molten metal


What happens when you pour molten aluminium at 1500F down an ant hole?

After pouring molten aluminium down an ant colony hole and leaving it for a few hours, these people carefully dig the hardened structure out and power wash it off.

What’s left is the beautiful solid structure of the inside of an ant colony (and the ants, too, I guess… nobody explains what happens to the ants!). All of the delicate tunnels can be seen as well as many chambers and storage areas, giving a valuable insight into what is happening right beneath your feet.


Candy wrapper core

That’s the title of a paper published in Scientific Reports this last week. The lead author, Maurizo Mattesini, a geophysicist from Madrid, proposes a new model for the make-up of Earth’s inner core. The paper title is captivating, but its explanation for the core’s structure is complicated.

The inner core is known to be formed of crystalline iron, but the exact atomic arrangement of the iron is uncertain, and remains an enigmatic puzzle in the most inaccessible part of our planet.

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I am composed of fire. I must consume everything around me to survive. I never chose this way of life, but I have learned that only through destruction can I create myself. I can level a mountain, and from those molten metals I can form a sword.

Title: Corpora Permutavere
Pairing: Bokuaka
Author/Authors: @silvercistern
Day/Prompt: Day 1, Birthday
Rating: T
Chapter: 1/8

“Akaaaaashi, you gotta make a wish after you blow them out!” Bokuto was leaning across the table so far that the candle flames danced in his eyes, turning them to molten metal. And while Akaashi found himself appreciating his teammate’s birthday fervor in a way that was soft, foreign, and somewhat unexpected, Bokuto should still have known that this level of spectacle was neither Akaashi’s preference, nor something he was entirely comfortable with.

Under such pressure, he blew out the candles. Then, as requested, made a wish.

I wish Bokuto-san understood the perspective of someone other than himself.

Bokuto and Akaashi switch bodies. It goes as well as you might expect.

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listen, “unkillable” is a lie. You slice off the head and bury is separate from the body, thats dead, or as good as. 

Don’t let demons and shit lie to you. Separate body and head, stick em in separate boxes and encase both in molten metal and bury them in the fucking ocean. Don’t blab to nobody and you will probably never have to worry about that bitch again. 

st-meryle replied to your post “Witch Tip”

Incorrect it’s EARTH BLOOD. It doesn’t COME FROM cars it just fuels them

If you REALLY want to get into a semantical debate with a Bad Occult Advice post…

It is not “earth blood” because it is a refined petroleum product and does not come directly from the earth, which does not have a circulatory system per se and is in fact very slowly cooling molten metal on the inside with a few hidden pockets of compressed decayed organic matter that don’t actually serve a function to the persistence of the planet itself, which is not an organism. Human blood itself provides circulatory functions and food is what actually fuels us. Motor oil does not fuel cars; motor oil lubricates the engine, providing the closest thing to a circulatory function that a vehicle would have.

It turns out that jokes and pun-based magic are more complicated than facts or blood itself.

Something I think we Holtzmann fans have completely overlooked that needs addressing.

*clears throat*

You all, how is it I’ve read so many fanfics and headcanons that don’t address the fact that Holtz would basically be covered in scars and how that’s unbelievably sexy?Like, do you all know how difficult and dangerous welding is? As a welder, let me enlighten you. I’ve set myself on fire at least three times in two years. Actually on fire. I’ve had slag and cherries (crusty molten metal that forms like a scab on top of weld beads) pop against my overcoat and burn their way through to my skin. I’ve had cherries pop in my hair. I can’t count the number of scars I have on my arms and chest.

Holtzmann would be covered. Her arms upper arms and chest would be speckled with dark little circles and slide lines from slag-pops and arc spatter. I imagine she’d have permanent nerve damage in her fingers from handling hot material. And that’s not even addressing the very real possibility of lab explosions and the injuries involved in that, along with whatever goes down while ghostbusting. She’s also a scrappy woman with a love for digging in junkyards and scrap bins, earning her cuts and scraps almost daily. Her body is a walking road map of the places she’s been and the adventures she’s partaken in. She proud of her scars, if not a little absentminded and forgetful they’re there most of the time, working bare-armed on hot days on top of Ecto-1 or shrugging out of her coveralls after a bust to cool down and throw saucy winks at Erin.