mom mom mom mom mom! are we going to play

its 2:55 am on a sunday and

i want you to know you are loved and you are incredible for trying and pushing forward even though its been hard.

whatever is making you feel like you aren’t good enough or that you don’t deserve to feel like you are good enough is silenced.

you matter.
you are important
and i’m proud of you for trying.

don’t give up on yourself.
you are worth it.

stay alive.

Ik theres this big cringe trend lately, but if its just kids having harmless fun and arent doing any damage ( harrassing, stealing, overbearing strangers, etc) just let them be
Nothing sucks more than having a good time, that isnt distressing anyone, and to be ridiculed for it. Remember that while it isn’t your place to babysit anyone it’s also not your place to ruin a good experience


Celebrating the Mothers of Choices!

From the Moms who think their son’s girlfriends don’t measure up to their standards (*cough* Regina *cough* Olivia…),

to the Moms with secrets (I’m looking at you Adriana),

to the Moms who’re all-embracing (we love you Mrs. Liao!),

to the Moms who we know love their kids even if it’s in a super warped way (Aunt Mallory and Rose - should I have left them off the list?),

to the women who Mother us even if they’re not our biological Moms (Here’s to Margaret Blake and the Mom friend in our group),

to the working Moms who make it work as much as they can in their own ways (Hi Blaire! Hi Mira!),

to the new Moms who’re beginning their journey (Go go go Gabriella and Party Twin!),

to the Mom with no filters because we know she loves us so (Yes The Freshman Mom, we’ve got protection),

Happy Mother’s Day. Everyday should be mother’s day anyway but we give you extra recognition today. 💕

Also for Choices Creates. 😊 @punexpectedly

anonymous asked:

i like barry but i find him unrealistic, i mean no guy does all that stuff that he does for iris.

i am so sorry anon. i am sorry you’ve never met a guy like barry. i have. my dad. after 30 years of marriage my dad still surprised my mom with flowers on random days, everyday my mom would work, he would bring her coffee everyday. any time there was music playing, even on a tv show, he would ask my mom to dance. he still introduced her as his bride, and when we would go to weddings, when they would clink the glasses for the couple to kiss, my dad would kiss my mom. he loved my mom truly and deeply, like barry allen loves iris west. yes men like that are hard to come by, but if that’s what you want, don’t settle for anything less than that. 



[[tfw you’ve been sitting in traffic for almost two hours, to go all of 20 miles and you can only thank yoda you decided to pick up a latte and a homemade strawberry pop tart before getting in the car. Who knows when we’ll get home.]]

My mom accidentally using slang

Mom: I’m really chill right now
( as we sit in the car being cold because it is cold outside)

Mom: I am so thirsty, it’s thirsty outside, I was feeling the thirst
( after taking our dogs on a walk)

Mom: watch I’m gonna dab
( as she dabs sauce onto food while cooking)

Mom: I’m so savage
( as she plays a kids video game with my sister)

There is going to be more but who knows when my mother will realize that she is using it wrong

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms that work full or part time and take care of their children. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms that stay home and take care of their children. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms that lose countless nights of sleep caring for their sick children. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who raise(d) their children on their own. Happy Mother’s Day to all the dads who play both roles for their children. A mother’s hard work does not go unnoticed. We appreciate everything that you do. Moms are superheroes.

Reg's Mom is Most Displeased

Mom: they kidnapped my bro as leverage!
Reg: Are you angry?
Mom: y
Mom: hes my last family
Mom: he might b a pain but family is family
Mom: im goin 2 save him
Mom: i think this means i have 2 kill meredith
Reg: So you’re going to side with the mages?
Mom: i dont want 2 pick a side i want 2 yell at them both!

You want these things that we all want.

I introduced my mother to 5sos and...

Me: *Shows a picture* So this is 5 seconds of summer.

Mom: What are they all looking at?

Me: It doesn’t matter, just tell me what you think of them

Mom: *Pause* they look lost…

Me: ………………………… Moving on.

Mom: I have important question!

Me: Yes! I can answer your question what is it?

Mom: You know the two in the middle? Are they together?

Me: *laughs* no, they’re not, none of them are gay

Mom: right, next.

Me: *shows another picture*

Mom: Oh god, they look dangerous

Me: They’re actually kittens mother. Okay, their names are Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton. Can you tell me who’s who?

Me: *shows photo* Who’s this?

Mom: Err, Calum?

Me: Yes! Where do you think he’s from?

Mom: I’m just going to guess they’re all from Australia because they sound like it.

Me: Yup! And what do you think he does in the band?

Mom: err… plays guitar?

Me: Close, he plays the bass guitar and sings. Okay next!

Me: *shows picture*

Mom: Aww, he’s so cute!

Me: I know he is, his hair is green at the moment, it’s adorable

Mom: Green? Can I see a photo?

Me: *shows photo*

Mom: Yeah, he’s still cute

Me: *laughs* anyways, what do you think his name is?

Mom: Ashton?

Me: No, he’s Michael. What do you think he plays?

Mom: He looks like a drummer…

Me: No he plays guitar and sings, alright next

Mom: can we stay with michael for longer?

Me: we can come back to him later

Me: *shows picture* Who’s he?

Mom: Ashton! 

Me: Yes! High five! What does he play?

Mom: He’s definitely the drummer

Me: How do you know so much about him?

Mom: I don’t I’m just acting confident, I have no idea what I’m talking about

Me: good acting, next!

Me: *shows picture* 

Mom: what’s in his mouth?

Me: He has a lip ring

Mom: ohhh, right

Me: so who is he?

Mom: Luke, considering he’s the only one left

me: correct! and what do you think he does?

Mom: err, is he the lead singer?

Me: sorta, he sings and plays guitar

Mom: cool

Me: so what do you think of them?

Mom: can we go back to michael now?


so my mother is a michael girl and i dont know how to feel about it but yeah

Reg's Mom and Orsino's Defeat

Mom: I stepped on him. That’s gross. These peace talks are going to go so well with one faction leader dead.
Reg: You’re really clinging to this hope, aren’t you?
Mom: Look, if we don’t have hope, we don’t have anything.
Reg: …uh… about that…
Mom: Let me have this moment where I can believe anything is possible. [a deep breath] Okay, moment over. Time to stick something sharp in Meredith.

shoutout to the parents/guardians/adult figures who didn’t download pokemon go but are having a blast helping their kids and friends find pokestops, gyms, and pokemon! we love u and ur making exploring this game even more fun! the time you spend with us is appreciated! <3

  • My mother at Monumentour: 6/21
  • Mom: *When the concert started* Who the hell are these people
  • Mom: *During Paramore* Hey do they do that song on the radio? I like that one
  • Mom: *after Paramore left* Shes a cutie. I like her. I wonder how Fall Out Boy will do.
  • Mom: *FOB starts playing* wOAH WHATS GOING ON
  • Mom: *1/2 way through FOB* vic how do you know all the lyrics to every song they preformed so far thats unnatural
  • Mom: *We Are the Champions cover* fINALLY
  • Mom: *When Pete introduces Grand Theft Autumn as "National Anthem"* Why would they stop halfway through the concert to play the nati-oh never mind.

Not so much a fuck customers, but I know those of us that come to this really need retail stories that have a happy ending every now and then to make us feel better.

So it’s New Year’s Eve, we’re roughly 30 mins to closing (early at 8) and this woman comes in with her tiny tater tot of a child. The child approaches the register as the mom sets her things on the counter. Almost immediately the little one looks up at me and circles round her mom (she’s can’t be more than 5 and 5 is  a stretch, she’s very tiny), saying “What time do they close?” I told her we close at 8. She gets this funny look on her face and looks at her mom and is like “Mom did we miss it?” Her mom smiles and shakes her head, telling her no.

As I’m going about ringing the mom up the little nugget picks up lighter from the display and says “ooh fire.” I tell her “you don’t play with fire.” She repeats me perfectly and puts the lighter back. Then she says “When I grow up I want to be big” and then she sort of mimics keyboard typing. I’m not entirely sure what she means and her mom explains “She has a hard time explaining it, but basically she wants your job when she grows up.” The little girl nods enthusiastically. Man my heart melted, what an angel.

So yeah…there’s a happy story for a Happy New Year!

Cameron Dallas - Part 1


Side note: Hey this is a fan fiction that I’ll be writing with parts, please tell me if you think I should continue it or not, this imagine is written on iphone. Sorry if some of the words are misspelled i’m not the best at English, Ps Cameron will not be in this imagine so much, but he will be in the next i’ve already taken care of so no concern:)

My bestfriend Cameron moved away 9 years ago, We skyped everyday but since we got older by the time, there where days maybe weekes where we never talk, that last about 2 year. And we never talk since.

Cameron’s mom and my mom where very close. They never really lost the contact. Im so jealous of my mom and Cams mom. I wish that could be me and Cam.

“(YYYY/NNNN),” my mom call. “You going to be late for school If you don’t get up!” She called again. I got up really fast, more fast if Justin Bieber was standing in your door way.
“It’s only 7:10” i said with big eyes looking at the watch. My mom always played this game on me. And that’s not funny for a girl like me, it takes me about half an hour for me to get ready and after that im gonna drive to school.
I aventruly got up and made my daily rutin, i took my hair in a ponytail, my makeup nothing special, mascara and some eyeliner and then the cloth, a white top and black high waisted shorts and some vans.
I got down to eat breakfast, “i have a surprise for you when your get back from school,” she said with a smile and sparkles in her eyes.
I thought about all the way to school, what was it? I could clearly see in her eyes that the thing that she was hiding from me made her really happy.

School was boring as always, 7 hours of nothing. All first class i thought about that dumb question
in my head all morning, “(Y/N)” my teacher said looking at me, i got up pretty fast looking up at my teacher like i knew what she was talking about, “What do you thing of that?”

She said a little bit angry of no one hearing after, “Oh that’s cool enough,” i said not knowing what els to say, She gave me big eyes, “so you thing that’s okay for little kids in Africa to starv?” with only one eyebrow up, wow it was creepy.
“No of cause not” i said quick before the bell rang. I just got out of class.
I didn’t want to be in school any more so i just got home. I quickly got in the house looking after my mom, of cause she’s laying on the bed as always, some thing just never change.
“So what about that thing you would tell me after school?” I said. “What about it” she said not caring, “are you freaking kidding me?”i said little bit angry,”Of cause i’m kidding, shall we drive,” she said happely smiling, “drive where are we going?” I said “We going to visit some old friends,” she said laughing, “who old friends?” I said no matter, “just really old friend” she just said driving in hours. As the time fly away, i hadn’t thought about it much, until we got to the house, really nice and big, we knock on the door and a really nice lady came forward it was like i’ve seen this lady before.
“Carly so great to see you again, so long time ago we seen, (Y/N) you’ve got so beautiful, come in, come in,” she said happy, almost like she got a puppy.
It came slowly all the memories, omg that’s Cameron’s mom Anne, i almost scream of the thought im in Cameron’s house, but where is Cameron?

Part 2??
One of the worst scenes of my life was captured on film

by Judy P.

This is me. 

There is a story behind this photo. Looking at the photo would never give any clues to the story.  I am going to tell that story now.

My father and stepmother were involved in a number of illicit activities in an urban area in the early ‘70’s, including the sale and use of illegal drugs, and the making and selling of child pornography.  I was used by both of them in these activities until I was around nine years of age. 

My father met Pam while he was sleeping with various prostitutes in our nearby city.  She had long dark hair, and lived in an apartment somewhere within city limits. My father took my baby sister and I to Pam’s place when my mom was gone to work her shifts as an operating room RN at a local hospital.  Pam sometimes let me watch a show called “Nanny and the Professor.”  I had to be very good if I wanted to watch it.  

Pam started telling me stories.  She told me how she was locked up in a place for crazy people, and how they shocked her, and did other things that hurt her.  She told me that people who say crazy things get locked up in those places.  She showed me scary black and white photos of people in such a place.  The photos were from a magazine my mom also had at our house, called “Life,” and the pictures were terrifying to me.  Pam told me I must never say things that made adults think I was crazy, or I would be locked up in such a place.

Pam started giving me shots.  I had gone through a number of surgeries on my left hip due to a birth defect, so when Pam said I needed more shots, I thought it was like at the hospital, so I just accepted it as something I must need, because the adults around me said so. The shots made Pam’s words start to sound very slow, and made me feel tickly inside.  I would fall asleep, and wake up to different surroundings, with different things going on.  Pam would say I must be quiet and be good, so I would not wake up my baby sister.

One night, after my mom left for work and Pam came over, my father and Pam had me look outside my family’s front room window toward our carport.  A big truck with a boat behind it was parked there. A motorcycle was next to it.  My father said that if I pleased God by obeying him and Pam always, and if I never told anyone about what he and Pam and the other adults were doing to me and the other kids, then one day God would give our family a nice boat, and a nice truck, and a nice motorcycle.  The next morning, after my mom came home and my father left for work, I tried to tell her that I had seen a boat and a motorcycle, and that God was going to give them to us if I was good.  She said “What an imagination you have,” and went on about her business.  But she must have mentioned what I said to my father, because Pam was very angry at me the next time we went to her place.  Her brown eyes were scary, like they had changed from her normal eyes.  I knew I was in a very bad trouble.  

My Great-Grandma died, so our family went to her funeral in another state. When we got back, my Siamese cat had run away from the people who were taking care of him.  I was devastated.  I did not cry, though, because my father never let me cry. Instead, I let the tears gather into a big lump in the back of my throat, and I swallowed them away.  A few days later, my father brought me home a little black kitten.  I named him Barney, after the Flintstones’ character.  My father had never given me anything before.  I wondered why he gave me this kitten, and why he took time to notice if I was hugging my new kitten, and loving it.  I did love Barney, very much.

One night, after my mom left for work, Pam came over.  She sat on my couch, and made me sit next to her.  My father brought Barney over, and placed him in my lap. Pam said I must learn to never say anything ever about what she and my father and her friends did.  She said it was too bad I had not learned my lesson, because now my cat was going to pay for me being bad.  Pam took my hands, placed them around Barney’s neck, with her hands over mine, and my father held Barney’s paws.  Pam squeezed on my hands, but I no longer felt anything in my hands. I could only see my kitten trying to squirm loose, struggling to breathe.  His head moved, his mouth opened, his tongue moved. 

His eyes were misshapen with fear and struggle.  It went on for a long time.  

Then he was still.  My chest hurt so bad.  “This will happen to your sister next time,” Pam said.  My father placed Barney on top of some towels in the laundry basket, and put the basket into a closet.  He closed the closet door, got my sister from her crib, and we left, Pam holding my hand, her skin still damp from the struggle to silence my kitten.  The next day, my mom looked around for Barney. When she finally found him, my father said he must have had distemper, and gone into the closet to die, glaring into my eyes as he said it.  I looked down, and saw my hands shaking in my lap.  I swallowed a lot of tears.

Pam and my father still did not trust me, because the next time we were at her place, she made me sit next to a woman with short dark hair, who sometimes took pictures of us kids as we played “games.”  The woman looked down at me with very angry eyes, and told me if I ever said anything to anybody else again, she would come to our house one day, knock on the door, get my mom to let her into our house, then get my mom to invite her into my parents’ bedroom.  While they were in there, she said, she would kill my mom.  She said if I tried to tell my mom what she was going to do, my mom would think I was crazy, and put me in an insane asylum like Pam had once been in.  She said that nobody was ever going to believe me if I ever tried to tell anyone about any of these things, and I would look like my mind was insane if I ever spoke about any of this.  The woman left, and Pam had me go sit and watch Nanny and the Professor.  I tried to let the show make my mind pretend like none of this was real.

Some days later, while I was at home with my mom and sister in our blue trailer by the crick in the mobile home park where we lived, there was a knock on the door. My mom opened it, and there was the woman with short dark hair.  She was carrying a black bag, and spoke with my mom for a few minutes.  She was smiling.  My throat instantly constricted in fear.  My mom invited the woman into our house, and told me that this nice lady was a photographer, and she was going to take some pictures of me for free. Then my mom took the woman back into my parents’ bedroom, to show the woman some old family photos in there. The woman gave me one backwards glance as she followed my mom into that bedroom.  I do not remember moving at all while they were in there. I knew right then that there was not a single thing I could say or do to change the trajectory of the adults around me. I waited for that woman to kill my mom. When they came back out, I was shaking. My mom had me go get a doll, and had me sit in our small rocking chair. Pam’s friend smiled so sweetly, and told me to “Smile, honey.” The camera clicked.  The woman left.  A week or so later, this photo came in the mail, and my mom placed it in a photo album.   Every time I have seen this photo over the years, my mind has slammed shut the part of itself that can still feel the absolute terror and complete lack of control I felt in the moments before this shot was taken, and the horrible dichotomy of the obedient smile I displayed while staring into the camera that was being held by that cruel woman. 

One of the worst scenes of my life was captured on film, and I am the only one who knows what really happened and can tell the story.  Why do I tell the story? Because that terrorized child in that chair needs to finally be able to let it all come spilling out, in all of its horrible, vomitus truth, and she needs to be believed.  To live such atrocities was hard enough.  To never be able to speak the truth and be believed would be even worse.  

You see these beautiful pictures of whales and their calves in the sea and they look at peace, just roaming through deep blue water as sun rays shine through it.

But what’s actually going on is: “Mom what are we doing next? Mom I’m hungry. Mom I want to play… Mom watch this! I’m floating! Mom. Mom look humans! Can I keep one? Pleeeease!!!”.

Reg's Mom and the Dragon

Reg: So how is that fight going?
Mom: ok
Mom: have 2 kill teh bbs tho i dont liek that
Mom: its a hard fight
Reg: Do me a favor? When you do something neat, mash the print screen button repeatedly.
Mom: ???
Mom: y
Reg: This is your first dragon fight in DA2! We need to commemorate it!
Mom: im gettin my butt kicked by a giant lizard i dont want 2 remember this moment

You say that now…

I know I have submitted a lot already but I have some more shit to get off my chest. This past weekend I had a party with all my friends at the park.
While we where there, these two mixed kids ( A boy and A girl) followed us around the park. It was all in good fun, before they started taking our water balloons and our food and THROWING it at us. My friend ended up getting a bruise from whatever the little kid threw and knocked over that hit her. We constantly told this little mixed boy to stop but he just kept laughing, moving around us and throwing stuff at us. And where the fuck where the parents?! On the other side of the park. The white mom was sitting on the bottom of the slide. She would glance over every now and then but go right back to whatever the hell she was doing.

Someone could have easily taken her kids and ran off, and I honestly don’t think she would have gave a single shit. The black dad was off doing who knew whatever. And the mom sat on the slide, watching as her devil spawn threw half of our shit at us after we told him and his sister to stop. Now if one of us where to hit or child, here would come the white mom crying and yelling about somebody hitting her child while she sat there doing NOTHING. We ended up walking the kids back to their parents before going back to the other side of the park. Not five minutes later THEY ARE BACK. Throwing shit and being loud, and we are telling them no. Where is the mom? Other side of the park. Not giving a shit.

I’m not trying to bash white moms, but damn. It must be this town or something. White moms here let their kids run the hell around and do whatever and when somebody sets them straight they start getting upset and crying about it. Black moms don’t play that shit! I remember having to old my moms skirt and hold on the buggy and if I moved away from her my ass would be hit and popped and spanked. If I was out of my moms line of vision, she would come like King Kong and find my ass before something happened to me. If I ran away like that, I would be spanked and yelled at and I would know not to pull that shit again. But white moms, especially the ones with black mixed kids seem like they are so clueless about raising their kids right!

I’m not saying she should hit her kids for running off, but at least go find your kids and not have strangers look after them! And if you see a group of people around your kid yelling at them to stop what they are doing, then that’s your job to come get and look after your kids! Maybe it’s the privilege white moms have. Black moms always have to worry about their kids getting hurt or killed for just being black every day, and they raise their kids to be weary of strangers or be weary when going out in general- and white moms just don’t seem to do that.

But then again, why would they? They don’t carry the black moms fear or burden for their kids. A lot of them know that their whiteness protects their children from the things other black kids face. Timmy can walk to the store at night and sneak back in the window with beer and live. Trayvon Martin couldn’t make it back home with a bag of skittles and his mom had to pick his brains off the street.