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Rowaelin Fanfic, Modern AU, But She’s looking at You, Part 6

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Maeve owns the best club in the city, but when Aelin shows up demanding answers from her Aunt, she is forced into one month of working as a DJ in her Aunt’s club in exchange for information. Along the way she meets Rowan and the rest of the cadre, who are working as bartenders in the club… and Rowan is given the task of babysitting Aelin for the month.

Here you go ya thirsty animals. 90% of this is graphic Rowaelin smut, but even if that not your jam I insist that you skip to the end for a bit of a plot twist :) Enjoy you filthy sinners <3

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“The internet! Just when you think you’ve seen all the memes and Kickstarters worth seeing, something new pops up to give you hope. Right now, it’s these sick Harry Potter-inspired makeup palettes, mocked up by an ingenious Redditor and posted to r/MakeupAddiction on Thursday.

The palettes — which, to be clear, are just a dream right now — would theoretically come in the four house variations, with eyeshadow colors based on theme and named after the house traits. Original poster Spellsandstars’ choices are on point, with one of the shadows in each palette embossed with the house animal à la Chantecaille. The molten Bronze is especially beautiful in the "Ravenclaw” palette, although the quill-ended brushes hypothetically included in each take the concept home.

And the people are into it! The floodgates opened and suggestions took off from there, with Redditors discussing details like color selection, palette names that could avoid trademarks and Etsy copyright experiences (a crafty bunch).

User Mystwillow suggests a “sword handle for Gryffindor, quill for Ravenclaw, Branch for Hufflepuff, Snake tail for Slytherin. Then maybe a separate set of specialty brushes for eyeliner, etc. that were styled like wands,” while user Kohimiruku says, “It’d be cool if Gryffindor had a really strong fiery blush collection, Slytherin had a kick-ass contour kit… I imagine Ravenclaw is the kids with the slick sharp eyeliner, and Hufflepuff has cute lip stains and matching balms.”


Arcosanti is a projected experimental town with a molten bronze bell casting business in Yavapai County, central Arizona, 70 mi (110 km) north of Phoenix, at an elevation of 3,732 feet (1,130 meters). Its arcology concept was posited by the Italian-American architect, Paolo Soleri (1919–2013). He began construction in 1970, to demonstrate how urban conditions could be improved while minimizing the destructive impact on the earth. He taught and influenced generations of architects and urban designers who studied and worked with him there to build the proposed ‘town.

A large bronze workshop has been found next to the ancient royal palace of Angkor Thom in Cambodia. Archaeologists collected evidence of stone-making, but they found other things too: half-finished bronze sculptures, hefty furnaces, fragments of unused metal and weighty crucibles that could hold up to two liters of molten bronze. The discovery is exciting. The most common theory before was that “sculptures were created on the site where they were to be installed or venerated,” one researcher said, by the great temple complexes of Angkor Wat. This workshop near Angkor Thom, which the team estimates could be as long as a kilometer, suggests that the sculptures’ creation, or at least a large percentage of it, was centralized and industrial. Angkor’s masterpieces were ordered for takeaway.

“Let My Fingers Do the Walkin’ ”

“Gajeel had a fascination with Levy’s hands, though he would deny it until he was blue in the face to anyone who asked. ” [For the prompt, “Fingers”]

(Again, not a whole lot of smut. There’s make outs tho, so better than last time! This blatantly takes place in Nest fic verse (though technically not canon to that fic), and you’ll see why about halfway through. Warning for spoilers I guess??? And kinda subtle mentions of Shalily, but everyone likes Shalily! Title from the song “Fingers” by P!nk.)

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Gajeel had a fascination with Levy’s hands, though he would deny it until he was blue in the face to anyone who asked.

She had calluses from holding her pen for hours at a time, and her nails were never painted. Her wrists were thin and led to arms that held only a hint of muscle, the strength and magic in them so well hidden that he had once mistaken it for weakness. But now as he watched her wave her hands gracefully in the air, letters flowing from her ink-stained fingertips and magic charging the air so thickly that he could taste it on the back of his tongue, he wondered how in the hell she wasn’t already an S-Class Mage.

She was every bit as powerful as Erza or Mirajane, just in a different way. It was proof of how far he’d grown in the past year that he could recognize that.

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THE MOST AWFUL CHILDREN: An Essay on Emma Carstairs, Julian Blackthorn, and Rotten Parabatai

(Something I’ve been meaning to write for ages. Compliments to @emmacordeliacarstairs for talking through this with me! She is a contributor to this highly scientific paper.)

What’s a Gothic without an antihero? Boring, that’s what. It’s a genre full of frankly terrible people, being terrible at each other. That’s why Malcolm is so sympathetic, he’s in a shades of grey sort of story. 

(If only someone had applied that filter of sympathy to the faeries. Bitter? I’m not still bitter. Nonsense.)

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Some of the bronze cast insects that will be going in the store this weekend (will post again/send out a newsletter when I decide on a time). 

These are organic castings, meaning the insect itself was entombed in a special plaster, burnt out at 1300 degrees in a kiln, then molten bronze filled the space in the plaster where it once was. In some cases, the ash from the incinerated insect blocks the flow of metal, causing interesting gaps and imperfections. 

“You were the first girl I ever loved,”
You told me.
I remember when I met you
And I was mesmerized by
Your eyes that were molten bronze-
And the way that your kisses seemed
To swallow me up
And how I told everybody on our six month anniversary
But we were barely speaking after a year and a half.
You smile. “I carved your name into a tree”
And I know I’m crumbling again.
That I’ll end up broken again
But I don’t think I can resist your smile
Especially when you look at
Me the way you do.
“My mom really liked you.
I think she still hopes well end up together again”
My hand shook so badly
The first time I met your parents
And I spent ten fucking minutes readjusting my skirt
so your dad wouldn’t think I was just a dumb slut.
“I guess time really does change people” you mutter
I can’t help but be reminded of how you asked for space but I gave you
time instead
And was that my fatal mistake?
—  Time vs space vs me