A Shitty Description of Gorillaz Albums

Self Titled: Stoner music. The smell of weed clinging to everything that you own. Jamming with your friends in your parent’s garage. Bloody noses. Bruised knuckles. Shitty arcade games from the eighties.

D Sides: Black light. Shitty bowling alleys in the middle of nowhere. Having fizzy drinks come out of your nose. Broken glass. Molotov cocktails. Fluorescent lights. Fading highway lines that stretch on forever. Knock off raybans.

Demon Days: Edgy. Drawing on your sneakers with sharpie. Chain smoking. Old zombie movies. Dance music tinged with murder. Being suicidal but seeing the beauty in living.

Plastic Beach: Being shipped to summer camp. Sunlight burning you to a crisp. Old tubes of paint. Music playing far away in the distance. Sand beneath your toes. Sun burn.

The Fall: Mid November. Being stuck in a hotel room in a city that you’ve never been to. Smoking on curbs. Crying but you don’t know why. Pills making your mind go blurry. Feeling numb all the time.

Humanz: Vibrant. Mid July. Drugs, but quality drugs that make you fuzzy for hours. Fancy bar cocktails. Hickeys. Waking up in a stranger’s bed. The scratchy sound that old records make. A TV just buzzing with white noise. Knowing all the lyrics to songs that you’ve never heard. Lipstick. Tights.


“Can I roll to throw a Molotov cocktail in its mouth, while also intimidating it with a cool one liner?”
-Me, the Rogue, against a giant spider

“Uh… Sure. Roll for Dex and intimidation”

-Nat 20 on both-

“… You successfully manage to throw the Molotov right down it’s throat, while calling out…”

“How’s this for a burning sensation!”
-Me, the Rogue

The spider proceeded to burn to death from the inside out.

The simplest sort of petrol bomb is just a bottle full of fuel with a rag or paper for a wick. You light it and throw it, the bottle breaks, the splash of fuel bursts into a fireball, and then the rest of the fuel burns, possibly catching other stuff on fire. This most basic design is incredibly cheap and easy to make, and so has been very popular with protestors and guerillas for generations.

Using a wick that has been soaked in alcohol instead of fuel oil or petrol has the advantage of not leaving a conspicuous trail of smoke back to your position, which may be helpful to someone throwing the device from a place of concealment. By the same token, in daylight it can be hard to tell if an alcohol wick is actually lit, since the flame is nearly colorless.

Plugging the wick into place with a wine cork or similar stopper ensures that the wick doesnt fall out, minimizes spilling of fuel as the device travels through the air, and seems to give a more dramatic splash/fireball on impact.

Making the fuel thicker keeps the fireball and subsequent flame more concentrated (because the fuel doesnt spread out as much) and consequently hotter. Motor oil, detergent such as fairy liquid, or molasses have all been used for this purpose.

Suspending bits of flammable metal, such as magnesium or aluminum shavings or powder, in the fuel can also allow much higher temperatures to be reached.

Shepard, upon realizing that nobody knows they’re alive yet at the beginning of me2, takes advantage of their temporary anonymity and promptly goes to Omega to go on a week-long bender