Everything you are is a compilation of the people you have met or loved. You love the smell of gasoline because your dad used to breathe deep and smile when he pulled up to the station. You bite your tongue when you’re tickling someone because your mother used to. You smoke cigarettes because you saw a beautiful girl do it once in a movie. Your laugh is built off of every laugh you heard as a small developing child. You love Elliot Smith records because a pretty boy played his vinyls the first time you laid in his arms and felt at home. You love chocolate milk because of Saturday morning cartoons with your brother. You put a pencil behind your ear because your grandfather always did. You think lame jokes are funny because of the funny girl with freckles who told them every morning on the bus ride to school.

Everything you are is pieces of someone else. And someone else is pieces of you too.

—  Halsey (Jan 16, 2014)