molotow marker


I’m all about silly Oscar Wilde quotes today. I’m working on my dad’s desk today since I’m still visiting them. He’s also an artist & has waaaay better supplies so I’m playing with his Molotow markers. 

Greens I need: grasshopper & kaca077 green. 


Molotow Chalk Pump Marker,筆頭是可以換的喔~

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Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker
Uni-ball signal silver gel pen
Black cardboard

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Experimenting with my dad’s air brush (& molotow markers). We got these rad plastic Tiki cups at Walmart for 4-something each & decided to have some fun painting them. They are double insulated & I covered all the holes and creases with tape so I’m pretty sure they are safe (& we sealed them).

I can’t wait to drink some kind of boozy fruity drink (watermelon sangria??) or a nice shandy (beer out of a straw? whatevs!) at the beach or while tubing on the river! :)