The insane story of Lennie Kirk.. From ripping houston, riding for alien workshop, to hitting his head and preaching jesus christ. All while robbing people with sawed off shotguns, bombing homes with molotov cocktail’s and ultimately ended up in prison for 13+ years for kidnapping his girlfriend.

Dude was pretty much the worst, but ripped. Which leads everyone to question his legacy, similiar to Gator… Interesting read for sure.

"Another time Lennie was at a party in Houston and got beat up. He left the party, went to the liquor store and got whatever he needed to make Molotov cocktails and went back and drove by the party and threw them at the house. He’s that dude."

More tales about Lennie Kirk in a new Vice interview with Dennis McGrath by Nieratko HERE

nickelb0y asked:

Favorite group from The Warriors?

Favorite group name - The Electric Eliminators
Fav group - The Orphans. A horde of children throwing Molotov cocktails is way scarier than most things you will ever encounter in this life.
Lamest group - Satans Mothers. C’mon guys, really? And no, I did not forget the “’”. They forgot how to punctuate.