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Holy crap I kinda got into my first car accident today?? I’m mean it was just a small fender bender but goodness how hard it felt. Like, how hard it jerked me and how the back of my head hit the seat,,,, Jesus. I totally fine, everyone is and the damage is very minimal, but my heart was POUNDING. I was like in shock for a minute, even had to ask my mom “did, did we just get hit??” Man I got such a rush from it, but not like,, a really good one😅 anyway, thought I’d just tell you how my day has been so far😂

#BestGiftEver: Comfy PJs

15 sleepwear favorites for mom, sister and friend

Some of the best gifts to give are ones that you can never have enough of, but you hate buying for yourself. If you’re not sure what to gift your mom, sister or friend this holiday, pajamas are something she can definitely wear. Made to be worn in the comfort of your home, nothing can beat a cozy pair of PJs. Whether you prefer silk, plaid, short or pant sets, below are the best options for any type of girl. Check a few more off your list and shop our favorite sleepwear sets below.

For Mom

Pajama set in plaid flannel

Dreamy cotton pajama set in stripe

Hammond Knits Pajama Set

Floral Print Jersey Pajamas

Gisele stretch-jersey pajama set

For Sister

Holiday Animal Print Pajama Set

NEW! Thermal Sleep Legging

Mickey & Minnie Pajama Set

NEW! Thermal Sleep Shirt

Pajama set in holiday lights

For Friend

‘Sleepyhead’ Thermal Pajamas

Satin Pajamas

NEW! Cashmere Cheeky Short

'Betty’ Checked Pajama Shirt

Cotton Mayfair Boxer Pajama


Fenton England Blue and White Azalea Ceramic Gardening Boot

This is a curious little find! A darling vintage ceramic gardening boot covered in blue azalea flowers and adorable ribbon lace. This would be great for q-tips, makeup brushes, or general toiletry needs, and could be used equally near the sink in the kitchen or on a sewing table, or desk.
Printed on the bottom: AZALEA, J. KENT LTD, FENTON, ENGLAND

Age: Best guess 1950’s

Condition: Good vintage condition; no chips nor cracks, light crazing that adds to its character.

Size: 3 inches in height and 4 ¾ inches in length.

Purchase Here

the end of the new year is coming

and boy howdy things are still going out of control blaahhhh so yeah but for right now I’m trying to sell some random stuff online upwards of 200 bucks which would mean a lot so please send me all the money posts so I can reblog it? lol thanks dudes