mom e matters

hello, i’m erin.

i’m really poor, my family is financially unstable all the time because my parents have walking/moving disabilities and it’s hard for them to find proper jobs since they can barely move. lately we’ve been having major financial problems. 

they both used to work until the thing i was afraid of happened; my diabetic mom’s health condition started getting worse and worse. she couldn’t handle the pressure and the bullying at work so she had to quit her job. her health is the main priority in this entire thing so i don’t blame her at all.

as for now, my father is the only source of income. his monthly salary is $150 and as you can see that’s far from enough to maintain three people. i’ve tried to get a job myself but no one wanted to hire me because i’m a minor. 

for the past few months my mom’s illness has been progressing, we even got her a wheelchair since she couldn’t walk at all. she needs a damn expensive diabetic healthcare course right now. my father works day and night just to gain some money. also, i contributed with my savings even though it wasn’t much.

however, our efforts are not enough for my mom’s medical assurance. the amount of money we have by now can provide only half a month of medicines. my dad is working all the time he doesn’t even sleep at this point, it’s a miracle if he gets at least 2 hours of sleep a day. but unfortunately it’s never enough.

i feel pathetic and useless; the tears are streaming down my face as i’m typing this and the fact that i can’t help in any way is killing me.

only money can help us in this harsh situation so if you can donate i’ll be forever thankful. 

if you can, do it through paypal. my paypal email is; there’s no need to donate anymore thank you so much!

any amount will be highly appreciated, i’m not asking for much, really. also reblog this please, it does matter and i hope i’ll find people who can help.

it’s totally okay if you don’t donate, just keep my mom in your prayers please, it means a lot.

i’m desperate please help, i don’t want to lose my mother. 

thank you.


Why is Briana the exception to every. single. rule?

Also. Why do they think I’m stupid?

Briana is a young new mom, so her body bounced back fast. Ok. Sure. Briana is hulk-like in strength, so that’s how she could carry that carrier with her phone in the same hand. Got it. Briana is the mom of a celeb’s kid, so that’s why she had new outfits and her hair and makeup done every time she went out. Right. Ok. Did we mention she’s very young? So she’s obviously going to want to go out with her cousin and eat tacos in the backseat of a car, again in pleather leggings and hair completely done. At night. Without her one month old. Yep. Got it. Freddie is probably hanging out with Grandma, right?

I, as a new mom, am SO TIRED of how she is the exception to EVERY RULE. Having a baby isn’t a joke, it isn’t a game, it definitely isn’t something you play at. Badly, I might add.

I won’t make a list of points to compare to my situation because then I’ll just get a bunch of people saying “well your situation isn’t exactly like her’s” and yes, that’s true. But new moms tend to find each other, (having a baby is the biggest life adjustment ever. It changes who you are down to your very core), and I can assure you that about 95% of mom stories align closely with mine. (Took a long time to heal, wouldn’t have been caught dead in pleather or miniskirts or heels, wouldn’t have dragged a baby out of the house everyday for a week for pics, still don’t always have time for hair and makeup, went to bed at 11 last night and up at 5 on a Saturday morning aka Tired ™, so no time for random taco runs without my supposedly one month old son.)

If you want me to believe this, you’re going to have to do better than that.