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Cuddling with mom! by Tambako The Jaguar
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One of the two girls together with her mom, cuddling and starting to yawn. So cute!


“I See You!” - Timber Wolf Pups - Parc Omega, Quebec by Rudy Pohl
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Lunch on the run! - Timber Wolf Mom feeding Pups - Parc Omega, Quebec

William Nylander - Cubs vs. Blue Jays

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Requested: Yes: Hey! How are you? I found what I want, haha. Can you do an imagine with William Nylander, where he takes his girlfriend at a Blue Jays game against the Cubs and she’s a Cubs fan ? With Auston, Mitch and their girlfriends ? Thank you so much ! But, take your time ! 😊

Edited: Yes

Word count: 878

Summary: You, Willy, and some of his friends go to the Chicago Cubs vs. Toronto Blue Jays game and tease each other the whole time

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Week 10:  Odd Numbers - Creativity

(Kinda odd I chose Odd Numbers on an even week….)

This week’s subject is pretty easy!  Odd numbers.  Numbers Photography is actually a thing, peeps!  You’ll find lots of businesses and schools utilizing this type of photography on their websites and such, so photographers take these photos to sell to sites that sell their images for them such as  You won’t become a millionaire overnight selling your images to sites such as this, but if you’re just looking to start in the business, it’s not a bad spot to test the waters.

As with any picture you take, you want it to catch the viewers eye.  ROT and DOF can most certainly play a part in these photos.  

This challenge will allow you to be more creative as you can also arrange your subject.  Yes, this can even be a still life shot!  Watch for contrast and textures when taking your photos and really make those numbers stand out!

This week, @rkcustom1 and I decided that we’re going to incorporate some constructive criticism with each photo submitted.  No, this does not mean you’re doing a bad job.  As a matter of fact, we’re beyond proud of the work you guys have shown off!  We feel that as a blog that encourages growth with the hobby, additional pointers can be offered to help you guys learn more about photography.

**Warning: I’m about to go scout mom on you guys.**

In Cub Scouts, the scouts learn the Law of the Pack:

The Cub Scout follows Akela.
The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
The Cub Scout gives goodwill.

This blog is your pack. We will help you go and grow.  It’s what we’re here for.  And in turn, you become a better photographer.  You help us, as much as we help you.  :) I love this pack.  You’ve been nothing but amazing and I can’t wait to see what this challenge brings out of you.  As always, please feel free to ask us questions!!  @rkcustom1 and I are here to help!  

Submissions are due March 11th!  

Happy Snapping!


anonymous asked:

Uh, I hope it's not rude to ask but... I've seen a few Kallura posts on your blog and... do you ship them romantically? Why? (Curious why, not judgmental why, they're like my ultimate BROTP and I'm really curious? Love your Pidge's Garden series btw)

It’s not rude to ask at all! I do ship them romantically, and I’ll do my best to list coherent reasons why. :D

- They had/were a thing in the original series.
- The moments they shared in season two were a good foundation to start building a romantic relationship on (over the course of several seasons)
- Keith cares about what Allura thinks of him. The FACE he made when she said she wouldn’t trust a Galra. THAT FACE. It haunts me.
- She totally blushed when she fell into his arms. Girl, we see you.
- I’m still in the middle of my S2 rewatch so this may be obvious but: When Coran tries to pilot Red, he says he’s following in Alfor’s footsteps, which might imply that King Alfor piloted Red. Which means Keith is following in Alfor’s footsteps. Interesting… (This is another reason I’m placing my bet on Allura piloting Red next season. Protective, moody mom lion approves of Alfor’s cub.)
- Keith and Allura have similar tempers. It’ll be fun to see them interact with each other next season.
- Their character arcs mirror each other’s. Both had to make the difficult choice to let go of their fathers in tense moments. (There’s a post that explains it way better than I do but I’m on mobile orz)
- I can’t let go of the idea that Texas!Keith would take Allura to a field of bluebonnets in spring and it’s so beautiful it makes me cry???
- They both kick ass AND they both charged Zarkon head on in season one.

I’m sure I missed some things but it’s late and I’m tired, so here are the reasons! *jazz hands*