Geologists use Molten Lava to Grill Up Some Steaks.

…because, why not?


Drone flight up to the summit of, and down into the crater of, Ambrym volcano - Vanuatu - where there is an active lava lake. The drone did not melt.

“I desired dragons with a profound desire. Of course, I in my timid body did not wish to have them in the neighborhood. But the world that contained even the imagination of Fáfnir was richer and more beautiful, at whatever the cost of peril.”
 ―  Tolkien


A new species is finally available from the Felt Cave! Yay! Here are the bright and cheerful element themed Slow Glow Worms! These are poseable and can be wrapped around things like lamps. Emerald, Lightning and Molten Worms are now up for sale in my etsy shop