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I love how every member in SJ corresponds to a certain family member like

Leeteuk the Mom 

Heechul the scary Auntie 

Hang Geng the chill older brother 

Yesung the black sheep child 

Kangin the Dad 

Shindong the funny Uncle 

Sungmin the motherly big brother 

 Eunhyuk the normal child 

Siwon the rich Uncle 

Zhou Mi the cinnamon roll child 

Donghae the overly hyper troublemaker child 

Ryeowook the Aunt that cooks and force feeds everyone 

 Kibum the shy, outcasted child 

Kyuhyun the trophy child 

Henry the other trophy child, but is badly influenced by Donghae

83Line Facts and Quotes pt.2
I don’t know why i make this again… enjoy!
  • They both can play drum and piano very well.
  • The members think Leeteuk and Heechul popularity is high, because they’re both never thinking while talking.
  • Heechul often called Leeteuk an “Old man”, and he is fine with that, because Leeteuk call him “Ahjussi” (Instagram)
  • Leeteuk and Heechul’s mom are also close (Sukira).
  • They both love ramen.
  • Yesung is 83line number one fanboy.
  • Yesung thinks 83line sub-unit is going to be more success than D&E (Super Camp)
  • He also thinks that Leeteuk and Heechul personality actually can blend (Radio Star).
  • Heechul and Leeteuk already told management to make SJ-83, but they never make it.
  • Leeteuk military division is in Gangwon-do, and it’s Heechul’s hometown
  • While Heechul military division is in Seoul, Leeteuk’s Hometown.
  • Because of military, they never have a stage together for 3 years.
  • When Leeteuk still in military, Kangin is the one who replace his part in Bonamana. At first Heechul want to do the skinship like when he do with Leeteuk (He even ask Leeteuk if its okay), but Kangin said he won’t do it with Heechul. Because that is Leeteuk’s job. *whaaaattt
  • The reason Heechul called Leeteuk with nickname Gaeteuk, is because Leeteuk is the first one who made nickname for Heechul, He called him “Gaeshin”, it means Talent god because Heechul always imitating other singer.
  • Leeteuk is Christian, but unlike Siwon, he never asks Heechul to go to the church with him because he respects him.
  • While Heechul was on diet, He always give Leeteuk his left food, He thinks Leeteuk need to gain weight
  • Leeteuk and Heechul first fight is when they’re both drunk and Leeteuk hit Heechul with a spoon.
  • When Leeteuk is mad, Heechul won’t even dare look at him.
  • When Heecul is mad, Leeteuk just stay away and give him some space.
  • Leeteuk and Heechul always share room when it comes to ss6 or Supercamp,
  • Leeteuk said Heechul is actually the one who has many ideas.
  • Leeteuk always said that when the day he was born it was raining, somebody look up for that and is not, in fact there was storm in 10th July 1983, and it was Heechul’s birthday.
  • Heechul likes to pinch Leeteuk cheek because it is elastic.
  • When they were trainee, they got special lesson about MC from SM.
  • And now people called them “Next Generation of National MC”
  • They said it’s awkward for them to just appear in TV together.
  • They appearance on TV shows is only Guerilla Date and Running Man, as a complete opposites.
  • Since trainee, Leeteuk and Heechul had been the oldest.
  • Leeteuk: The things that make you sad? When I’m not promoting your album on SNS? | Heechul: “No… I’m fine with that (Sukira)
  • Leeteuk: I often say this to him, Heechul-ah you and I are friends, but when we’re working together we are completely opposites… you need to watch what you said! (Radio Star).
  • Leeteuk: The weather is like Heechul, sometimes is warm and second after that it’ll pouring rain.
  • Leeteuk: Ryeowook, you can’t hit Heechul in Radio show (Sukira)
  • Leeteuk: I never see works as works when I’m with Heechul, he always makes everything seems fun.
  • Leeteuk: What can I talk about Kim Heechul? Kim Heechul is Flawless
  • Heechul: The reason I never afraid to talk freely is because Leeteuk is always beside me to clear my image, that friend is so nice to me (Strong Heart)
  • Heechul: I didn’t stay for a while because of the CFs and programs.. I stay because Leeteuk needs me.
  • Heechul: Surprisingly, Leeteuk took care of me very well, He always spread butter or Jam in my bread, waking me up every morning… (Sungdong Café)
  • Heechul: No matter how many girl group they are… I like Leeteuk the most!
  • Heechul: Because you’re the leader you have a lot of courage, but regarding age? We’re the same ago ok! Being the same age, I want to tell you something: If you’re tired, come find me, I’ll always welcome you.
  • Heechul: Park Jungsoo is always tired because of the 12 members, man, you can’t cry by yourself. When you’re tired, lean on us, okay?

[STATION] 김희철&김정모 X 휘인 (of 마마무)_나르시스 (Narcissus)_Music Video