Avenging Angel (1985)
Kadun enkelin kosto (Nordic Video Ab, Oy)
“Elokuvan hyvännäköisestä kostonenkelistä, Molly Stewartista ei ikinä uskoisi, että hän on viittä vaille lakimies.Ainakaan sitä ei olisi uskonut muutama vuosi sitten, kun tyttö luuhasi kiireissään Hollywood BUlevardin liepeillä.Mollyn poimi kadulta prostituoituja jahtaava Adrew-niminen poliisi, jonka kanssa tyttö ystävystyi, ja joka pani tytön opiskelemaan.Tuskin Molly olisi koskaan enää Hollywood Bulevardiin päin katsahtanutkaan, ellei olisi tapahtunut sitä, mitä tapahtui.Molly siis palaa kadulle. Ottaa vanhan nimensä - Angel, mikä sopii tilanteeseen hyvin - ja ryhtyy kostamaan ystävänsä puolesta.”

I wanted to hold my rogue about everything but @kylieiskyle is someone I care about ….. For one they claim people are bullying loop meets black women girl aka mollyn but look at this smh… Accept the fact that your “boss” (they’re are her minions) doesn’t care about you if she did she wouldn’t have you making a fool out of yourselves… She’s a fetish for Asian men, she’s a pedo, and she’s fake…… I remember when we were cool she bullied @kylieiskyle and she crying all she wanted to know was why they couldn’t be friends but she blocked her for no reason is that the way to act if you truly care for someone no….. Their even was a girl who wanted to make a jpolmeetsblackgirls mollyn messaged and told us she literally talked about the girl like a dog but than on tumblr acted like they were friends … blood is boiling she is a 26 year old women fucking with the emotions of young girls…. Don’t get wrong I use to like the page when I first found the page it was a black girl fan account page I thought it was cool since I had no self esteem to meet my idols but soon it turned into oh all I date are Asian boys , regular human accounts, and oh this person eats chocolate so he likes black girls….. This is so embarrassing they make us looks desperate and lonely…. Its funny how people say we’re jealous of her but she’s a 25 year old women befriending young girls making them feel wanted then tearing them down…. Its crazy when we decided to expose her for what she is we wanted to help other young girls so they won’t end up in a situation like so many girls before them even though y'all are spewing hate right I can do nothing but send y'all love and support and hope y'all open your eyes to the real I’m ranting but y'all know how passionate I am @aysiha @mberrynjie @omgitzida @strawbern @goddesslevel @aiiyouu @black-kpop-fans @baozitop @bbybearnini @cognitavolare @cracker-jae @taestysuga @ghoulshik @jao43 @keyminseok @animelanin @ultrablackbutterflyfan @lastspringofthedecade @openmindedlove @princessslivi @raeis-khaleesi @suhosblackwife @traplordvernon @winniepeach @youngsenseii