48-year-old Yuri of Velikie Luki and his 47-year-old brother would not leave their apartment for a year straight. Their kind neighbors was bringing them food, however they noticed that 75-year-old mother of the men that was living with them is not in the apartment. Since Yuri and his brother were not able to collaborate on whereabouts of their mother, so on 1 December 2016 the neighbors called the police. When officers arrived, Yuri and his brother started to throw in them Molotov Cocktails. Accidentally one of cocktails started fire inside the apartment, but the brothers did not let firefighters to help them. When police and firefighters entered the apartment, they discovered two men in gas masks. One of them was dead. He was wearing numerous sweaters and coats. Another one was alive and was arrested. It took two days for police officers to find the body of Yuri’s and his brother’s mother because the apartment was so full of trash that it was virtually impossible to find anything there. The mother was dead for a while and her body started to decompose.