One last comic before bed (and DCAF tomorrow! Come check it out if you’re in Halifax!)

Bedbugs are horrible, I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy, and you have my heartfelt sympathy if you’ve ever dealt with them. Don’t get me wrong, I will take spiders over those little bastards any day.

dc3 oblio: "Is that really what I use to look like? Olive skin tone?“

dc1 oblio: "Whats with the new hairdo….what happened to my highlights?”

“Why am I wearing armor on my legs…why am I wearing a gang bandanna on my leg?”

“What happened to my old jacket?”

“Why am I so sickly looking?”

“…Why am I bow-legged now…”

“…………….Is that a cape?

“What do you mean I only have one song in the new game?”

dc3 oblio: “Where my pants always that tight…”

i love aubrey’s hair and i love angel in general. so i drew them in my favorite outfits of theirs.

miss queen bee’s nails are drying and angel just wants to go over a new routine with her. i dont think hes ever been in that bad of a mood tho idk his face just drew itself like that. maybe thats his inner turmoil.