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So, I'm black. With white parents. Seeing that biracial anon talking made me wanna share... So, I was in an online highschool where we had a school building we could go to. All chill with nerds right? Wrong. Apparently a lot of the kids are Tumblr radfems/sjws. So, my parents had to come in at some point... And, upon leaving, a radfem thought I was being kidnapped and sold into slavery..... Like what???? I was smiling and chill with them bc, yknow, MY PARENTS. We explainer, but she continued 1/2

2/2 to go on about how its extremely racist to adopt a black child because they were fetishizing my skin color… And then she got to slavery. We really had no idea wtf was going on… My mom (thank god, she might have called my dad a pedo or something) got her name… And then we just left her mid-sentence. I looked back and she was fuming man… So, we report her actions and from then on, I didn’t see her at our building?? So idfk what happened to her in the end.

What the fuck dude that’s wild. I almost don’t believe you but also can’t think of a reason you’d be lying. How old was this girl anyway? But still, to think someone is like that in high school… yikes.

Shout out to my parents for putting up with my Rhink shipping, Rhett and Link obsessed ass. Thank you for listening to me ramble about these two goofy, attractive, loverboy’s.
She's Mine

When she stands next to me
They say, she looks like me
Long brown hair, same body
Down to second toe askew
She’s mine, but she’s not me

When she shows her quiet strength
Steel frame words that softly tell
-All who dare-
No one will snap out our light
She’s mine but she’s not me

When she sees everyone’s pain
Rushing to right all wrongs
{Hugs} and \nods\ and <sighs>
I bend my knees inside,
She’s mine but without fear

When she sleeps at night, assured
Her mom will protect her
And the only danger
Her dad poses is
Embarrassments from his jokes,

She’s mine, but thank God,
She’s not me


Why do my parents tell me to snap out depression? If it was that freakin easy I would have done it a long time ago…Do they think I want to feel like this?? I don’t.

I think that the enemy is attacking me because he hates what I do here on Tumblr and he hates what I want to do for God.

My parents don’t fully understand the spiritual battle I am going through. I’d think my mom of all people would. She knows about all that stuff. Please keep me in your prayers yall. I feel God taking me somewhere and I think that I am experiencing push back because of it..

The enemy can try to drag me down, but he can’t take me down because I’ve got Jesus and I am a child of God!

Thank you. I love yall, God Bless all of you!!


“I name you Elentiya.“ She kissed the assassin’s brow. “I give you this name to use with honour, to use when other names grow too heavy. I name you Elentiya, ‘Spirit That Could Not Be Broken’.”

Summary: Beatrice Everdeen-Carter and Ramona Mellark, two friends with one mission–to get their parents together. Modern AU Everlark.

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The Family Plan

Part Six

Beatrice opened her eyes at the beep of her phone. Sitting up, she refrained from squealing at the picture message since it was still early and she was sure that Dylan and her Dad were still asleep.

Rise and shine, sis –R’

Just above her morning greeting from Ramona was a photo of her Mom and Peeta asleep—fully-clothed, thank God—in his bed. They looked happy and content to be wrapped in one another’s embrace. Not to mention, in that sweet morning light, her mother looked younger than Beatrice had ever seen her.

She quickly messaged back, ‘Can I call you?

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Okay so this is my lock screen now. To those of you who watch the show Supernatural you should get this Destiel reference. But let me explain to you why I have to have this as my screen lock.

Okay so the other day my mom got on my phone and went through all my stuff (except my tumblr thank God) and made me delete everything that had to do with Destiel. Which let’s be honest, I didn’t delete EVERYTHING. But well over 1000 pictures. I had to clear out all my accounts that she found as well. May I remind you that my mom - well my whole family - is a strict homophobic Christian family. So I was raised that was as well. I’ve just branched off and I have my own mind and opinions on things and they don’t agree. So naturally they don’t know much about my beliefs. But my mom saw that I told one of my friends that I’m Pansexual. She made me go to a three hour church service that night and has made me go to prayer groups and all sorts of crap to “get me on the right path”. But what does all this have to do with my lock screen? Well this way I can have what I love as my screen saver and her not know a damn thing about it. She’s very nosy, especially now, and she’ll probably ask what this picture means. And I can say it’s just a hipster thing or aesthetic or whatever and she won’t question it again. Like lol you fucker it actually symbolizes gay love.

So yeah.

Submit Anon: My IRLMadoHomu
Hang there friends, this one is a doozie. It happened really recently too. (I’m in 7th grade) I apologize that it’s so long.

Weeb: Twi

Me: Homura

Friend : Madoka

Tw: Sexual Harassment

My first run in with her was around the beginning of the year in first period. (This part is sorta slow, but bare with me) I remember I was trying to have a conversation with my friend Madoka when I feel someone’s breath on my neck. I turn around to see this tall, awkward girl who, in this high, squeaky voice exclaims, “Ahh! Kawaii! A real life loli!” Presumably she meant my friend, who is short and freckled with blond ringlets. Then, she turns to me and says, “Omg, are you Japanese?” Now, this was bizarre. I am half-Punjabi Indian, but at first glance I just look white. I said nothing to insinuate I had ever lived there, so I’m still baffled as to why she asked. I politely said no, and asked her name. “Twi nya!”Oh dear, I wish I were making this up. Judging by her looks and the anime pins on her bag, I just assumed she was in a mild weeb stage. I made a joke about how when I was new like her this school reminded me of Ouran to please her. She screeched at the reference and asked my favorite anime. I replied FMAB, only to receive a “NOOOOOO, not KAWAII AT ALL1!1!1!” I shrugged. Then, came the dreaded question. The question itself was not too bad: “Are you two yuris”(I’m bi) But what it caused, Jesus take the wheel it was bad. I told her no, we had been friends since kindergarten. She pouted and said we were just being tsundere, and that we were her little MadoHomu. Ugh, I should have just told her off then.

To be nice, we let her join our table. She really wasn’t that bad, besides the whole MadoHomu thing. She was constantly trying to force me on her, and vice versa, it was really annoying, but we felt bad for her. We let her come over to out house since she had no friends to hand out with (poor girl). We would watch anime and talk about it, and even though Madoka wasn’t really a fan she put up with it because she loved the style. One time, after she had been seeing us for a month or two, she invited us to her house. That’s when it all went to hell. We started watching this title we never heard of and…. oh Lord, it was hentai. She kept pointing to the two girls on the screen, yelling “Do that! Be like that! Homu-chan, you be the seme!” Madoka was very very innocent and just sat there in wide-eyed horror. I was having a huge panic attack, and I’m still mad at myself for not coming to her rescue. After poor Madoka fell asleep, Twi started forcing herself on me, trying to grope me and kiss my neck, saying all this shit about how “If the loli won’t take you, I will” I was freaking out, trying not to cry, completely frozen in fear. I finally came to my senses, used a self-defense technique I learned on Tumblr to flip her off of me and called her mom. Thankfully I got to go home and we didn’t see her for weeks. She kept spamming us on our social media and text with nudes and hentai; no matter how much we blocked her she kept making new accounts and even bribed other kids to do it. The nudes evolved into death threats, and there was a rumor that one day she brought a knife to school. Thank God she was expelled, good riddance.

Dear people that I love and cherish dearly,

I’m really sorry for my lapses in emotional normalcy. I promise I’m trying to get better, so that I don’t end up hurting anyone. I didn’t really sleep last night and kept thinking about all of this. Today I decided to take a deep breath and try harder. I know I have super terrible trust issues and I’m super scared of getting close to people, but I’m going to try and let that go. I’m going to trust all of you and let you take it from there. No more questioning or doubts. I love you all.

Prayer request

Hey tumblr,
I ask for prayers for my mom. Someone in our parish community gave her employment, but he hasn’t paid her in almost a month, and other things. Thanks to God, she just got a job offer doing what she used to do. But her current job is getting to her health wise. She will be quitting soon, and the boss is intimidating on purpose. Please pray for my mother and her health, and that she may be able to leave that suckish place smoothly. Thank you so much and please don’t hesitate to send me your prayer requests.

Also for the conversion of that man.

Hi beautiful tumblr family. I have a very urgent prayer request. My friend’s boyfriend’s mom has just gone into cardiac arrest and she is going through open heart surgery as I am typing this. She’s been very sick for a while, and this is very very hard for the family and my friend. Please pray for healing, and if she doesn’t pull through, please pray for peace and God to be present throughout this horrible situation. Thank you guys, I love you all.

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My mom checked my Tumblr this morning to see if I'd uploaded any new art, so I came out of the shower to her shrieking "OH MY GOD. HE'S WARING IT! HE'S WEARING IT!!" and I'm not 90% certain that now I have no choice in whether or not I go to RTX next year. No doubt she's going to pay for it and fly me out. Heck, she'll probably come too.

Oh wow, this is cute and amazing on so many levels. Thanks again for the shirt. It is, as I said, approved!