I put up pictures of Kourtney because not only is she stylish and my fashionista baby but she is the same height as me and therefore I know what shape and style suit me best, so thank you very much Kourtney :) X                                                                                                              


so i accidentally sent myself to Molly world last night 👻 , what’s the problem is what your thinking ain’t it ? well the problem is when I say Molly world I mean that shit , most people just think Yaknow pop a Molly an there in Molly world , some dumb shit they heard in a rap song smh , Molly world is when you got that virgin Molly an pop .8 an up , then you enter the world , but that was 12 hours ago now. I realized I was in the world when I laid down for bed an the fucking walls started moving lol then I looked at the ceiling an there where neon something’s idk what they were but they we’re all neon color an running around my ceiling, remember I said this was 12hours ago right? Well here’s where problem # 1 meets problem #2 , problem #1 is I’m in Molly world at 12 am an problem #2 is I’ve got to be to work at 8 smh , so after trying to sleep which is impossible in the world cause there’s so much shit happening around you so I pop another one to get me through the night . now it’s time to go to work an I’m high as a fucking idk something I’m just fucking hi as shit 😎 but here’s the last problem I got , in order to make it through the work day without becoming a zombie from this mean come down I would have I’ve got to eat more which I did bout a hour ago an man I’m fucking hi high very fucking high , hopefully that last pop will get me to 5 pm, it’s 1238 pm as I write this crazy letter to the people of the tumblr world , oh shit I 4got to tell y'all how I accidentally sent myself to Molly world, well I just had more in my pops last night than I thought smh guess that’s what I get for thoughtin smh lol , if you don’t know how to handle your drugs to good or have a weak mind I wouldn’t recommend going to Molly world , some crazy shit happens over there on that side of life lol