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Anonymous asked: “ Mom I feel like I should be a boy, but I like feminine things. I love my long hair and nails, makeup, ETC but I have top dysphoria as well as bottom. I feel confusing and ‘attention seeking’ because that’s what I’ve been told. I cry myself to sleep because I just wouldn’t feel right as a masculine man or a feminine woman.

My dear lgbt+ kid, 

(I decided to answer your question like this because I wasn’t sure if you were alright with me publishing your URL.)

Do not worry: You don’t need to be a masculine man or a feminine woman! 

There are plenty of people who are neither (including me!), and here’s some reasons why: 

1. There’s a difference between identity and presentation. People of any gender can present feminine, masculine or neutral (or mix it up). When we talk about presentation, we mean things like hair and clothes - Girls, boys and nonbinary people can all like to wear long hair and make-up and present in the way that’s traditionally considered feminine. Feminine presentation is not only for girls! 

2. Clothes are simply fabric you put on your body. They do not have a gender. A boy is not less of a boy because of the kinds of fabric he decides to put on his body, and the same goes for every gender. 

3. It is possible to be neither 100% boy nor 100% girl. You could be both or neither or something else. A umbrella term for this is nonbinary and here’s a list explaining many gender identities. I’m not saying that this definitely applies to you but I believe it’s important to keep this option in mind. If you feel like neither girl nor boy fits, you may be nonbinary and that would be okay! 

Long story short: Keep loving your hair and nails and make-up (I’m sure all of those things look great on you!) - it does not invalidate your gender at all, no matter which gender it is. 

You are certainly not attention-seeking, my dear. There are so many people who have the same thoughts you have, there’s nothing weird or wrong about it. 

i’ll add some resources for questioning kids for you: 

I wrote a letter with advice for my questioning or confused kids here.

Here’s my letter to my kids who question their gender.

You may also like my “It’s okay to not have figured it out.” letter.

I also have a “Questioning” tag.

A really great guide written by @transgenderteensurvivalguide that I recommend: “What am I?

Last but not least: You started your message off by saying you feel like a boy. That’s all you need to identify as a boy. You don’t have to know for a fact or be 100% sure it’ll never change. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying that label on for now - don’t drive yourself crazy with “but” and “what if”. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll notice and can still change it accordingly. Don’t be afraid to simply play with it a little, try to have some fun with discovering this part of yourself and learning more about yourself - it’s exciting!  

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

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hi um you're really hot and your tattoos are really pretty and i aspire to have arms your size one day and ik my mom will give me shit about getting more muscles bc "it's not ladylike !!11!!!" but idgaf lol bye (runs away screaming before i embarrass myself further)

thats the attitude i have when my mom says my shoulders are too wide :) just dont give a fuck!! it works pretty welll :) lol 

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96 (“I’ll fucking kill him/her.”) reddie plsss

Now before you go making any assumptions, I ain’t gay alright? Let’s make that clear right now. Well… no I’m not gay.

So anyway now that that’s out of the way… I don’t like Eddie’s new “friend”. I don’t even know her name cause I don’t want to. Whenever anyone asks about her, Eds gets all blushy and fuck it makes me sick. Only I can make him-

They were The Losers. The lucky seven and then all of a sudden this girl comes in. The rest of them love her and I don’t see why. She’s a plain as vanilla ice cream. 

No I’m no jealous before you ask! I’m Eddie’s best friend and I know what’s best for him and… Jesus fuck I sound like his fucking mom.

I just want what’s best for him and I just don’t like her. Eddie’s fragile, even Helen Keller can see that, and I don’t want him to get hurt. If she hurts him I’ll fucking kill him/her.

“Richie! Phone!” his father yelled from the kitchen. 

Richie closed his journal and hide it before bounding down the stairs.

“Yeah?” Richie asked.

“Richie it’s Eddie. I gotta cancel with our plans tomorrow. Samantha and I-”

“Are you fucking serious Eds?” Richie interrupted, hurt.

“I know and I’m sorry but-”

“Yeah no it’s fine Eddie. I’ll see you around.” Richie said abruptly before hanging up.

Richie rushed back upstairs, his eyes filling with tears. He slammed his door shut and ran his fingers through his hair, letting the tears fall. Richie flopped on the bed and grabbed his journal again, blinking away the tears to write.

I’m gay alright! I’m gay! Extra, extra read all about! Eddie just called and cancelled on our plans to hang out with Samantha. It’s so… fuck this is just for me to see. Do I need to even say it? I like Eddie. I really, really, really like him and he’s ignoring me for her and fuck it hurts. He-

A soft knock on his door interrupted him. His mother in her room passed out and there was no way his father cared to check on Richie. Richie rose off his bed and rushed to the door, swinging it open.

Eddie stood there, dripping with sweat and wheezing.

“Eddie what the fuck?” Richie questioned.

Eddie reached into his fannypack and took a puff, shoving his way through Richie. Richie watched as Eddie sat down, trying to get his breath back.

“What are you doing here? Where the fuck did you come from?” Richie asked, closing the door.

“Came…from my… house. Ran. I…. lied… about Sam. You’ve… been… acting weird…about her…and I’m… not leaving… until youtellmewhat’sup.” Eddie finished in a quick breath.

“Eddie I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Richie defended.

“You… only call…me Eddie…when you’re mad. Why… don’t you… like Sam?” Eddie asked.

“Look behind you.” Richie said softly.

 Eddie turned around and looked down. “You have a diary?”

“Journal.” Richie corrected. “Just read it.”

Eddie grabbed the book. After a few minutes Eddie looked up with an unreadable expression on his face. 

“Yeah… well there you go. Now will you go away?” Richie said, not meeting Eddie’s eyes.

Eddie got up and walked towards Richie, grabbing his hand. Richie looks up and sees Eddie’s eyes sparking.

“Sam asked me out a couple weeks ago. I said no… I said there was someone else.” Eddie confessed.

Richie looked in Eddie’s eyes, questioning and Eddie smiled. Slowly Richie leaned forward and while Eddie looked terrified, he moved closer too until their lips met softy. 

Here ya go anon! I hope you liked Richie’s POV!

I’m back and can I just say that I absolute suck at adulting? Sometimes I think I suck at parenting too. At least compared to other mom’s out there. I’m just this laid back mom who’s chill while the others compete who’s child is better and who can make better hats out of paper mache (which I clearly would not win if it was a competition).

I don’t compare myself to others and I allow my kids to eat sweets every now and then (why are so many health fanatics now a day?).

Also my daughter came home lately and asked me: “Mom, only men and woman can get married, right?” and my answer was “No, men can marry other men and women can also marry women.” Somehow I hope she won’t talk about it school because then I can be sure that people wil come at me for telling my daughter that gay marriages are acceptable.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Acutally I just made this post to say that I have another 2 drabbles finished for tomorrow and then I will post the last part to The Demon In Him by the end of the week before I’m going on vacation.

Will hopefully be back and in full writing mode soon. 💙

Lmao 😂

This little boy with his mom are walking around the store he saw me and ask his mom “ why is she so small ” and she replied “ that just how she is ”

Me laughing thinking it’s cute but funny

( I ’m 4"10 so I’m short XD )

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I was listening to music earlier and a TS song came on and my first thought was "Mom" and I just saw a pic of Karlie and my first thought was "Dad" Look what you've done to me!!

i think this means we’re siblings now. welcome to the fam i love our parents.

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MiBS Here: *cracks knuckles* "You're a what?" You ask. Your boyfriend groans and rises, "A weredragon, okay?" "Oh no i heard that part. What was the part about you being fluffy?" He blinks, and blushes, "I'm... i'm part werewolf on my mom's side so i... i'm kinda covered in fur." You blink before standing and moving the coffee table to the side, "Can you show me?" you ask. He blinks again, "Uh... s-sure. This is going better than i thought it would to be honest." part 1

part2: You smile, “I’m full of surprises. Just like someone else i know.” He blushes again and clears his throat, “Okay.” Taking a deep breath, he changed form. Your greeted with a large, serpentine dragon, covered in thick white fur and gold scales on his under belly. Bright blue eyes stare at you from a wolfish face, while steel gray talons lay coiled beneath him. “You sure you’re not part cloud?” you ask. He groans, “No.” You sink your hand into his fur.

part3: As you do so, he makes a sound low in his belly. After a moment you gasp, “You PURR?” Covering his muzzle with his hands, he nods, “Yeah. I also bark.” “Can i lay on top of you?” He glances up, “Uh… sure. I-if you want too.” You take off your shoes and climb up, before crawling across the fluffy mass of fur and boy, until you reach his face. Then you lie down, snuggling into him. “You’re so soft and warm.” you say.

part4: He doesn’t respond, just lays his head down beside you. You open an eye and see tears in his. You smile and stroke his forehead, “You were afraid i’d run? From a living cloud?” He laughs, and presses his forehead against yours, “Some have. One tried to kill me. I’m… not used to someone reacting like you have.” You kiss his muzzle, “Well, get used to it. Cause you’re gorgeous and i love you.” He smiles, “Same to you.” Your protests are cut off by his kiss. 

part 5: “Now i wouldn’t go that far.” You say when he lets you up for air. He tilts his head and whispers, “Gorgeous to me.” He kisses you again, “Now… about your bed…” You laugh, “You broke it didn’t you?” He nods, “I’m so sorry. I–” You place your hand over his muzzle, “I’ll forgive you. As long as i can use you for a bed.” He blinks twice, before nodding, “A tough but fair bargain. I accept the terms.” You kiss him again, “You dork." 


its time to draw yall.

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Happy story time! I've just recently started college and came out as transgender (FTM) and everyone here is so open and accepting?? Which I didn't really expect in the south. All of my teachers are using my chosen name and the right pronouns, my best (cis gay guy) friend went out with me as emotional support for getting my first masc haircut (my mom wouldn't let me) and helped me look for clothes that suit me well. He also called me a super handsome guy so I'm just really happy!

I’m so happy for you⭐️🌟

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I know one of the mods are from Brazil so I will just vent a little about a federal judge here that allowed treating homosexuality as a disease. My mom said that now she could "cure me" once for all and I'm really scared about this and how it encourages homophobic people to treat us like sick people. I'm really scared. I don't want to live in this world anymore. I'm so tired.

Oi, minha amiga, minha irmã.

I know how fucking terrifying it feels, I feel really scared right now too. For kids like you, kids like I once was. I’m terrified for this obvious homophobia and disregard for homosexual people’s health and safety.

We cannot give up, though. I know it is hard to stand up against a parent, but conversion therapy has been proved time and time again to be inefficient and useless, except if one intends to cause deep emotional trauma, in which case yes, it works wonders.

Right now I am angry and I am sad, and I wanna take you in and take care of you. I wish I could protect all the lesbians who are exposed right now.

What angers me is to see that while this homophobia takes up space, at the same time trans activists get more and more space, with a transwoman playing a damn cis woman all willy nilly on the biggest soap opera out right now, and many trans characters being painted as victims.

I’m tired of this country, which does nothing but marginalize and endanger homosexual people, while painting trans people as the most suffering of all. Meanwhile here we are, going back to being fucking pathologized, treated as lab rats for people who wanna experiment with what they call “"reversion therapy”“. To call it reversion implies that we are not in our natural state, that this is not how we were born. That there is a better state for us to “revert” to.

This is utter bullshit, homophobia, intolerance. I’m outraged and ready for a fight.

If your mother tries to subject you to any sort of “conversion therapy” show her this If she insists, here’s how you can try and get help

Please let me know if you need any resources in Portuguese, or even a shoulder to cry on, come to me on my personal blog @augustwhom

Fica forte. E não desiste não. A gente já passou por isso antes, já provamos em 1990 que não somos doentes, e isso não vai ficar assim. Tu tem muito valor, só não esquece que família de verdade não é de sangue, mas sim a família que cuida de você e te aceita.

/Mod A

my mom told me she was going to go drop off some stuff to donate and she asked me if i was ever getting rats again and if she wanted me to take their cage bc it’s just been sitting in my bathroom since they passed and it made me sad but i know when i get more i want a different cage anyway so i let her take it….. but still im sad

I just remembered in middle school my mom found out I was watching lesbian porn she actually asked me “So were you just curious or did you get lost?” and yet I wonder why I had such a hard time figuring out I actually liked girls that way. I didn’t know is was an option.

Also I’m fucking crying from laughter that this bitch is still in denial about me being gay as hell when I easily watched hours of lesbian porn for like… a month. That’s not “just curious” haha

Can you just pray for me 😭🙏🏽

I think I might have an allergic reaction of an house dust mite maybe cuz nose feels so itchy & clogged ear also itchy body feels itchy and throat pain & itchy feeling, feeling dizzy not well, hate it, cuz I already had an other gum(problem with myself I asked the doctors a nasal spray a special one for alergy called nasonex and a anti alergic pills desolaratine teva, do you think It’s an algeric reaction? 🤔😥I hope this thing will works in Jesus name💯I wanna get rid of pain on my teeth & gums en itchy feeling etc, please pray for me thankyou lovely brothers & sisters for reading this and praying for me everyday you are all also in my prayers, just feel free to ask, I just need healing😫😭🙏🏽ps : don’t forgetto pray also for my mom skin cancer stage 4 God bless you all Much love x your sister in Christ.

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Ooh!! My mom's a witch, and she just recently started teaching me stuff! She's a Gray Witch, and I REALLY want to do stuff with crystals!! Any suggestions?

:OO thats so rad! I don’t know what a gray witch is but for crystals.. hmm..

I have a whole grimoire full of crystal meanings and uses but thats a lot,, just look up crystal witch on tumblr or something similar and you’ll find sources! If you need a specific gem then you can DM me or send an ask! I also have ways of telling real gems from fake :)

I started Thinking abt the doctor again and how I’m already emotionally repressing it bc it was so bad so I texted my mom and asked her to see if she cd get me in w/ a therapist next week and idk I’m just rly proud of how much I’ve worked towards healthy coping and how much better I’m doing (mental health wise) and how determined I am to continue the getting better momentum :~)

The words weren't on the same page though.

I just remembered one of my best acting performances and one of my best lies.

I was eight and I had this huge encyclopedia open on my legs (we didn’t have internet, internet was sci-fi back then, so you had to do your best to know things) and I was searching for masturbazione (masturbation). I mean, I just discovered that and I wanted to know the exact definition, just to be sure. :D

My mother sat next to me and asked me: What word are you looking up?

Me (not a blink, nor a stammer): Mamma (mom).

Mother: Aww!


I was so proud of myself, quick with the answer and so convincing!

And it wasn’t my fault.

Evidently someone taught me that talking about sex was bad and to never do it.

So, I lied. When actually there was anything wrong in what I was doing.

Interesting memories.   

Sometimes I’d love to know what Hannibal would think about my childhood.

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i don't see why people can't just let you be and respect that some things make you uncomfortable???? like what the heck, i can 100% say i'm not a sh@/@d|n, but even if my opinions disagreed with your i still wouldn't send you stuff that you're very much against?? i'm sorry people are assholes, mom

Nah fam it wasn’t like that, someone meant it in a joking way and I know I’ve never mentioned beforehand not to send me nsfw stuff (I made a post for ppl to not send me sha/ad/n shit)

Yall can chillt though, I’m fine and I know whoever sent it meant no harm.

For those wondering what happened after I emailed my parents and came out to them?

Here’s their reply, (my mom calls me Bear after that cartoon Little Bear)

“We saw your messages this morning Bear. It’s a lot to process. Just know that our love for you is now, and always has been, unconditional. We will take your advice and do some research on our own and then we can talk. Love you Bear”

And for those who asked why I came out over email instead of face to face,

Email provided me with a high ground of sorts in which I can make sure my parents read all of my words and have time to think them through before responding, I know they heck their emails early morning and I know at night they often drink and like to argue.

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Hey I'm biologically female but since the age of 13 I've always had thoughts of being a boy (stating off with small thoughts then gradually getting bigger) my mom thinks it's a phase at the moment bc I am still a teenager. Lately I've been having conflicting thoughts about my gender and I'm terribly confused about it all. I was just wondering if you have any advice for me and if this is normal? I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks!

Your age isnt really important. You can know when you’re 3, you can know when you’re 70. It really doesnt matter. Teenage years can be a difficult time as things can not be taken seriously. Parents generally can see their children as not knowing anything as well. Around the time of puberty can be quite a big time for this coming to light actually, some are unaware of it at all until then. It makes sense if you have dysphoria as that is when the body begins to change. If its going the wrong way then that is when it can really become apparent. Its not unusual at all for it to present at this age

I suggest looking at this post as a starting point. Videos can also be useful. Theres loads on youtube of trans people talking about how they knew they were trans for example. It can help to watch things like that to see if you relate to it. There can be a lot of self discovery involved in this and it may take time for things to become clearer. Therapy is always an available option if necessary. They can help you to work things out if you are struggling to yourself

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So I'm finally getting around to watching the AmAs press interviews, and everybody keeps asking dob "What was it like to work with Michael Keaton?!?!" And I have to confess something...I did not know who that man was until this movie. I'm too young for Mr Mom and Beatlejuice and Batman, and I've never knowingly seen him in anything else, so that makes those interviews sooo awkward to me because everyone's freaking out over some random guy with serial killer eyes and I just don't get it!!! lmao

He’s older now and total grandpa, but in his prime Michael Keaton was everything!