mom!!! can i marry him

mom's reaction to the bmp princes

me: ok so here are the princes. tell me what u think of them

mom: u need to stop bothering me with your questions.

mom: this is the third time I’m suspicious of u.

me: why?

mom: hes sneaky

mom: wipe that shitty grin off his face for me.

me: u don’t like him do u?

mom: no.

mom: he needs to brush his hair

mom: but its better than urs

me: thanks mammy

mom: he reminds me of that gay collage kid u know.

me: but hes black

mom: idc

me: ok

mom: hes a flower boy

mom: weak

me: so mean

mom: hes the weak one

mom: so girly

me: ur so harsh on him

mom: he looks like one of those kpop stars

mom: I feel like I can break him easily

mom: hes like casanova

mom: he looks loyal

mom: i like his hair

mom: kinda dorky

mom: tough boy here

mom: he looks like that boy u use to like

me: u will never mention him again.

mom: oh wow

mom: wow

mom: wow

mom: so good

me: u ok

mom: wow

mom: are u smitten?

mom: hes the beast

mom: hes my fav

mom: can i have him

 mom: works bc i’m not married

me: I swear in that moment we were all my mom

mom: wtf does that mean

me: this man, hes my favorite

mom: shut up I’m talking

me: ok

mom: he seems pissed off

mom: his hair is like a lion fur

me: mane?

mom: yea whatever

mom: hes ok

mom: weak but clever

mom: he looks like one of those secretive abusive husbands

me: wow ok

mom: he can be nice but hes cold

mom: he looks like a cat

me: he hates cats

mom: all abusive husbands do

me: o_o

*there was an awkward silence to this*


On This Is The End: “When you guys came up with this exaggerated version of yourselves, did you have things that you did not want to do because it would make you look like you really were jerks?” (x)

the cute cashier guy in japan

so okay this is so ridiculous but i NEED to share. my mom, aunt, sister and i decided to buy groceries for our breakfast tomorrow. while approaching the family grocery in our place where we were staying, i saw from the glass windows that SOME CUTE GUY WAS HAVING HIS SHIFT. 

It wasn’t a busy time since it was already 9PM. So I made a mental note to go to his cashier after while we picked our stuff. Cute guys are cute, sue me. When we were done, my mom decided to GO TO THE CASHIER BESIDE THE DUDE’S “here, my child.” And I was like OH NO YOU DONT. NUH-UH. So I was ignoring her since I was the one holding the basket. I made my way to the cute cashier guy and placed my basket and he did his usual Japanese greeting while smiling. 


Apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed. My Aunt kept on saying in her own language “What a handsome boy. Oh my god. What a really really handsome boy” and I couldn’t stop laughing! I started bagging our stuff but I couldn’t help but GLANCE in the most subtle way I can (I had a cap so I thought I was subtle). 


The cashier guy beside cute guy was staring me as if he knew what was up. Like he noticed how much I was staring at the other guy. And I was all “OH SHIT.” So I tried to look away but THE GUY WAS TOO CUTE I LOOKED AT HIM AGAIN BECAUSE I SWEAR TO THE GODS I DON’T THINK SOMEONE THIS CUTE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO EXIST. LMAO 

So we paid and he stammered and when he handed the change, THE COINS FLEW all over the place and he was panicking “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!” and he tried so hard to grab the coins but it was on my side, so I picked it up obviously and he kept on apologizing so I said “It’s okay. You’re pretty cute.”

WHAT THE HELL???????????????????????????????

And he friggin blushed and I was like oh my god kill me OTL there went my wonderful 2-minute romance with a cute cashier guy at 9PM at a grocery store

I asked my mom when we went out “Can I marry him?” “Yes, you can.” 

I’m just so weak for cute guys *sobs into my hands*

Christmas Morning (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

For months now you had been dropping hints that you were ready to get married. “Accidentally” leaving wedding magazines lying around your shared apartment and getting on his phone and leaving pictures of rings up on his browser were your favorites. Besides, you already had a child together, it was time to seal the deal.
And Luke had gotten the hint, it was 3 a.m, technically Christmas now, and your baby boy started crying, waking the two of you up. You say up but Luke pulled you back down. “I’ll take care of him,” he told you, kissing your forehead.
You were barely awake so you just laid back down and fell back asleep.
Luke walked down the hall to the nursery and picked up the screaming baby. They sat in the rocking chair and he started singing to him. His voice always seemed to calm him down, even when his own mother couldn’t.
After the boy had calmed down, he looked up at his father with wide, blue eyes; eyes like his fathers.
“You’re not going to go back to sleep huh?” He laughed slightly. “Well that’s okay, I needed to ask you a question anyway.” He let his son grab his pointer finger in his tiny hand. “Your mom has been beggingme to propose to her for months now, and she doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to do it tomorrow morning.” He stopped and looked down at the baby in his arms. “Can I ask your mom to marry me?” He asked him as if his son could answer him. The baby didn’t say anything but brought Luke’s finger into his mouth and chewed on it. “I’m going to take that as a yes,” Luke laughed.
It took another 15 minutes to get him to fall back asleep. When he did Luke laid him back in his crib and dragged himself back to bed. He laid next to you where you were fast asleep. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you close to him.
The next morning your son started crying again at 5 and you both decided it was time to open your gifts. You say on the couch calming down your son and Luke walked in carrying two cups of coffee, sitting down on the table in front of you.
“Which do you want to open first?” He asked looking at you with sleepy eyes.
“That small one,” you answered and he shook his head, confusing you.
“That one has to be last.”
It was finally time for you to open the gift Luke kept refusing to give you. Your baby was lying on the floor playing with his toys.
“Give me the box now, Hemmings,” you said holding your hand out to take it.
“Maybe I don’t want to anymore,” he shrugged.
“Give me that box or so help me god,” you threatened before he handed me the gift in defeat. You excitedly ripped the paper wondering what was so important he had to give it to you last.
Under the paper was a small jewelry box. You looked up at Luke who was now in front of you on one knee. The realization that Luke was finally doing what you’d been waiting forever for.
He took the box from your hand and opened it. “I’m not one for long speeches so, will you marry me, Y/N?” He asked.
Tears welled in your eyes and you pushed his shoulder a bit. “You made me wait until Christmas?”
“Is that a yes?” He laughed.
“That’s a hell yes!” You laughed and pressed your lips to his.

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