holy moly….

You guys are awesome! This time I’ve prepared a very special animation for you that will be posted after this message. You guys deserved it and I hope you’ll enjoy it QwQ

I  want to announce that I’ve registered a Picarto account and I plan to stream some art and animation for you in the future. I can’t say an exact date right now but I’ll notify you in good time when I plan to stream.

I also want to say thank you to those who stuck with me before I started doing Gravity Falls fanart. My thing before GF was mostly dragons and I miss drawing my OC’s so I think you’ll see some dragons popping in soon. I will also have to eventually update my Patreon and expand my work a bit more so not only will I be working on my comic but also do other art/commissions and animation.

I have so many plans for the future like adding more art to my RedBubble shop (and possible other online shops) including getting more work done with MT Animate. I hope one day I’ll be able to live from my art and animation but for now I’ll have to take the jobs that are available and learn the best from them ^^

If you have any questions pls feel free to ask me anything! I rarely get any asks and I’d love to get to know you guys a bit more and hopefully get better at writing >_<

Thank you so much for sticking around and welcome to the new followers!

See you around! 

Okay, so I’ve never done one of these before BUT I’d just like to say that I can’t thank you guys enough for following this dumb little Chu blog. You guys have kept me going with all the awesome interactions and all the amazingly kind words about my muse. If I don’t mention you on this list, it doesn’t mean that I don’t dig you any less okay? Okay. Without further ado, my first bias list evar. 


journeyofkanto- What can I say about you man? You’re one of the main reasons I even kept this blog around! Hell, you jump started my muse again when we continued our thread on Skype. I can’t thank you enough and I really consider you a friend. 

jubilantsparks- Holy moly cow you’re awesome. The thread we had going before my hiatus was one that will probably stick with me forever. Never have I had any of my muses click so well with another. I made pterodactyl noises ever time I saw that you had replied because I knew it was gonna be perf. We need to rp again, it would be my honor. 

tameradabsol- What can I say? I’m a sucker for french accents. Our threads were so awesome I could just hear your muse’s voice in my head ever time I read a reply. We should totally rp again sometime! I love hoe your muse has a deep backstory, not to mention how sweet she is, to everyone and her Pokemon!

whenthingsfall- Little bro, you didn’t think I’d leave you out of this list did ya? You were honestly the first muse that had a dramatic impact on my Chu. I consider their relationship to be unbreakable (even if Pikachu can be a bit of an ass from time to time, he loves Drake shhhhhhh don’t let him hear you say that). It’s so nice for him to actually have someone he can be close to, good to know that Drake loves him back anyway ^-^


 People I’m too scared to talk to and just watch from afar:

revexant jxdeorb achromatic-colress snowy-xerneas draicon volcaroniite lifeentity caeruldo rxcketboss cxlesta later-neighbor

I know it’s a very VERY short bias list but it IS my first one. I know I left a crap ton of people out probably but I just wanted to sincerely thank each and every one of you that follow me now, will follow me in the future and all of you guys that stuck around while I was on hiatus. I seriously love you guys, I’ve never had this much fun RPing in general. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Mami Tomoe Perler Bead Sprite

Holy moly this took an unhealthy part of my time. i believe she took about 5 hours to make (including sorting beads from a bucket for the deeper golden yellow and the pastel purple ugh). 

but all in all I’m so proud of how she turned out.