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Wait a minute, wait a minute.... YOU'RE Sykira? Omg! I love your fics so much! They are honestly some of the best I've ever read. You write Doctor and Donna so well and capture their voices perfectly. Sometimes your fics are hilarious and fun and make me laugh, and other times they're imbued with such a depth of feeling that it makes me cry. You're one of the reasons Doctor/Donna became my romantic otp!

*blushes like mad* Um yup…but this is like the first time I’ve been on here in months, I only tool around tumblr to stalk Nic usually, and tonight it was because I was starving for a Broadchurch fangirl fix *is obsessed to an unhealthy degree!* THANK YOU for your very very kind words! They are extremely timely <3 I am SO honored if I had anything to do with sucking anyone into the awesome that is Ten/Donna!
Seriously, thank you.

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Oh I love your reviews, it's like being there all over again!! And the NEW HAIR was magnificent! Oh she's so gorgeous!

Yay I’m glad. :D dlkfjdlkfj WASN’T IT? I DIED OMG. @_@

mollyapple said: Not an unpopular opinion at all. I couldn’t agree more.

I’m glad people agree with me, I just expected him to actually think of her, he didn’t even look bothered, it looked like he’d forgotten :(

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Hi! This is Molly, I introduced myself this evening, sorry if I made a fool of myself, I just wanted to say hi and to thank you for all your fabulous posts and pictures, they have kept me going until I could get here myself, and now I can finally post my own!! Course I fail at Tumblr so no one will ever see them probably! Anyway, sorry if I was a bit geeked out, I think you are awesome and I am glad I got to finally meet you and share the Catherine love!

Oh hiya! Don’t worry about it, pretty sure I was the awkward one. Sorry about that, I think I was a bit flustered/distracted at the time. Plus I’m still not used to people recognising me. XD
So glad you got to come over and see them though! Aw thank you, and I’m glad my photos were a help in the mean time.

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Hi! Thank you SO much for the d/l of DT's bits of the Noughties thing, wonderful! VERY much appreciated, I'm in the US so cannot get the Ch4 thing to work :/ Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, for this, and for so many other things, seems I am always reblogging you!

You’re most welcome. I’m glad I can help you! :)

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Campaign to make a person happy: send this for the 10 tumblrs that you most admire, if you receive it 3 times or more consider yourself loved! (。♥‿♥。) xx

awww thank you this made my night. *huggles*