molotow marker

Painting made with acrylic markers Molotow ONE4ALL shaded with a brush and water.



“Chrome” by @jonathanfaust. Get the marker here: Pen: Molotow Chrome Marker 4Mm #StrengthInLetters #Goodtype #Molotow #Chrome

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I got a lot of questions lately and I decided to answer the most common questions here. I will put them under an FAQ tag or something. Let´s start with question number one about my art supplies.

Well, I have a lot of supplies and it always changes a bit what I am using because i love to experiment.

here are the suplies I currently use most:

1. Arches Watercolor Pad cold pressed 100% Cotton

2. Sennelier Watercolor Pad cold pressed 100% Cotton

3. Stillman & Birn hardbound Sketchbook gamma

4.Stillman & Birn Wireboud Sketchpad alpha

5. inks a) Sennelier colored shellack based ink ( red one is shown here but i have some more Colors) b) Sennelier black indian ink

6. a small Schmincke horadam watercolor-set

7. Daniel Smith extra fine watercolors in tubes (i have some more but i had not enough space to Show all)

8. some Schmincke horadam watercolors in Tubes

9. palettes one for the watercolors in tubes and one for mixing the colors (you can reuse the dried colours over and over again until they are gone )

10. Faber Castell Polychromos in diffrent colors

11 from the top to bottom: pentel pocket ink brush, Pentel Waterbrush filled with a grey (waterbased black ink-water mixture), pentel waterbrush filled with water, Da Vinci Maestro Brushes in diffrent sizes, Molotow masking fluid marker, white jelly pen, White molotov marker, red and blue koh-i-Noor Diamond drawing pencils (optional i am using Prismacolor col erase pencils) , Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Size S


My June ARTSNACKS box arrived!

KRINK K-42 Paint Marker - will write on any surface. Xylene free, too. My car will soon be rocking their nice sticker.

MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Paint Marker - interchangeable nibs (this one is a bullet point) and refillable. This one is Currant in color.

WOLFF’S Carbon Pencil - a combination of charcoal and graphite, touch-responsive. This one is a 4-B.

COPIC MULTILINER - a detailing pen with pigment-based ink for a high quality mark.

Great stuff, plus some bubble gum to give away, too. Time to rock some new art projects!


Earl Gray