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This is probably the most deplorable thing to come from Anti-Abortion activists. This is a movie trailer for a documentary style movie about A group of black men who kill “Abortionists” in 2014 causing the wipe out of abortions across the country by 2016. The Man behind the movie is a man named Jason “Molotov” Mitchell,  he’s a part of something called the Zealot Movement, an extremist Christian movement built on the straight-edge punk lifestyle that,according to Mitchell, “avoid[s] the pitfalls of American, effeminised Christianity” and embraces “sexual purity through the practice of abstinence until marriage and the abolition of homosexuality.”

According to Right Wing Watch,

the film is styled as a documentary from 2016 about how in 2014, a Black terrorist group called “Zulu 9” and its members, who have names like “Pinky,” attack abortion clinics and murder abortion doctors. Mitchell, who is white, recently defended the film, saying it “casts a cinematic vision of what a post-abortion America could look like.”