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I just played a match where I was the only solo healer and kept getting left on the payload and our 3 tanks kept trying to flank the other team(they were a 4 stack with the highest leveled person being our dps and the rest being lower leveled), we won in the end cause of my clutch rez but holy moly that was hell. I cried a but at the end that I didn't get POTG(our Rein did for a sneaky 2 player kill) but whatever I guess :,)

Solo-healing AND saving the game with three tanks?? Overwhelming but holy hell you pulled it off! You should’ve gotten POTG, friendo :(

fucking neighbours

our neighbour complained about the excessive noise coming from our flat yesterday, claiming that 

- we party every second week night and every weekend (holy moly if i could party that much id be dead), 

- that we have 20+ young males over every 2nd night (um..? that is just not even remotely true, i dont think we have ever had 20 people in our house, let alone 20 young males, i dont even think i know that many boys), 

- that we play loud bass music (we have UE boom??) 

- that she calls noise control all the time (we have never had them knock on our door or a complaint filled against us, which means we literally do not make enough noise to warrant a complaint) 

- that our dog barks everyday (she is never here as her owner takes her everywhere, and she doesnt bark??), 

- that we are all obviously unemployed (?!?!?) because sometimes she hears voices during the day when she is home (is she unemployed?) (most of us work full time, the others study full time but…WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!!?!?), also i refuse to say sorry for talking in my backyard during the day

- that we often stay up til sunrise (WHAT THE FUCK WE HAVE LITERALLY NEVER DONE THIS).

 and she also said we are ruining her life? why do people get off on complaining about nothing? her mistake was getting personal making attacks on our jobs (oh and making everything up)

but do not worry, our landlord is on our side as apparently, this crazy lady has complained about every single group of people that they have had in this flat. 

does anyone have any advice to deal with unreasonable neighbours? 


morning planning ☀️
using the iPad to plan today’s schedule~
if anyone is interested, the app I used is called penultimate and its been really really helpful. the layout is very simple and there are a lot of different options of papers to choose from. It’s honestly really nice for a free app…
this week has been really stressful and I have a lot to do for next week
sign ups for junior year classes and badminton tryouts are next week (and I have achilles tendinitis for the first time ever in my life, such great timing I know)
I honestly don’t know why I don’t have grey hair already…