This scene wrecked me. Like, do you see how proud Hak is of Yona? Do you see how he brags about her? This is one of my absolute favorite aspects of their relationship. Yes, he’s protective of her—she’s a princess and he’s her bodyguard, after all—but he also wants to show the world how strong and resilient she is and revels in her moments of badassery.  He doesn’t mollycoddle her (well, he usually doesn’t), doesn’t underestimate her or treat her like she’s incompetent, and constantly pushes her to her limits because he has the utmost faith in her capabilities. 

I love these two knuckleheads so goddamn much.

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Yes, yes. Nodding in agreement with you and your anons re the buffer role Oli provides in stunts. We've seen that Louis is nothing but professional even in unsavory circumstances (eg AGT). Stunting with DC is work. He turns up and delivers. He expects the same from everyone else being paid to work, including her. He's not there to make friends or mollycoddle people who are supposed to be professional. Oli provides a bridge that ensures that professional distance doesn't get visibly awkward.

Which is why he went to the doctor’s with Louis and Briana for that early photo shoot. Because what possible role did he have there other than as a comfort goat?

i sort of dont like the culture on tumblr of mollycoddling minors

a. i am not absolved of all responsibility because i am 17, b. you dont become an adult the day you turn 18 and c. people develop at very different paces and i would like for you to see me as an equal even though i may be Tiny to you thank you

also 16-yr-olds should be eligible to vote :–) 

we don’t need to respect opposing viewpoints, when those viewpoints not only deliberately ignore all evidence and logic, but would also, when put into practice, make everyone’s lives worse, including the people who hold the views.

as a culture, we need to stop the “impartial” mollycoddling of conservatives and fascists, and face up to the idea that some people are just straight up wrong.