This is followed by a loud ‘molskis’ and splashing and laughter when Anders goes over and both collapse into the lake. Sea. Whatever. Just as planned. ^u^

Inspired by the Sims 4 where I discovered that Doctor!Anders can ‘check hotness’ - it’s a romantic interaction. First time he did it nothing special happened but the SECOND time Jay just casually hopped onto his arms and I went ‘OMG JAY NO OMG you’ll squich the beanpole man!!!” but nothing happened and it was really cute really. xD Anders is a STRONG beanpole! ^u^


working on a stacey molski logo for a website that will eventually hold a portfolio, blog, and more. here’s what i’ve got so far. the full logo and the logotype.
the logo is a twofer since it may also assist in the pronunciation. we don’t want any more Mo-less-ski. i think we can all agree that is the worst possible mispronunciation of my name anyone could muster and yet, it’s the go-to mistake.