mom in need

My mom just needs to BE QUIET. Because honestly, it helps me not dance the best I could and it’s just hard for me ‘cause, I’m always the one who gets picked on and I don’t ever get any compliments. And I’m like the worst dancer on the team. I mean I don’t know but I mean, I feel defeated.
—  my heart is breaking for elliana oh my god. even if her mom is the worst, which she IS, the other adults and older kids should rally around her and lift her up instead of contributing to this mental abuse wtf

luvistrue1100  asked:

Mom: "Aren't Selena and Justin married?" Me: "No mom Selena's dating The Weeknd." mom: "Oh wow I really need to start catching up."

Lol, deadass every time a song of Justin’s comes on my mom ask me if they still date 😂 I’m like “no mom!” And then on the radio the we’re talking bout her and Abel and my mom was like “ She is dating him?!?” And I just laughed cause her face was priceless