99% of the population is not going to get this, but in San Francisco we have a mandatory 10 cent charge for bags, and the money goes to environmental funding. All well and good, but esp in a tourist-heavy place like where I work, you get bizarre reactions that we charge for bags pretty much constantly. 

Yo dude, you have a dime hidden in your couch cushion and you don’t care about that. Relax. 

I’m futzing around with different ways to do the comic, I think the bitmap/screentone look is pretty cute! May stick with that for a while :)


“Let me tell you something my father told me. Look at the stars. The great kings extinct Megafauna of the past look down on us from those stars.”

Well I spend a good chunk of time the past couple days creating a pattern of sparkly Megafauna in the sky. No regrets!!!

Apologies to anyone who actually studies or knows things about prehistoric animals. I just cherry-picked the ones I wanted to draw.

Featured: Irish Elk, Smilodon, Glyptodon, Wooly Mammoth, Paraceratherium

I could draw extinct mammals forever, they’re so strange and fascinating!!!


I’ve gotten really into lingerie lately so I knew it was my duty to draw ladies in pretty under things. I’m sure I’ll be doodling more later…I never use gouache but I found this old brown paper sketchbook at home during the holidays and I thought it might be fun to play with.

So uh, Toril started doing this thing where she anthropomorphizes her bike Makihana (and is gonna be selling sexy mini comics about said bike at TCAF).

It’s super bizarre but also GREAT? And I really wanted an excuse to draw a bike as a sexy dude because cycling lycra is the BEST. But I got sad because I don’t own a bicycle. 

But. Then I realized…


A friend of mine gave me Cranbrook who has been through Burning Man and is too heavy to ride but IT’S A YELLOW CRUISER WITH PINK FLOWERS how could I resist?!

So of course, this happened:

Yuuuuup. Blame Toril.

Hey folks…

I’m working on a lil’ comic starring these witchies, of whom I posted sketches of a couple weeks ago. Newsflash, comics are HARD and take a LONG TIME, so I’m really trying to get it done by next week. This is kinda my first attempt at a fiction comic in a while, so I’m mostly looking at it as a learning opportunity! 

Anyway, I also haven’t had characters to dress up in a while so I decided to do the obvious: draw em in crop tops. 


For some reason, Zoids popped into my head recently. I watched it a lot as a kid! Though I couldn’t tell you one thing about the plot besides giant robot animals. I looked up the characters again and this is the unfortunately-named Bit Cloud, and I gotta say I love the costume design in this show. Can’t deny the beauty of strange chopped up futuristic 80s party-wear meant to be worn in desert combat. He literally has the worst hair, though.