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Uncharacteristically Accurate Spark
  • Candela: [takes out a jar of ping pong balls] It’s called “Guess How Many Ping Pong Balls Are In The Jar?”
  • Spark: Umm… [studies the jar] …237.
  • [the other two look at him warily]
  • Candela: Spark… how did you know that?
  • Spark: …Isn’t it obvious?
  • [the other two take a step back]
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Name: Jen
Age: 26
Country: USA

I’m a mom! My son is one! I’m queer (Pan)! My partner is Trans(she/her)! Also dog mom!

I love music, country to rock to classical. I love to read Harry Potter to a Nicholas Sparks novel. I stay at home for now until my partner starts nursing school! Then it’s back to work for me. I got the privilege to stay home for the first year of our sons life and that was AMAZING. But I’m ready to get back to work! Also school; sign language interpreter major.

Preferences: Other parents. People over 23. People who don’t judge my lifestyle. People who are just cool in general.

Crack Our Broken Records

I, an artist, wrote something for the 13th Dannyversary, and by wrote something I mean I’ve had this sitting in my docs for half a year and decided it was time to finish it

The alternate title is “Family Takes Four Thousand Words to Start a Conversation and They Don’t Even Finish it by the end” but that’s a little too long

Also there’s some really vague and small headcanons thrown in here but just a heads up.

read it on FFN l AO3


The man in question hummed noncommittally at his wife, much more focused on the mess of wires and metal seated on the table beneath his hands.


His fingers slipped on the slick metal, the wires falling from his hands and connecting in a shower of sparks. Dropping his head into his hands, Jack groaned. Maddie shifted her frying pan between her hands, allowing her to reach over to her husband.

“Jack, honey, give it a rest. You need to take a break.”

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koriju  asked:

botw link and zelda going to links house and links mum is like "my little hero!!!♡♡♡♡♡" and starts cuddling and kissing him and he's like mum stoooop and then she sees zelda "oh! my little boy has told me sO much about you!! he just adores you-" mUM STOP


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Lexark- something about morning. Also, thank you! Love your writing!! You are very talented, love all your stories! You do an awesome job of capturing the characters and letting us learn about them through their adventures. :)

She had lost her sparkle. Her eyes didn’t light up the same way they use to when it all started. She would deny it and say she was just tired, but Elyza knew better. Alicia had lost so much and felt like she needed to keep it all inside. It was her way of being strong for Elyza. All Elyza wanted her to do was let her in so she could bring out the happiness she knew Alicia had buried a while ago. 

The sun had just risen over the horizon when Elyza carefully pulled the covers off her body and got out of bed. If she was going to break down the walls her girlfriend had quietly built up in their months together she would need to be just as vulnerable and open with her. 

Elyza walked over to her bag and took out all of the contents until there was only one thing remaining inside. Elyza stared at it for a few seconds before she blinked twice quickly, shaking herself from the stormy thoughts that threatened to consume her. 

She reached into the canvas bag and pulled out a small wooden box. One of the corners had chipped away at some point in her travels. The floral designs that had once been painted so brightly on the surface were now worn so much Elyza thought it was only her memories that she was seeing when she looked at the fading designs. 

Elyza’s fingers traced over the delicate box, such a familiar feeling, the smooth wood that had been with her longer than anything else in her life. She slowly unlatched the small hook on the front and opened the top of the box. 

The box opened with a small creak and Elyza remembered she had wanted to find something for the old hinges the last time they had gone out looking for supplies. She looked inside the box that was lined with a light blue fabric. There were only two things inside, two of the most important things Elyza had in her life, the first was still sleeping soundly in their bed. 

Elyza picked up a picture that was just about as worn as the box that held it. She turned it over to reveal two people smiling back at her. A small blonde child with an oversized black leather jacket beamed up at a man with dark sunglasses and his equally dark hair slicked back but slightly messy.

The man held a helmet under his right arm, his left arm held the small child’s hand. He was looking directly at the camera smiling brightly with a cherry red motorcycle behind him. Elyza’s father had just bought the new bike and Elyza remembered how happy he had been. It made her happy to see him smile so much, she had known how unhappy he had been for quite some time. 

What Elyza didn’t know was that would be the motorcycle he would ride off on and never come back. She had only ever seen her father on holidays and the weekends he wasn’t traveling or working. Elyza closed her eyes tightly and pushed away the tears that burned her eyes. 

She put the picture down and picked up the only other thing in the box. It was a small diamond ring her mother had given her when she had finally graduated high school. Elyza put the ring in the palm of her hand and let the first golden rays of morning light shine off the surface. It was the only thing she could grab before she had to run for her life. Her mother hadn’t been able to get away before it was too late. Elyza had thought for quite a long time that if she had done something different her mother would have made it out before the infected got her. It had taken her so long to realized that she couldn’t save everyone. 

Elyza looked over at Alicia who was still sleeping on her stomach. Her long brown hair covering her face. Elyza watched as Alicia’s body rose and fell with her easy breathing. She could watch her all morning and not get tired of seeing her so peaceful. 

She allowed herself another minute to take in Alicia’s form before she slowly walked back over to the bed and sat down. 

“Alicia.” Elyza whispered softly and brushed Alicia’s hair away from her face. “Time to wake up.” 

Alicia stirred and let out a light groan as she stretched her body. “Why are you up so early?” She asked Elyza, only opening one eye to look up at her. 

“I have something I want to tell you.” Elyza smiled. “And something I want you to have.” 

Alicia opened both of her eyes now, curious and maybe slightly concerned by Elyza’s unusual behavior. “Is everything okay?” She asked as she pushed herself up and into a sitting position. She crossed her legs and faced Elyza on the bed. 

Elyza nodded and felt the ring pressing into her palm even more firmly as she looked into Alicia’s beautiful eyes. 

“I wanted to tell you about my parents.” She began and she saw Alicia tense. “I want you to know that I can understand how it feels to lose so much so quickly.” 

Alicia pressed her lips together and Elyza was tempted to stop herself. She hated seeing such pain on Alicia’s face, but she knew Alicia needed this. 

“We can lose everything and sometimes it can make us feel like we lose ourselves too. I thought I would never be able to let someone in again. I never wanted my heart to break like it did when I lost them. I never planned on falling in love. The funny thing is I don’t think anyone plans to fall in love.” Elyza could see the tears in Alicia’s eyes. She felt a lump building in her own throat. She had to press on, she had to make her feel again. 

“Even if I lost everything and everyone. I knew the moment you came into my life that I would give it all away if it meant I got one moment with you. Any moment with you. I’d rather have that than never know how it felt to hold you and care for you. I’d rather have had something than to never know how much I could actually love.” 

Now there were tears in both of their eyes and Elyza took Alicia’s hand with her the one that wasn’t holding the ring. 

“When I was little my parents split up. My mom never lost her spark or her love for life. Sure, she was sad. But she always told me that if she had never felt that love her life would have been incomplete forever. We are meant to feel.”

 Elyza took Alicia’s hand and put it to her chest. 

“I feel you and you’re forever with me now. I want you to feel like that with me too.” 

Alicia nodded and wiped at her cheeks with her free hand. 

“I want you to know that when I say forever I mean forever.” Elyza lifted her hand and opened it in front of Alicia to show her the ring sitting on her palm. “Forever.” 

Alicia let out a little gasp and cupped her hands over her mouth. 

“Will you promise me that you’ll just love and not think about the future?” Elyza asked and held the ring out to Alicia. 

Alicia looked up at Elyza and nodded slowly. “I love you so much.” The words came out broken, laced with more emotion than Elyza thought possible. 

Elyza took Alicia’s hand and slid the ring on her finger. 

“I’ll never leave you. No matter what.” 

Alicia leaned in and pressed her forehead gently against Elyza’s and let a fresh wave of tears rush over her. “Just find me again.” 

Elyza nodded against Alicia’s touch. “Always.” 


In which Blanche accidentally calls Spark ‘mom’ without realising and gets really embarrassed by it.

Bonus: Candela teases her about allowing Blanche to call her dad but no, Blanche is having none of your shit, Candela. She’s had enough embarrassment for the day so shut the fuck up.