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Prompt: Gansey leading Kavinsky's pack of dogs and Kavinsky leading the gangsey. Gansey having his boys search for his lost king while Kavinsky is helping Blue sneak out of the house in the dead of night to go do something wild with Lynch, throwing Molotov cocktails at cars and setting off fireworks in crowded places.

I’m aware that this isn’t exactly what you asked for but you should know I wrote the first paragraph at 4am so that’s a preview of how this is about to go down. I think I just inceptioned the raven cycle.

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A man, declaring he would burn passengers to death, set off a firebomb on a crowded MTR train during Hong Kong’s evening rush hour on Friday, injuring at least 18 people and spreading chaos among panic-stricken commuters.

The suspect said “burn you to death” before he drew the bottle and lit it, a police source said.

A 60-year-old man, Cheung Kam-Fai, was arrested in connection with the incident. He claimed to have started the fire for “personal reasons”.

Shepard, upon realizing that nobody knows they’re alive yet at the beginning of me2, takes advantage of their temporary anonymity and promptly goes to Omega to go on a week-long bender