When I was younger I had to drop out of high school so I could work full time and because the circumstances I was facing didn’t allow me to continue. This month I’m turning 19, and my goal is to finish high school by the time I turn 20!

Right now I am taking AP Biology 30, and AP Social Studies 20, through Alberta Distance Learning Centre. I still have 10 courses left to complete high school. Please don’t be shy to message me, I’m new here and would love to meet new people! 💛

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What are your thoughts on those 4chan threads, what with their thread themes and reaction memes? I've been creating the majority of them over the past couple of months to leverage the recent chapter developments and increase visibility/readership. I hope that they've been beneficial in some appreciable way or, at the very least, amusing. - ThreadAnon

Veronica: Get rid of the forced memes and obnoxious thirsty furries that plague all the other animal webcomic threads and they’d be pretty ace lmao

Were you the ThreadAnon who used to pick a theme song for each thread? I thought you were absolutely top-notch and was sad to see you go! It did help create some kind of community even if it didn’t take very long to devolve into xD xD Mollyposting after that :(

I read a bunch of webcomic threads and kicking them off with an attempt to discuss some plot or character is always better than aimless fighting, so I appreciate that you tried! And it did work! We definitely have a lot more visibility because of your effort, and we’re happy for everyone who sees the threads and gets the itch to figure out what the anime drama cat comic is about! Especially if they post readthroughs and start arguments!