They’re united in petty kleptomania and poor risk-assessment abilities. She’s a game old bird with a bosom-swing that could concuss any bystanders within two feet, and he’s a cheeky goodfornothin’ with a well-sculpted caboose and a bottomless appetite for bad whisky and worse conversation. For everyone’s safety, PLEASE keep them well clear of the bar.

I’ve still got a few sketches left to go, but I couldn’t in good faith forget to draw the magnificent Pixie Perizene, whom I have come to regard with deep and unshakeable adoration. If I ever write a character with half the cheeky charm of Tanglefoot’s gloriously bizarre creations, I will consider my job well done. 

I think the perfect dance song for these two is “I Don’t Know”, as sung by the Blues Brothers and written by Brook Benton and Bobby Steven.

“I said, BABY!

You know when you bend over, I see every bit of Christmas, and when you bend back I’m lookin’ right into the new year.

She said, Honey, you know i gave up cigarettes for my new years’ resolution, but i didn’t give up sa-MOKIN’!

I said, WOMAN! You gonna walk a mile for a Camel, or are you gonna make like Mr Chesterfield and SATISFY?

She said, that all depends on what you’re packin’ - regular? Or King-Size…”

Aleksandra Molokova – Gina Dirawi

Short Character Bio: Aleksandra Molokova grew up in Leningrad (today’s St Petersburg) in a communal apartment housing four families.

She didn’t perform very well in school but due to her mother’s persistence she both managed and was allowed to attend Leningrad State University. On her father’s insistence she studied Russian and political science, he wished for her to find a husband with a future in the Party. During her last semester at the university she was recruited to the KGB which needed a woman with her looks for an assignment in the Moldavian SSR. After a couple of years in the Moldavian SSR she was pulled out after being made by an American agent she knew under the codename Gauthier.

Molokova relocated to Moscow where she worked for the recruitment office for a while before becoming a handler. Being assigned Anna Sergievskaya felt like a slap in the face because she was a) a woman and b) without any real political power. Lolling about in chess halls, making sure Sergievskaya (and her goddamn husband for that matter!) didn’t cause political scandal wasn’t what she had signed up for.

The more Sergievskaya’s popularity (and by that her importance to the Party) grew, the more satisfied Molokova became with her position. She is however very aware that her own good grace inside both the Party and the KGB is highly dependent on Sergievskaya’s public appearance and success. As long as they are inside the Soviet Union it’s all right, but it is with great concerns Molokova prepares the delegation for the trip to the West.

Voice Samples: 1, 2, 3 (<– My favourite TV moment ever.)

(Yes, I’m pretty sure that guy is her right-hand man.)

He may be able to pasa doble but Niko certainly can’t hold a candle to Edgar for charm and schmooze. He can try and make up for it with flagrant shirtlessness, but he’s not fooling anyone. Put your vest back on, mister, before someone comes up behind you and snaps your suspenders. 

Edgar borrowed with kind permission from the gorgeous Prawnlegs, who drew this glorious picture of Niko. 

Audio/Video Gift!!!

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Legally Blonde - 2011; UK Tour
Faye Brookes (Elle Woods), Iwan Lewis (Emmett Forrest), Dave Willetts (Professor Callahan), Neio Toon (Warner Huntington III), Clarie Sweeney (Paulette Buonafonte)!4dpEzAZR!nqf438nKll0TVuM0It3w8A

Chicago - July 26, 2013; Hollywood Bowl
Ashlee Simpson (Roxie), Samantha Barks (Velma), Stephen Moyer (Billy)!CcFwgBTQ!Q0AiznzGYN21vFQovLz9Dw

Chess - September 21, 2003
Adam Pascal (Frederick), Julia Murney (Florence), Josh Groban (Anatoly), Raul Esparza (The Arbitor), Sutton Foster (Svetlana), Norm Lewis (Molokov), Jonathan Dokuchitz (Walter)
Incredible Recording. Crystal Clear Picture That Almost Looks Pro-Shot, DVD Quality. Interesting To See The Rehearsal Process

The Heiress - October 13, 2012; Broadway;
Jessica Chastain (Catherine Sloper), David Strathairn (Dr Austin Sloper), Dan Stevens (Morris Townsend), Virginia Kull (Maria), Judith Ivey (Lavinia Penniman), Caitlin O'Connell (Elizabeth Almond), Kieran Campion (Arthur Townsend), Molly Camp (Marian Almond), Dee Nelson (Mrs Montgomery), Ben LIvingston (Coachman)!o1E3VS7Q!fgamiVj3wdZLH0ZdXPCn3Q

Miss Saigon - 2001 Philippines
Lea Salonga (Kim), Will Chase (Chris), Leo Tavarro Valdez (The Engineer), Ronn K. Smith (John), Lisa Capps (Ellen), Robert Sena (Thuy), Isay Alvarez (Gigi)

Waiting for Godot - 24 November 2013, Broadway
Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Billy Crudup, Shuler Hensley, Aidan Gemme!P8gWDSRQ!piKkQPlcSN5MyVBmn8o7Wg

Les Miserables - London - October 8th - 2015 (30th anniversary gala)
Peter Lockyer (Jean Valjean), Jeremy Secomb (Javert), Rachelle Ann Go (Fantine), Rob Houchen (Marius), Zoe Doano (Cosette), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Eponine), Bradley Jaden (Enjolras), Phil Daniels (Thénardier), Katy Secomb (Madame Thénardier) and special guests; Colm Wilkinson, John Owen-Jones, Gerónimo Rauch, Patti LuPone, Frances Ruffelle
37 minutes long - MP4


London Palladium in London, 27-12-2014e
Nicole Scherzinger (Grizabella), Nicholas Pound (Old Deuteronomy), Callum Train (Munkustrap), Antoine Murray-Straughan (Rum Tum Tugger), Ross Finnie (Skimbleshanks), Joseph Poulton (Mistoffelees/Quaxco), Adam Lake (Alonzo), Adam Salter (Bill Bailey), Charlene Ford (Bombalurina), Paul F. Monaghan (Bustopher Jones/Asparagus/Growltiger), Joel Morris (Carbucketty), Cassie Clare (Cassandra), Benjamin Mundy (Coricopat), Zizi Strallen (Demeter), Clare Rickard (Jellylorum/Griddlebone), Natasha Mould (Jemima), Laurie Scarth (Jennyanydots), Cameron Ball (Macavity/Ademtus), Benjamin Yates (Mungojerrie), Stevie Hutchinson (Pouncival), Dawn Williams (Rumpleteazer), Kathryn Barnes (Tantomile), Hannah Kenna Thomas (Victoria/White Cat)

The Far Pavilions
2005/09/15 - West End, Tracked
Hadley Fraser (Ash), Simon Gleeson (Walter), Gayatri Iyer (Anjuli), Dianne Pilkington (Belinda), David Burt (Harkness), Kabir Bedi (Kahn Sahib)

Guys and Dolls
West End. 2005.
Ewan McGregor (Sky Masterson), Jenna Russell (Sarah Brown), Jane Krakowski (Miss Adelaide), Douglas Hodge (Nathan Detroit), Martyn Ellis (Nicely Nicely Johnson), Gaye Brown (General Cartwright), Sevan Stephen, Niall Buggy, Cory English, Patrick Brennan, Norman Bowman, Lynsey Britton, Liz Cooper Gee, Charlotte Gorton, Zoe Hardman, Summer Strallen, Suzanne Toase, Darren Carnell, Matthew Cole, Nicola Keen, Graham MacDuff, Andrew Playfoot, Jo Servi, Spencer Stafford, Sebastian Torkia, Jo Salvi, Madeleine Harland, Kelly Price

Frances Ruffelle
Beneath the dress - 54 Below Concert
22nd May 2013

Laura Osnes
The Paths Not Taken at 54 Below

Roberta Valentini (Elisabeth), Mark Seibert (Der Tod), Michael Souschek (Luigi Lucheni, u/s), Maximilian Mann (Franz Josef), Thomas Hohler (Kronprinz Rudolf), Angelika Wedekind (Erzherzogin Sophie)
Deutsches Theatre Munich
Tuesday 31st March 2015

July 29th 2015
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., Phillipa Soo, Daveed Diggs, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Jonathan Groff, Christopher Jackson

Spring Awakening
April 18th 2009
Aneurin Barnard (Melchior), Charlotte Wakefield (Wendla), Iwan Rheon (Moritz), Lucy Barker (Ilse), Evelyn Hoskins (Thea), Gemma O'Duffy (u/s) Anna, Hayley Gallivan (Martha), Jamie Muscato (u/s) Georg, Chris Barton (u/s) Otto, Richard Southgate (u/s) Hanschen, Harry McEntire (Ernst), Sian Thomas (Adult Women), Richard Cordery (Adult Men)

Les Miserables
1997-06-19, London
John Owen Jones (u/s), Tim Morgan (u/s), Grania Renihan, MPeter Gerald (u/s), Mandy Holliday, Gemma Wardle, Martin Crewes, Annalene Beechey, Matthew Cammelle, Stuart Pendred (u/s Grantaire), Danny Kyte (Gavroche), Sophie Cox (Young Cosette)!yB8BRJLI!iZAtMXfNKaJuN73Dj8zReT6TBbhiw6DPFS119fQ70vU

Les Miserables
Broadway August 26, 2015
Ramin Karimloo (Jean Valjean), Earl Carpenter (Javert), Erika Henningsen (Fantine), Gavin Lee (Thenardier), Rachel Izen (Madame Thenardier), Chris McCarrell (Marius), Samantha Hill (Cosette), Brennyn Lark (Eponine)
At curtain call, Ramin dragged Earl to the front of the stage and tried to make him bow alone after Ramin’s bow.

Les Miserables
Mark McVey, Terrence Mann, Lauren Kennedy, Diana Kaarina, Kevin Kern, Sandra Turley, Christopher Mark Peterson, Nick Wyman, Aymee Garcia
February 6, 2003; Broadway
*includes Nick Jonas as Gavroche

The Phantom of the Opera
John Owen-Jones, Amanda Jane Callaghan (u/s), Robert Finlayson,Nan Christie, Robert Irons, Bruce Montague, Liz Robertson, Hayley Driscoll, Jeremy Secomb
May 22, 2002; London

The Phantom of the Opera
Jeremy Stolle (u/s), Trista Moldovan, Sean MacLaughlin
January 15, 2012; Broadway!rltXEBwA!rOH6qF_FIEvTV13Rtd71lYx5TxERfkDFfDYc9JvAQsc

The Phantom of the Opera
Mathias Edenborn, Valerie Link, Nicky Wuchinger
June 27, 2014;



There’s been an attack in a highschool in Barcelona

A 13 year old boy, a student in the highschool Joan Fuster, entered with a crossbow and a dagger or machete (depending on different accounts) and proceeded to attack his teacher and some other students. A substitute teacher who was in a nearby class went to see what was wrong after hearing the victims’ screams and was shot and killed by the student withe crossbow.

Apparently, the murderer had a list of people in the school he wanted to kill, both students and teachers included. As he is 13, and in accordance with Spanish law, he cannot be accused or judged for the crime. He will not spend a day in prison or any juvenile centre, a person capable of writing a hitlist, getting a crossbow and other weapons (he was supposedly found preparing a Molokov cocktail after the attacks) and killing people, but he will face no legal or penal consequences because he is not 14 yet.

Attacks of this kind are extremely rare here, so this has come as a big shock. 

RIP to the teacher that was killed for trying to help others and let’s hope the injured victims are back to health soon. 

Some articles about the case in Spanish here, here and here.