twenty minutes. “Derek can you get me the blanket on the couch?” He nods and jogs downstairs.

“One more push, Brittany.” She pushes and you hold the baby as it comes out. “It’s a boy.” You smile.

Derek returns and you wrap the baby up. “I need scissors.” He grabs them from the bedside table and you cut the cord, careful not to cut too close.

You hand the boy to Brittany. She cries as she takes him. “Thank you so much. Thank you.”

“Can I get you anything?” You smile at her and she shakes her head.

“I’m okay. Thank you.”

“We’ll leave you be. We’re going to be downstairs if you need us.” She nods and you and Derek leave the rooms.

“So much for going out.” You look at him and he smirks.

“I still got to see you in this hot dress. I found it painstakingly sexy watching you deliver a baby in heels. You’re so badass.” He gives you a once over.

You push him playfully. “Shut up. I’m just doing what I have to.”

Isaac walks in the door and starts to go upstairs. “Ah..wait.” You holler.

“What?” He turns and looks at you.

“You don’t want to go in there. I’m not giving details just don’t go in there. You can sleep down here tonight.”

He groans and flops down on the couch. “Okay..”

You go to the kitchen and sit a bottle of wine on the counter, Derek smirking. “Yeah?” He asks.

“Oh yeah.” You nod and pour you both a glass. You hop up on the counter. “I just delivered a baby. I don’t how these things just casually happen to me.”

Derek laughs. “You get used to it. I was hoping we’d hang out more tonight but…”

“We’re hanging out now aren’t we?” You and give him a sly look.

You spend the rest of the night talking and laughing. You got to know each other better. You’d checked in on Brittany before going to bed but she was asleep.

You’re awoken at 6 a.m by screeching. You groan and get up. Is there a baby in the house? There’s a baby in the house. You walk across the hall to Isaac’s room to check on Brittany and the baby. When you open the door you only see the baby. You pick him up and cradle him. You yawn as he begins to calm down. You carry him to the bathroom to see if Brittany’s there. Nope. You go down to the kitchen to find a note. You read it and you panic. “Derek! Derek, come here!” You heard him get out of bed and come downstairs quickly. You must’ve woken Isaac too because he came shuffling into the kitchen.

Derek comes in looking like an adorable mess. He has no shirt on, just pajama pants and his hair’s sticking up everywhere. “What’s going on?”

You hand him the note. “Brittany left. She left the baby here. She said she doesn’t care what we do with him.” Derek’s eyes meet yours and you can smell the anxiety on him, the baby beginning to scream.

“I for one hate the kid already.”

“Isaac, shut up.” You and Derek say in unison. No one speaks for awhile. You and Derek just stare at each other, having a silent conversation.

The Kids Are Alright - Part 8

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Summary: Stiles is a single dad just trying to raise his little girl right. You’re a single mom in a new town doing your best to stay up with a rambunctious toddler. When your kids become friends on the first day of kindergarten, where will it lead you and Stiles?

Author’s Note: It’s here! I hope you like this part, I worked really hard on it. Feedback is much appreciated! Sorry in advance for all the feels ;) Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; ANGST; lots of feels

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Balancing the plate of cookies in one hand, I used the other to knock on the door, bouncing lightly on the balls of my feet as I waited. Thudding steps sounded from inside and within a few seconds, the door was opening to reveal Derek, a smile crossing his features when our eyes met.

“Hey, Y/N,” he greeted. “How are you?”

“I’m good. Really good actually,” I replied, grinning from ear to ear. “Uh- I thought I’d bring these over for you.” I held the plate out to him. “Henry and I made them after dinner tonight and we had plenty of extra so…”

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somebody else // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Requested: no, collab with @minhosmeanhoe

Warning: no, mature language & themes throughout

Inspired by this song


With a red solo cup in hand, he took a seat on Lydia’s couch. It had become his signature spot every time she threw a party. He’d usually sit there and watch the people around him until he’d have too much to drink or he couldn’t stand to hear one more techno pop remix. Taking a sip of a mystery liquid that burned his throat, he shot Malia a small smile as he caught her eye on the dance floor. She returned the gesture and kept dancing with the other girl around her.

“Why do you always sit on this stupid couch when I go out of my way to throw a killer party?” Lydia pouted, taking a seat next to Stiles. A smile spread across his lips as he rested his arm across the back of the couch. 

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This bitch lived in a town of werewolves, kanimas, druids, who knows the fucking boogie man and was still the scariest person in the damn place

I love you, Dad!/ Dylan O’Brien

Pairing: dad!Dylan X mom!reader, uncle!T-pose x child

Warnings: None

( Taken from my Wattpad imagines because I’m lazy af! )

You and your son, Tyler, sat by the side of the stage, smiles plastered on your faces. As long as you could remember, you’d watched  Dylan sit in front of an audience or act in front of a camera and smile. But you’d never seen him smile so much, in all the time you’d known him, then when he was with his little man.

Dylan was halfway through his story about the cast when the little boy called out to Dylan.

“ I love you, Dad!” a chorus of ‘aw’s’ echoed around the hall. You pulled Tyler into a hug as a wide grin appeared on your boyfriends face.

“ I love you too, dude”

“Is that my little T-Brien I hear?” T-Pose yelled. As soon as Tyler’s uncle spoke, he ran out of your arms, sprinting across the stage to greet his godfather, and the man he was named after. You began to run after him, almost reaching him, when you were suddenly pulled towards someone. You were placed on Dylan’s lap, you smiled, slowly you bent down placing your lips on his. Dylan squeezed your waist.

“Okay ready? One, Two, Three and go!” you turned your head to find T-pose and your seven-year-old son do their handshake.

“ T-Brosey” they both finished. You lifted yourself off of Dylan’s lap, walking over to Tyler.

“ Okay dude, say goodbye to Dad ” he made his way over to Dylan, but, stopped to give everyone else a hug. He finally reached Dylan giving his father a long hug before disappearing off stage waving to the crowd as he did so.

“Bye everyone!” you called. You bent down one last time to give Dylan a kiss before following Tyler off stage.

“I love youuuuu” Dylan called after you.

“ I love you too” your voice was barely audible but he could still hear it. That’s all that mattered.

“Dude marry her already” Shelly nudged him.

 The rest of the cast yelled along with the fans.

“ Oh my God” he shook his head chuckling his face turning a deep shade of red. Little did they know there was a ring waiting in his wardrobe at home.



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ok yall but im addicted to the way stiles immediately took Claudia’s hands because she was strangling lydia. like he fucking bolted the second she laid her fingers around his soulmate’s neck. his Protective Switch is turned on quicker than the ghost riders’ lightning its incredible

Pack Mom 2

Pairings: Derek Hale X Y/n (romantic) Liam Dunbar X Y/n (mother/son)

Warnings: Cussing and arguing



It’s been a couple days since the night we (as in Derek and I) took in Liam. He has just been gold. He uses his manners, cleans up after himself, and controls his anger very nicely.

The reason Derek and I jumped at the opportunity to take him in was because I can’t have children. It was hard knowing we can’t conceive our own children. So, when I gained a mother-son relationship with Liam, I knew I had to take him in as my own. The best part is; it was mostly Derek’s idea.


Derek, Liam and I were watching a movie in the living room when my phone started to ring.

“Hey Scott!…yeah, we’ll come over… okay, I’ll get them ready in no time. I’ll see you later,” I hung up the phone.

“Scott wants us to come to the mall for a pack shopping day thingy,” I announce and move my arms in a quirky movement. “Do we have to go Y/n?” Derek asked in a whiny tone. “Of course we do! It’s for the pack, you lazy ass,” I responded cheerfully.

“Y/n…” Liam said quietly but loud enough for me to hear. “Yes sweetie?” I turn to him. “I-I-I umm… I uh, don’t have any clean or new clothes,” He stuttered out quietly with his head down. I walked over to him and brought him in a hug. “Don’t worry, I’ll put your stuff in the wash and Derek will let you borrow a t-shirt and you can wear the jeans you wore yesterday. They can’t be that dirty. And then when we get to the mall, we’ll most definitely getting you new clothes, yeah?” I pulled away to look at Derek for agreement which he reciprocated.

When all of that was said and done, we headed out of the loft and drove to the mall.

~skip car drive~

We met the pack in the food court and then split our separate ways. The first thing I did was drag Liam and Derek to a clothing store. I made Liam try on a whole bunch of clothes in which he liked many of. Except for the turtle neck that he looked so scrumptious in, I don’t understand why he didn’t like it. The world may never know.

We ended up walking out the store with a whole bunch of clothes but he still didn’t have shoes, so I bought him a pair or three.

“You really did not have to buy me all of this, Y/n,” Liam said very appreciative of what I have given him. “Oh, but I wanted to sweetie. You’re like a son to me and I’d do anything for my children,” I start to tear up knowing I can’t have any without adopting. There is nothing wrong with adopting, it’s just I want to feel what it’s like to go through the pregnancy process. “Y/n… why are you crying?” Liam asked with a look of concern. “I’m fine sweet cheeks. Where’s Derek?” I exclaimed to him so I don’t have to tell him in public. “I’m right here babe,” Derek announced his presence and hugged me.

Our moment was cut off by Liam’s whimpers. “Liam, sweetie, are you okay?” I asked but all he could do was point towards the two most awful people I have met.

“Well if it isn’t the little anger management case and two dumbest people I’ve ever met. I mean like, why would you take him in? He just brings problems, he worthless,” Liam’s “mom” told us with so much venom and evil coming out of her mouth. She had her husband behind her and he was hyping her up.

I got angry, real angry. “YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT MY SWEET LIAM LIKE THAT! HE IS AMAZING, HE DOES NOT BRING PROBLEMS, AND HE MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT WORTHLESS! BUT YOU- You are a worthless, trashy, abusive, manipulative, and hateful BITCH!” I yell at that witch, but calmed down towards the end to yell again. Derek had to hold me back, Liam was super upset and I hated seeing him like that. Once Derek got me under control, he turned to the horrific couple.

“If you even talk to, look at or even breathe the same way as MY family, I will personally rip your throats out with my teeth. Got it?” Derek growled at them making sure not to lose his control but he was close. He turned back to us and we left the mall not caring that we left the pack behind. We got in the car but I sat in the back with Liam to comfort him seeing as he had started crying. Once he calmed down, he was knocked out just like a light.

I looked at my gorgeous boys, perfectly content with my family and ready to take on any future problem as long as I have them with me.


Part 3??

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A Permanent Fixture

Prompt: Calm down. I look a lot worse than I am. (Stiles/Derek)

“Calm down,” Stile says. “I look a lot worse than I am.”

Derek’s hands still on his hips. So far he hasn’t touched the dark bruises spilling up Stiles’ side. There’s a cut too, an ugly gash pulled together with thick stitches, the black threads unnatural and tight against the pale of his skin.

“I didn’t say anything,” Derek huffs against his stomach. They’re in Derek’s bed, with Stiles propped up against the headboard. Derek is pooled between his legs, careful and warm, watching.

“You have a very loud frown.” Stiles resists the urge to run his thumb over the crease in Derek’s downturned lips. Instead, he brushes his fingers lightly up the trail of purple-red marks on his skin in a way he knows catches Derek’s eyes.

Derek shifts down to nose against Stiles’ thigh, and the movement draws attention to the dip in Derek’s shoulders. Stiles catches the triple spiral nestled there, and it makes something clench tight, low and hot in his belly.

It frightens him, how much he thinks about it. The clawing, incessant hunger of it. A whispered desire that pulses around his skull, but never makes it past his lips.

He wonders, often, if Derek might know. If his primal and Derek’s primal speak in the same desperate, muted language, some kind of collective unconscious hanging on the edges of their bones.

Or has he just been spending too much time with Derek?

He knows that he’ll never ask for it. Not with his voice, but probably Derek can see it flash in his eyes or hear it in the sudden tightness of his breath. Maybe he can scent it on him, Stiles thinks it probably smells heavy like iron. Not like blood, though. More like the aftermath of something lethal.

Let me leave a mark.  

The triskelion mocks him, shiny and dark and so, so permanent. He thinks if he were more like Derek, he might growl at it. It’s not so much that it exists, it’s more … what it means.  A symbol of something that Stiles can never hope to achieve, despite all his wanting.

The rest of Derek’s skin is devoid of any other markings, no bruises or scars hinting at the history of his body. His skin is a weapon with no memory, nothing tender in its soft flawlessness, no room for nostalgia in the stretch of capable limbs.

But Derek is beautiful, every sharp angle and ripple of muscle honed with devastating purpose, and it makes Stiles want to sink to his knees or sink his teeth in, deep.

It’s taken him a long time to understand it.

He thinks Derek might understand it, too. Maybe more than Stiles.

Because then Derek says, “Stop,” and leans up slowly to kiss Stiles, his hands ghosting up his sides to settle against his neck.

Stiles can’t help but dig his fingers into the triple spiral, wishing he could burn his way into Derek. Scrape out a space in Derek’s chest for himself.


Derek pulls back slowly, and looks at Stiles. His eyes are alert and liquid-dark in the twilight, intense and hard to read.

Stiles wants to shake him a little, wants to yell, too. Why didn’t anyone tell him that love felt like this?

“Calm down,” Derek repeats his words from earlier back at him, stilted and raspy in the way Derek talks, like words are impossible. “It’s a lot worse than it looks.” He pauses, runs a finger over Stiles lips to keep him from talking. “Trust me.”

Stiles feels that, deep inside.

And smiles.


Meet the characters of Raising Home, the 200k companion piece (that took seven months of my life) to be read between chapters 15 and 16 of Home.

Pack Mom - Part 1

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Request//  Imagine being the pack mom????

A/N// Thank you for this request, we have been looking forward to writing this for ages, so we are going to separate it up into different parts.

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9   Part 10   Part 11  Part 12  Part 13 Part 14

Ever since I started dating Derek, I started to become like a mom to the pack. They would always come to me when they needed help or someone to talk to. But I was more close to Liam. I didn’t know if it was just that he was just the youngest in the pack, so I felt like it was my job to protect him and that he got thrown into all this supernatural crap only a week and a half ago, or it was something else. But no matter what.I would be there for each and every one of them.

Today Derek and I had the pack come to the loft after school, so they could have a pack meeting, we all need to talk about the new threat in beacon hills. When I moved in with Derek I demanded that he goes out and buys some more furniture, just like some sofas and chairs so the pack have somewhere to sit during pack meetings and also some tables and chairs for the kitchen.

While I was waiting for school to finish I decided to clean up, make the loft look better, whilst Derek was out getting food and snacks for tonight.

I was nearly done when I heard the loft door open. It was Derek. His hands full of bags filled with a variety of snacks and drinks.

“Hi babe, did you get enough food?” I said sarcastically

“Hey and yeah I think I went a little overboard, but this is not all for tonight, it’s for the week.” Derek laughed

“Ohh right, well go and put it all away, and hide the good stuff so them lot don’t eat it” I joked

Derek did as I said, and then he walked over to me and pulled and me into his embrace, the loft door slid open, Scott, Stiles, Malia, Lydia, Kira and Liam, who looked like something was really bothering him, Walked in. Everybody took a seat on one of the sofa’s, but before Liam could sit down I pulled him into the kitchen.

When I got in the kitchen I pulled the young beta into a hug.

“Liam Hun, what’s up?” I asked

“It’s nothing Y/N” He answered, I let Liam go, to look at him.

“Li, I may not be a werewolf, but I don’t have to be to know that you are lying to me, so come on sweetheart just tell me what’s up” I inquired.

“It’s just..” Liam began but stopped.

“Come on, Just what Li?” I said.

“It’s Just that I have been fighting with my parents for the past week,I hate going home because I know there will just be another argument, I hate going home everyday,” he told me.

“Liam why didn’t you tell me? You know you could have told me at any point you don’t have to keep things from me” I said, whilst pulling him into another hug.

“I didn’t want to put my problems on you, their my problems not yours,” Liam said.

“Sweetie look at me,your problems are my problems to, and if I can, I will help you in any way I can, okay?” I told Liam, but then  I wondered why him and his parents were always arguing so you had to ask.

“Li, why are you and your parents arguing anyway?”

“They think my anger is getting much worse, and they don’t like how I hang around with all of you, they said I should hang out with more people my age, but I have Mason, they don’t understand, they don’t understand anything. Half of the time they don’t even care about me and when they do they just argue with me” he explained, then he said something else that I think he didn’t mean to say, because of his reaction.

“I wish you were my Mom”

As soon as Liam said it, his eyes widened and he shot out of the kitchen. It was the first time he had said anything like that before and it warmed my heart, because I was happy, that he feels that way, that he does have someone to go to, even when his actual mom isn’t there for him.

I walked back into the main room and everybody was already was in deep conversation, I had already heard about all this because of Derek telling me each night before we both go sleep.I Sat near Derek and he put his arm around my waist. I listened to everything that the pack had to say, but I couldn’t get what Liam said to me in the Kitchen off my mind “I wish you were my mom”.

The pack meeting ended so Derek and I  decided to let everyone stay a bit long and watch a movie or something. So I ordered in a pizza. Everybody just chilled out and chatted and some of them watched the movie. Halfway through the film, I heard something in the kitchen.

“Oh my god, I love these” Stiles shouted as he came through to everyone.

“Derek I thought I told you to hide the good stuff!” I said

“I did!” Derek exclaimed

“Oh please, can I have them. Please” Stiles begged

“Oh fine go ahead Stiles, knock yourself out,” I said.

I saw Derek walk into the kitchen.I followed him in. I saw that he was taking stuff out of the cupboard to putting them into a different cupboard behind everything.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“These are for us babe not them” He said slightly angry.

“Oh come on babe, you should of know we wouldn’t be able to hide something from them, some of them do have heightened senses” I joked

“Well that’s true, now come here” he told me

He pulled me into his embrace and planted a soft kiss onto my lips.

“What’s up with you?” Derek questioned

“It’s just something Liam said to me” I told him

“Why what has he said to you” He said through gritted teeth.

“Derek I didn’t mean it like that, he said that him and his parents have been fighting this past week and he doesn’t like going home, then he said he wished that I was his mom, Derek he is like a son to me, I don’t want him to feel like, I want him to be happy going home, I want to make sure he feels safe” I said with tears in eyes.

“Baby this is why I love you, you are so caring, well ill tell you what, We can let him stay here for the weekend, we have the spare room what he can stay in, then he can go home and stay with his parents and see how it goes” Derek said

“Oh Derek I love you so much you would really do that?” I said with a smile growing on my face.

“Yeah, well I know how much you see him as a son and how much you love him, and I want to keep you happy to, I don’t want you worrying when he goes and anyway, I’m not going to be here most of the weekend, so I don’t want you to be lonely” Derek explained

“Derek you are the best, I love you so much,” I said whilst Kissing him and Derek pulled me into a bear hug.

Derek and I went into the lounge to everyone, and they informed us that they should be getting off. When they said that I looked at Liam and I saw how upset he was. Everyone was heading to the door but I stopped Liam .I pulled him in the kitchen again.

“Liam, Derek and I have decided that you can stay this weekend, so you can let you parents cool off, so you don’t have to go home to all the arguing this weekend, but you will have to go on Sunday night so you can get up for School okay” I told Liam

“Really, I can stay?” Liam asked

“Yeah, but you have to do your homework tomorrow, then we can just chill, Derek will be out most of the weekend so it is just us two, and Liam what you said before you shot out the kitchen, that you wish that i was you mom, you don’t have to be embarrassed about saying it, Li you are like a son to me too, I love you and I want to make sure the you happy and safe, so please don’t be embarrassed to feel like that, yeah I may not be you actual mom, but I can be supernatural mom” I said pulling him into a hug. Liam looked up at me with the biggest smile on his face.

“Thank you so much mom”

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The Kids Are Alright (Part 7)

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Summary: Stiles is a single dad just trying to raise his little girl right. You’re a single mom in a new town doing your best to stay up with a rambunctious toddler. When your kids become friends on the first day of kindergarten, where will it lead you and Stiles?

Author’s Note: Got this done a little sooner than planned and it’s a little short, but here you go! It is loaded down with fluff and cute parenting moments, so I really hope you like it. I’m honestly not so sure how I feel about this part, so PLEASE send me some feedback! Enjoy :)

Warnings: Language; some adult talk (if ya know what I mean *wink*); mega sappy fluff; feels

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Need to catch up? You can read all the previous parts here!


Christmas, One Year Later

“Momma, d’you think Stiles will like my present?” Henry asked, practically bouncing off the walls with excitement as he helped me gather up the gifts by the front door. I chuckled while nodding, ruffling his soft hair.

“I’m sure he’ll love it, kiddo,” I assured him. “Now, is your bag all packed?”


“Alright, why don’t you get your boots and coat on while I grab something to carry these in, hm?” Smiling down at my 6-year-old, I watched him nod definitively before marching to the shoe rack.

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