I just ate a caramel apple doughnut….oh my god it tasted like a yankee candle! Not like I was eating wax though….please understand where I’m going with this….

Our lady bug had her yearly check up today where I brought up her hip issue with our vet. Without x rays it is hard for her to tell what is going on because her back and right hip were a little sensitive during the exam.
So Molly is scheduled for hip x rays on Monday that she will unfortunately have to be under anesthesia due to the way they have to move her legs around etc.
being so young my vet hopes that the acupuncture, diet, and possible physical therapy will work. When she started talking about the possible surgeries due to hip issues (including a full hip replacement) I just kind of blocked those out.
Fingers crossed for positive results on Monday!!!

*** cue total Corgmom nerves for the next few days!


Long Post Warning……

Clearly I can’t pick favorites but Molly girl will always hold a more special place in our hearts since she started us as a family.
As this goof ball was playing frisbee with me tonight I was thanking my lucky stars for her good health and even more for a husband who would do anything and pay anything to help our dogs.
Back in September when we started to notice her limping we didn’t think much of it but it got progressively worse SO fast! By the end of October she wasn’t walking, running, or going up steps. We carried her everywhere and tried to help her by getting acupuncture because we thought that would help with the discomfort.

In the back of my mind I know what it was but didn’t want to believe it because she is so young! But none to my surprise her vet confirmed what I though, bilateral hip dysplasia. She suggested aqua/physical therapy, we were kind of skeptical at first I’m not going to lie. But this week at therapy they showed me the original video they took at Molly’s consultation in December and I was balling ( buckets) of tears to see how much pain and discomfort she was in, I couldn’t believe how bad she really was. She had no sparkle in her eye she was honestly so sad and I could see the pain in her eyes.
Now almost 6 months later she has made a 99.9% recovery (she can do everything but jump off things, like furniture etc). She has her sparkle back I can see it in her eyes everyday. We will be forever grateful to her therapy center and their amazing staff for their constant dedication to Molly and all their other patients! They have truly been a blessing to us, I know it isn’t curable but we are glad we found a way to mange it for our Molly.
I hope other doggie families with the same problem find the amazing help that we did for their fur family!