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Just a Little (Quick Chris Evans Imagine)

Imagine Chris comes home from his last press tour, your twin daughters and Dodger can’t help themselves, Lily and Maggy run up to him and take him outside to play in the rain. The next morning your four-year-old daughters are jumping on your bed early in the morning calling for Daddy to get up and take them to the park to walk Dodger and play, but much to your surprise, Chris has caught a cold and would not move a muscle to get out of bed. 

“No!” Your youngest, Maggy, grabs his face and stares into his eyes with a little frown. “Daddy, you sicky-sicky?” 

Chris smiles, his eyes narrowing at the cute face of his own daughter. 

“Just a little.” He replies. 

“I know!” Lily, your oldest by twelve minutes, jumps and throws herself on Chris’ stomach, “Mommy, can we have another spa day?” 

You giggle and watch Chris chuckles, patting Lily’s little bottom while Maggy cuddles with him, finding that perfect spot for her head in the crook of his neck while she lazily runs her fingers through his beard like she would when petting Dodger. 

“Another, Y/N?” Chris turns to you with a raised brow. 

“Shhh, it’s started.” Maggy brings her hand to his mouth to shush him. 

“Oh, sorry, Mags…” He whispers and grunts once Lily throws herself at him again, this time laying on his chest. He wraps his arms around the twins and looks at you with a drowsy smile. 

You sigh and lean down to kiss his cheek and then the top of both girls’ heads. 

“I´ll make some tea, take care of Daddy!”


“Always!”  You hear as you head out of your bedroom and stop at the door to look back at Chris. 

“Oh, aren’t you a lucky man?” You joke. 

Chris wrinkles his nose. 

“Just a little.” Maggy kisses his cheek in time to melt your heart. 

// Might re-write this to make it longer because I’m in love with this idea but there is so little time in my days!!! Friendly reminder: Requests are OPEN! //

All Grown Up

One-Shot from the “My Eyes” Universe.

Spoiler-y (and confusing) if you haven’t read the series.

My Eyes Masterlist

Request: Anonymous 

Prompt: Could you do a one shot on Frankie accidentally walking on in her parents doing the dirty (age 16-17)?

Pairing: Dad!Bucky x Fem!Reader; Frankie 

Words Count: 1,917

Y/N and Bucky sat on opposite sides of the living room couch, facing each other with their legs crossed. She had just told him a funny story and Bucky clutched his stomach from laughing so hard. Out of all the women he had met in his life, he’d never found one that had as much personality and sense of humor as Y/N.

Meanwhile Y/N still found it the biggest accomplishment to make Bucky laugh. She remembered when Steve was still alive, it was rare to see even a smirk grace Bucky’s lips. Once they were together and happy, she took it upon herself to bring a playfulness that must have been rare with couples back in the 30s & 40s.

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Why are you leaving me?

So this is for @winchesters-favorite-girl 1 year celebration. I chose the prompt. “You’ll always have me.” And i know its not great but im just happy i finally managed to get something out. And Happy one year to you Katie!

Originally posted by disneylandwheredreamscometrue

JJ just has to reach a little bit farther to reach the monkey bar. Hanging from one arm she reaches to grab the other monkey bar, missing it she falls to the sand covered ground of the park. Wiping her hands off on her shorts she feels someone poke her in the shoulder.

“You’re it.” Turning around she sees one of her best friends, Olivia smiling at her.

“That isn’t fair, you sneaked up on me,” She grumbles.

“Is to fair. I can tag anyone that isn’t on the playground.”

They continue to argue, until they hear their teacher Mrs. Jones call the kids back into class for lunch. Grabbing their lunch boxes they sit down at their favorite table with their other friends.

“What do you have for lunch JJ?” Olivia asked, looking into her lunch box.

“My daddy is home, so he packed me lunch.” Pulling out a bag of chips, a yogurt tube, m&ms, a fruit juice, a cookie and a PB&J cut to look like a horse. “That means all good stuff.” The kids at her table stare in jealousy at the food she had, most of them having some type of sandwich (not shaped like a horse) a fruit box and some kind of fruit.

“Wow I wish my Dad would give me food like that.” Matt said as he reached for her m&ms. All the kids agreeing with Matt.

“Yeah my dad’s pretty cool, I just wish he was around more so he could always make me lunches.” She muttered as she grabbed her food from Matt.

“Hey JJ do you think we could have a sleepover party tomorrow? My momma said we could if yours said yes.” Olivia asked hoping to cheer her friend up a bit, from thinking about her dad. JJ nodded her head in agreement, the two of them had been friends since the first ever day of school, often spending night over at each others houses.

Daneel Ackles was one of the best moms out there, JJ knew that she wouldn’t have a problem with letting her go over to her friends house. Arriving home JJ runs into the living room, looking for her mom. “Momma, Olivia ask me if i could sleep at her house tomorrow. Can I please?” She asks jumping up on the couch with her mom.

“Of course you can. Me or Dad can take you over after your sister’s party.”

JJ grabs onto her mom’s arms as she lifts her up. “Party? What for, is it like my birthday party?”

Daneel chuckles, “No it’s for your sister because she’s got into the college she wanted.”

Three months ago you had applied to five different colleges, but there was one in particular that you wanted to go to more than the rest. Then last week you had opened the mailbox to see a letter from the college, you spent ten minutes trying to gather the courage to open it. Finally your mom and dad helped you open it up, skipping right to the bottom to see if you got in. You danced around with them, your dad picked you up and spun you around while your mom went to go check on the twins.

Daneel had wanted to do a party for you, as a congratulations and as a going away party. You had told JJ that you had gotten into the college you wanted when she walked into the kitchen to see you all dancing. Assuming that she understood what that meant. The only problem with the college is that it was in a different state, meaning you had to move into a dorm and you wouldn’t be able to see them every day.

“Are you talking about your favorite sister.” You said, as you walked into the house. JJ squirmed in Daneel’s arms wanting to go over to you. You laughed as she collided into your legs, wrapping her arms around them.

“Oh wow I see, no one cares about dad hugh.” Jensen said as he walked in behind you.

JJ giggled at her Dad, “I love you Daddy,” Daneel awed. “Just not as much as Y/n” You snorted trying to hold in your laughter, one look at your dad though made you double over with laughter.

“I taught you well, youngling.” Picking her up, you headed to your bedroom with her. “Come on you can help me with some homework.” Turning around you stuck your tongue out at him.

As you were leaving the room you heard your dad say, “My two oldest have turned against me.”

Running down the stairs in her party dress, JJ headed straight for the cake table. Reaching for a plate she felt someone pick her up. “What do you think you’re doing huh. Who said you could have cake?” You laughed as she struggled trying to get some cake.

“I said i could have cake,” she crossed her arms, pretending to be mad.

“Well i guess since you said you could have cake,” Putting her down, you grabbed her a plate and a fork. “There you go, just make sure you don’t get it all over your dress.” She nodded her head, already shoving spoonfuls in her mouth.

“Come on JJ, we gotta go now if we want to get to your friends house before dark.” Jensen yelled from across the room. JJ walked over to him, eating her last bit of cake. “Do you have all your stuff.”

“Momma put it in the car.”

“Alright let’s go then.”

Jensen walked JJ to the front door, Olivia’s mom opens the door for them.

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning to pick her up, if you need me to come get her before then just call.” Jensen says, giving Olivia’s mom JJ’s sleeping bag. Kneeling down to JJ he tells her to be good and not cause any trouble, before watching her run into the house looking for Olivia.

Even though they saw each other at school a few hours ago, they were still bouncy and giggly when they saw each other. Heading into Olivia’s room they grabbed as many dolls and action figures as they could find, before continuing the game they played last sleepover. An hour later Olivia’s Mom calls them to come eat. “Well JJ don’t you look adorable in your dress.”

“Thank you Mrs. Olivia’s mom. We had a party for my sissy, cause she got into the collage.”

“Oh really how exciting.” She replies, before the girls grab their dinner and head into the dining room.

“I remember when my brother got to go to college, he didn’t come back for ever. I missed him really bad, but he came for christmas and my birthday.”

JJ looked puzzled, “What do you mean, he didn’t come back?”

“Last year he moved out and lived at college, he only came during the holidays. But the good thing I got to put toys in his room. I’m gonna get juice.” Olivia left leaving JJ to wonder why her sister was leaving.

The rest of the night JJ couldn’t find it in herself to be happy, she couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that her sister was leaving.

In the morning you decided to pick up JJ, letting your parents sleep in. Mrs. Porter opened up the door for you letting you in. “The girls should be down in a minute, they were up late last night. So i heard you got into college.”

“Yup I leave in two weeks.”

“That will be such a good experience, i remember how Matt was when he moved out.”

Olivia and JJ walk into the kitchen where you were talking to Mrs. Porter. “Got everything JJ?” She nodded her head, not meeting your eyes. “Alright let’s get going i have some stuff i have to get done, thank you for letting her stay over.” Walking out of the house JJ walked a couple feet behind, scuffing her shoes against the ground.

Pulling into the garage you turn off the car, JJ gets out of the car before you could turn around to talk to her. “What in the world.” you mumble to yourself, wondering what could have made her act like that. Ever since she was born you two had been best friends, even though you were thirteen years older than her. 

“Hey did you see JJ come in?” You ask your dad as you lock the door behind you.

“Yea, she went up to her room. She okay, she looked angry.”

“I don’t know, she hasn’t said a word to me since the party last night.” Concerned that something had happened to her at her friend’s house you headed upstairs to check on her. Knocking on the door, you opened it slowly. “Hey you in here?” Noticing a lump on her bed you sat down next to it.

“Go away.” She moved as far away as she could get from you.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You don’t get to be angry at me, and then tell me to go away.” Trying to pull down the covers she grabbed on to them, not allowing them to move. “Did something happen at the sleepover? JJ you know you can tell me anything.” Finally she ripped the covers down.

“Why are you leaving me?” She cried out.

“Leaving you? JJ what do you mean?” She sat up, crossing her arms and glaring at you.

“Olivia said her brother left because of collage. And you’re going to collage, meaning you’re gonna leave too. And we had a party for you. Why are you leaving me.” This whole time you assumed that JJ understood that you were leaving, and that she was fine with it. Now you realized how wrong you were, her confession breaking your heart.

“Oh JJ I’m so sorry.” You said pulling her into your arms. “I thought you knew, i guess i never told you though. Baby just because I’m going to college doesn’t mean that we can’t talk everyday.”

She looks up at you, “What do you mean?”

“Well we can skype everyday, and  i promise i will come back to visit as many times as i can. And just think every time i visit i’ll bring you a present.” She smiles at the mention of presents. “JJ i know it’s hard because we won’t be living in the same house anymore, but i promise you’ll always have me.” Reaching up she wraps her arms around your neck, hugging you tight.

“You promise.” Patting her on her back you say, “I promise, now why don’t you head downstairs, I hear that there’s a ton of leftover cake.” Bouncing out off the bed and out of the room, you follow behind her.

“That was sweet.” Your dad stood by the twins room. “I was checking on them when i heard you two talking.” Walking over to you he leaned down and pulled you into a hug. “And i think it’s something i needed to hear too.”

Pulling away you stare at him, “What do you mean?”

“It’s just hard knowing that soon you’ll be a couple states away, living by yourself. I mean just yesterday you were the same age as JJ, and now. And in no time JJ will be gone too.”

“Dad…” You didn’t know how to respond to that, because he was gone most of the year you figured it would be like any other day. “It’s alright, like i told JJ i’ll be back as much as i can.”

He nods and sniffles, “Alright no chick flick moments.” You  chuckle at that. “Now did i hear something about cake?”

“Yeah but you might want to hurry, I think JJ might have eaten all by now.”

You laugh as he bolts down the stairs, before realizing that there would be no cake for you once he got down there.

Fireproof #7 - Home - An Alex Mini Series

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4 June 1940


By the time the morning light showed through the window of the train, we were close to arriving at the train station. I looked up and over to see Alex was wide awake and looking out the window. We hadn’t spoken since we first got on the train and I started to wonder what this would mean for us now that we were back home. 

I know he said we’d be together, but after what happened last time, he could go back on his word. When I looked back over at Alex, he was staring at me. 

“Morning,” I said softly. 

He nodded, looking down at his hands. “I’m sorry for snapping at you last night,” he said. “I was upset with myself and I took it out on you. I never should have done that.” 

“Thank you for apologizing,” I said. “We’ve all been through a lot…” 

Alex shook his head looking out the window. “There’s no excuse for how I acted, other than I’m a real jerk,” he sighed. “This is who I fucking am, I fuck everything up…” 

“Don’t you do that shit, Alex,” I said. “Don’t start feeling sorry for yourself and saying how I don’t deserve you because all you do is fuck everything up. I love you and you’re it for me, so I swear if you think about leaving me again, I will hurt you!” 

“You’re stubborn you know that,” he laughed a bit. 

“Yeah, but it gets me what I want, so,” I shrugged. 

“What am I going to do with you?” He asked looking over at me. 

“Love me, cook me breakfast, all of it,” I smiled. 

“I think I can do that,” he whispered. 

“Good,” I smiled. 

The train soon pulled into the station, where there was a huge crowd of people, women, men, children, cheering as our train pulled in. Alex and I looked at each other as we peeked out the window. 

“See they don’t think you failed,” I whispered to Alex. 

All of a sudden people starting bringing food and drinks to the train. Alex stuck his head out the window and grabbed some bread and a beer before taking a huge swig and bite of the bread. I giggled as I watched the smile grow on his face, something I haven’t seen him do in a while. 


Alex’s POV

Last night, all I felt was embarrassed, failure, and ashamed of what happened back in Dunkirk, but now as I got off the train with Y/N by my side, surrounding by a crowd full of people, cheering us on and telling how proud they were of us, made me feel something I’ve never felt before. 

Stranded on that beach, all I could think about was how my father was right about me. I was worthless and the Army never should have taken me, if I was the cause of getting myself stranded. But standing here now, I wished my dick of a father was here to see me now and how all of these people, strangers, believed in me and are thanking me. 

After making our way through the crowd, Y/N and I were able to get into a cab. We were being sent to living quarters for a few days while we all got everything in order to go to our hometowns. It didn’t matter to me because I didn’t have a hometown, not a real one anyway. 

We were given a few days of clothing and some vouchers for food to last us before heading to our actual homes. But what if we didn’t have an actual home. 

My home was currently wherever the Army sent me and well, for now, it was here. Y/N had a home, a family, people who missed her, even more, reasons to show how different we were.

When we arrived at where we would be staying, I helped Y/N out of the car and we went inside. It was nice, much nicer than any place I’d ever stayed in before. Y/N and I decided we’d stay in the same place. There was no way I’d be away from her after what we went through. 

Y/N sat on the bed, once we got into the room and looked around. Even though she was exhausted, dirty from the oil and soot residue, she looked beautiful. 

The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I sat our bags of clothes down on the floor and joined her, sitting next to her. 

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a proper bed,” I joked. 

“I bet,” she said. “It feels strange, doesn’t? Just yesterday we were afraid we were going to die on that beach, yet here we are, in a nice hotel, with clothes, food, and a bed.” 

“And each other,” I said softly, taking her hand. 

“Always?” She whispered looking into my eyes. 

“And forever,” I whispered staring back into her eyes. 

She gave a small smile before pressing her lips against mine. My hands went to her cheeks as I took her face into my grasp. I deepened the kiss as she scooted herself closer towards me. Eventually, my hands moved down to her waist, when she moved over onto my lap. 

“We should probably stop,” I whispered. 

“I don’t want to stop,” she whispered. “I want to be with you again… in every way.” 

“A-Are you sure?” I whispered looking into her eyes. 

“Yes, unless you don’t want to be with me,” she blushed. 

“Are you fucking crazy?” I said. “Of course, I do.” 

She giggled leaning back down to press her lips against mine. I pulled her closer to me and ran my hands up her back as we kissed. She started unbuttoning my shirt and pushing it down my shoulders. I’m sure I looked different from the last we were like this. I was much weaker and we both still had a bit of oil and soot on us. 

But we didn’t care. We just wanted to be together in every sense of the word.


Y/N’ s POV

When we were done making love, we slept for hours under the blankets, wrapped in each other’s arms. I wasn’t sure if it was the feeling safety, the bed, or being with Alex, but it was the best night of sleep I’ve gotten in ages. By the time we woke up, it was early the next morning and we were starving. 

We decided to take a bath to finally freshen up after arriving back home. Once we were dried off, we got dressed and headed out the door. We found a nice little diner nearby and went inside. It still felt strange to me, going back to how life was before Dunkirk like it never happened. 

Like we didn’t almost die. 

“You okay?” Alex asked squeezing my hand. 

“Oh, uh, yeah, just starving,” I told him. 

“Then let’s get you some food,” he smiled taking the menu in his hands. 

We ordered our food and I looked around. The scene was different yesterday. Were any of these people in the diner there at the train station? Did they still believe in our Army? Was Alex expected to go back into action soon? Would he want to go willingly? 

Back on the beach, the only question we had to worry about was if we’d make it home alive, and now that we were, there were so many questions now unanswered. 

Would I go home to my parents? Would Alex go with me? Would we get married? Would we buy our own house? 

My thoughts were interrupted when Alex took my hand in his again and rubbed his thumb over the back of my hand. 

“You sure you’re okay?” he asked. 

“I feel strange being here,” I admitted. 

“At the diner?” He asked. 

“No, the diner’s fine, I meant, here as in life. I mean… I feel like we’re just going back to who things were before… and we didn’t just almost die,” I sighed. 

“I know,” he said. “But we’re alive, Y/N. We survived. Living our lives is what we’re supposed to do now, not keep dwelling on the past,” he said. 

“But what those who didn’t survive, Alex,” I sighed. 

“That’s the reason we should live our lives,” he said. 

“I hear what you’re saying, but I still feel indifferent about it,” I admitted. 

“No one is expecting us to forget everything that happened,” he whispered. “None of us could forget what we went through.” 

I squeezed his hand and soon our breakfast came. 

When we finished up our breakfast, we walked around the city a little bit before walking back to the place where we were staying. We approached the little house and saw some people standing outside. 

“Y/N?”  They asked, smiles on their faces as they walked towards me with their arms wide open. 

“Mom? Dad?” I smiled widely running to them and hugging them tightly. “What are you doing here?” 

“We got news of you being at Dunkirk and when we heard you were brought here… we came as soon as we could,” my father said. 

“We’re so relieved you’re alright,” my mother said. 

“I am too,” I said. “I’ve missed you two so much.” 

“Who is this?” My father asked looking over at Alex. 

I looked between the two of my parents before waking over to Alex and taking his hand in mine. 

“Mum, Dad, this is Alex, my boyfriend,” I said softly smiling up at Alex, who looked nervous as he looked at my parents. 


Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV / Part V / Part VI / Part VII / Epilogue

Well, here we are guys. Thank you everyone who has read up to this point. You’ve all made it worthwhile.

Mikasa ignores the brightness of the rising summer sun from behind her closed eyelids by throwing an arm around Levi and burrowing into the space between his neck and his pillow. Her half awake mind vaguely remembers that he finds the way she does this strange but she doesn’t really care.

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Caps Fan- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

Ok the Caps/Flyers rivalry is HUGE, so when I got this, I was stoked! And I think it turned out pretty cute! You even get a little Andre with children, so enjoy that!

Warning: one bad word

@th3littlemermaid14 Request: Hi!!!! Love love love all of your writing!! I just thought of this request with ever so adorable Andre Burakovsky where he meets your family like everyone and is adorable with the little cousins but also the reader is from another city like for example im from Philly and (don’t hate me) been born and raised a flyers fan (but Andre is my favorite) so if the readers fam could poke fun at both of them and he’s super nervous but the whole thing is just super fluffy and adorable!


              “I can’t believe you wore that” you mumbled as you turned on to your childhood street.

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violetharbor  asked:

Hello Tumblr mom. I told my dad I was going to therapy. He got mad, yelling about how therapists are like cocaine and poison, and only calmed him down after lying about stopping. Then sister told my mom in some misguided attempt of warning bc "dad would be odd and she deserved to know". Now I've got a weepy mom, a dad not as open as I thought, and a sister mad at me when I told her not her business. I just wanted them to say it's ok. I know Chinese culture stigmatizes this but I was so hopeful

*hugs tight* I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. You are doing the right thing by getting yourself help. Your family might not understand it right now, but you are absolutely doing the right thing and I wish you well in your pursuit of becoming healthier and happier and to becoming the person you deserve to be. 

We’re all rooting for you here, take care <3

Avengers & Teen!Reader Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Warning: None 


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Shout out to and for being the biggest fans of these stories ;)! 

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7:30 am

Location: ???

Errrrr CRASH!

“Mom! Dad!" 

I snapped open my eyes gasping for breath and saw I was outside, my parents bodies laying dead in front of me. My mother twisted her head with a sickening cracking sound of broken bones and glass.

"Look what you did!”


My father’s eyes didn’t blink as he shouted, “Your a killer! You killed us!”

“Dad I-I’m sorry-”


I gasped when I saw it was Doctor Bennett in front of me with my parents, the knife still lodged in his gut bleeding profusely all over the ground.

“You caused this!” He shouted.

“I’m-im so sorry.” I said backing up.

Suddenly I fell into the floor falling and falling and falling until I landed into the padded room as before with Doctor Bennett in front of me. There was another version of me in front of him with an insane smile and my hand on the knife. Screams of agony were echoing from all around as I stepped back desperately looking for a way out.

She suddenly stood up and turned around her creepy smile still stretched impossibly wide like someone had extended her mouth by cutting her lips. The other version of me pounced and grabbed onto my shoulders digging her bloody nails into them. I screamed in agony and fear as she made me fall to my back.

I felt the gravity shift again and when I opened my eyes I was standing in a room with bodies of innocent children, women, and men around me brutally killed with the knife in my hand. Accusations were being screamed at me and I sobbed collapsing to my knees. When I opened my eyes the world was apocalyptic and was rotting with death. Corpses of innocent people littered the streets the metallic smell of blood in the air that was so thick I could taste it.

“Please stop.” I whispered closing my eyes and holding my head.

“Why did you do this to us honey?”

I opened my eyes and saw my mother had appeared in front of me with glass shards sticking out of her body. She had a tearful face showing pain and betrayal in her (eye color) eyes I inherited. My father was beside her looking down in shame with the same wounds as her.

“Mom- Dad.” I went to step forward but a wall of bars appeared in front of me as their swirling and fading figures began to walk away into the darkness.

“Mom! Dad! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! Please come back!” I said.

The bars disappeared and I ran but when I was only a few feet away my pace slowed much slower than them so my finger tips just barely brushed their backs. I was walking in slow motion as I tried to catch up to them.

“(Name) wake up!”

“No! Mom! Dad! Come back! I’m sorry!” I shouted.

“(Name)! Snap out of it!”

“I’m sorry!”

Suddenly everything turned white and I opened my eyes gasping for air. My skin was covered in goosebumps and sweat. I didn’t understand what was going on until everything came back to me and I saw Agent Colson was in front of me with his hand still on my uninjured shoulder that he was shaking to wake me.

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A Chance At Normal

 Request: Omg! Could you do Max meeting his girl’s (your) parents for the first time??? - @negan–is–god

A/N: Hi!! Hope you like it!! It was a pleasure to write!! Thank you for requesting!! 

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Max was anxiously pacing the living room of your apartment. Your parents were coming over for dinner and they didn’t know about Max or what he had done when you first moved in. 

You were in the kitchen cutting up vegetables and putting them in the pan to cook them. “What if they don’t like me? What if we tell them about the stuff before? What if..,” you heard him ramble. 

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author’s note: sweet, fluffy, cuddly roman imagine requested by anon. not sure if this is really what you wanted but i hope you like it! feel free to tell me what you think :-)

Roman plops down on the bed and watches as his wife gets ready for bed.

He thinks she’s perfect. He really does. Even though he knows she has obvious flaws that drive him crazy – like her stubborn personality and her refusal to admit when she’s wrong – he still thinks she’s perfect. She’s intelligent, she’s hardworking, she’s beautiful (especially right now, when her face is free of makeup and her hair is situated in a messy bun), and she’s the most incredible mother to their four-year-old daughter. She’s everything he ever wanted in a woman, and more.

“What?” she says, when she catches him staring at her.

“Nothing,” he shakes his head and smiles at her. “You’re just beautiful.”

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turns out it’s a lot easier to argue with my parents on social/political issues when they come to my door and are surrounded by my friends, than when they can gang up on me.

hmm. who knew.

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The brother that's there but can't be seen

Simon hummed a bit as he was putting together a puzzle by himself. He sighed, his sister Rosanna was reading a book, his mother and father were busy with work so that left him alone in the living room. He groaned face planting into the carpet floor he laid upon. But he shot straight up as he had felt a hand on his head, thinking one of his family members was doing it. Strangely enough though…not a single person was in the same room as him, that creeped him out a bit. Suddenly hearing a click near him, he looked down to the puzzle and saw that a very pieces where added, Simon blinked shocked. “How’d that happen?” Simon asked himself as he jumped back a bit as another piece placed itself…all on its own.

Simon felt fear pound through his veins, but it also wasn’t just fear…interest flows through them to. Simon looked to the door way remembering his sister was in the next room over he could always call for help. Simon looked back to the puzzle and scooted back over, and he decided to place a piece and test the waters. It took a minute but a piece floated up and placed itself, Simon picked up a piece and placed it down. Simon then noticed something, that the spot across from him was absolutely FREEZING like a bag of ice was placed across from him and it wasn’t there before. The energy in the room didn’t change at all, it was strangely more happier actually! Simon even felt himself beginning to smile, as he piece by piece built the puzzle to it’s full glory! The picture was of a Phoenix, soaring through the skies.

Simon clapped once as he looked to the strange cold spot saying “Hey, thanks for helping me build the puzzle! And um I-I’m guessing your a ghost cause unless your an invisible person then I’m gonna guess your a ghost.” A hand seemed to appear on his head again or at least the pressure of one appeared. Simon shivered a bit but smiled, he suddenly felt the pressure was gone and the cold spot was…moving?! Simon was immediately up on his feet as he stretched a hand out feeling the movement of the cold. The cold seemed to stop when it noticed Simon, the boy tried to explain “Um…I was hoping to play some more! Maybe a board game? Or maybe something you wanna play?” The child wasn’t even sure if he was making any sense to the ghost if that’s what this was.

The cold spot began to move, out the into the hallway, Simon followed wanting to know what was going on. The cold spot moved to the kitchen, where on the counter was fresh baked cookies! Simon didn’t remember anyone baking cookies, he blinked and asked the cold spot next to him “Did you make them?” And the answer was a cookie floating down and dropping into Simons hands. The child blinked and smiled “Wow! Thank you!” He spoke as he looked to the cookie and began to eat it, he then asked “Hey, where are you going?” He noticed the cold spot was moving again and followed he noticed they were entering a much bigger living room. This was when they had more family over, it was rarely used. Simon watched as items moved around the room and created a fortress made out of couch cushions! Simon giggled as he ran in to the fortress, but he noticed the spot wasn’t close anymore! Simon was confused, where did his ghost friend go? He got his answer as the plate of cookies from the kitchen and even a cup of milk came floating over and put in front of him.

The cold spot he soon felt next to him once again. “Oh wow! Thanks! This is great, now I have two cool friends! I have Dylan, but he’s not always here cause he’s with him mom and dad but now I have you to!” The child beamed a smiled as he ate another cookie and drank the milk as well. Now these were both made with ink, the cookies and milk were basically ink made to make human foods into toon food. So Simon was safe from getting ill, as he ate and drank, he began to get tired and so after only a few cookies were left and his milk completely gone he curled up to snooze away in the fort. A blanket floating over to be put over Simon’s head and a pillow as well joined and Simon’s head was lifted just enough to slip the pillow under his head.

When Simon woke up next he was awoken by his sister Rosanna. “Simon!? Why are you in here? And did you mess with the oven?!” Simon whined before looking up to his sister confused “Rosanna what do you mean? I’m not allowed to touch the oven after the last time, why?” Simon yawned tiredly as he looked up at her. Rosanna spoke a bit frustrated “Because I saw the cookies on the counter and I don’t remember anyone baking anything.” Simon blinked and smiled saying a bit more alert now “Oh! That was my ghost friend! They were awesome! They helped me make a puzzle first and then they led me to the kitchen to have cookies! And then they made this fort! But then I must have fallen asleep..” Simon felt around a bit hoping to feel a cold spot but nothing was there “Aw! The must have left, the cold spot isn’t here anymore…” Rosanna stared at her brother and sighed “Your imagination is amazing and wild.” Simon snapped back “They are not part of my imagination! They were here!” He pouts a bit and suddenly the two hear the front door open.

“Mom! Dad!” The two spoke in union as they both raced for the door. Nether noticed that the large living room as actually picking up itself…..
Ohhhh! Spooky!! Seems there’s a ghost in the house hold! But here let me explain! You see this isn’t canon to @themarshmellowsnowqueen ’s AU but I can’t help but make ideas XD

You see Jonathan and Belle actually had a first child, his name was Blazen but he was shot and killed at a young age by a rival gang. So I’m thinking Blazen still watches over his family, and making sure their happy, like Simon being alone he wanted to help. So this is the first time Simon meets his older brother Blazen…

Blazen the rabbit © @animal-guardian

Jonathan the flaming toon, Belle the rabbit, Roseanne the rabbit and Simon the toon all belong to @themarshmellowsnowqueen

Dylan the mentioned toon © @eliana55226838 !

Hope you all enjoyed!!!


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