It’s okay to feel upset on Mother’s Day, and it’s valid to have mixed emotions about it.

It isn’t selfish to wish you had a different experience with your mother than what you got, and feeling upset or angry with your mother doesn’t make you an ungrateful child.

Not everyone had loving mothers who treated them right all the time, and it’s important to acknowledge that. It doesn’t make you a downer.

Take care of yourself.


Aries Moon- Likely be a mom who pushes independence and assertiveness. Needs their “me” time, is busy/active, and is expressive about wants. 

Taurus Moon- Likely a mom who nurtures in a very physical way, is stable, makes family feel safe, but can be highly unmovable.

Gemini Moon- Nurtures communication, intellect, and is a supportive parent. They can have a scattered energy however.

Cancer Moon- Highly protective and nurturing mother. Has a hard time letting children leave the nest. Is especially emotionally nurturing.

Leo Moon- Nurtures ego and self-esteem. Gives praise and attention. Likes to show off children. Is playful and generous too.

Virgo Moon- Caring mother who nurtures in a physical and mental way. Highly dependable and devoted. Can have high standards and stress easily.

Libra Moon- Mom who nurtures with expression, appreciation, and sometimes gifts. Pushes for harmony in the home. Can be too soft on children.

Scorpio Moon- Highly protective and strong mom. Wants to create a deep bond. But can be controlling and manipulative. Is instinctive.

Sagittarius Moon- Nurtures self-esteem and curiosity. Can be an energetic and busy mom. Might not always be reliable. Wants to be a role model.

Capricorn Moon- Nurtures in a physical way but has an emotionally cool side, is a proving mom, pushes kids to be successful, can be strict.

Aquarius Moon- Mostly nurtures independence, social skills, intellect, and communication. Can be a detached and unpredictable mom. Helps form their child’s individuality. Fights for their rights and freedoms.

Pisces Moon- Nurtures child’s imagination and emotions. Is protective, loving, sacrificing, sometimes unrealistic. Can coddle or hide away child. Is receptive to child.

The Moon is associated with the mother and nurturing, Happy Mother’s Day! 

Aries Moon- Likely had a mom who encourages independence and empowerment.

Taurus Moon- Mother likely encourages reliability, practicality, and maybe a lot of financial sense.

Gemini Moon- Mother encourages communication, learning, and academics.

Cancer Moon- Mother was nurturing overall and encourages emotional protection and family values.

Leo Moon- Had/has a mother who nurtured their self-esteem and positivity.

Virgo Moon- Mother likely encourages specific lifestyles and health habits. She promotes practicality, efficiency, and can be demanding.

Libra Moon- Mother encourages fairness, expression, and cooperation.

Scorpio Moon- Mother encourages empowerment, intuition, and sometimes even unintentionally secretive behavior and manipulation.

Sagittarius Moon- Mother encourages exploration, honesty, and independence.

Capricorn Moon- Mother encourages hard work, practicality, and responsibility.

Aquarius Moon- Mother encourages independence, self-expression, and possibly unusual beliefs.

Pisces Moon- Mother encourages sensitivity, kindness, and flexibility.