Ladies of Sherlock panel

This MIGHT have been my favorite panel. It was fantastic. Una was a doll, Lara Pulver was funny and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS OH MY GOD, and Loo was clearly so passionate about what she does and the fans and she talked on and on, haha.

-Someone asked what they all thought their character’s relationship with John was. Lara said that Irene got “in the way of the happy couple” and that she was glad he “offered up Hamish.” She also said that filming the Battersea scene was her favorite filming experience of all time and particularly liked that scene. Una said that Mrs. Hudson was glad someone was making Sherlock happy and she was a bit disappointed that John got married. Loo didn’t say much about it.
-Una said that Mrs. Hudson is very heavily based on how she treats her three sons. Dawww.
-Once Una accidentally said “Mrs. Watson” instead of “Mrs. Hudson.” Everyone started joking about John/Mrs. Hudson and Loo joked, “A new ship sails.”
-Loo said that Molly was in love with Sherlock for no particular reason, that love just sometimes happens and you can’t explain it. She also referred to Molly’s love for Sherlock as “unrequited” throughout the panel.
-They all gushed about how fantastic the crew is, especially Arwel and Sarah who works with costumes.
-Someone asked about feminism and female roles in the industry. They all agreed that the situation could definitely be better. Una said that she kind of understands why there are less roles for older women and that most people want a younger woman around. Loo interjected that she thinks that’s “bollocks,” and that they don’t include older women in productions because they’re at a point that men “no longer want to have sex with them.” She went on about how important she finds this issue for quite a bit. Rock on, girl.
-Oh also Loo was fiddling with her phone and talking pictures of the audience throughout the panel, haha.
-Someone asked about the audition process for Sherlock. Una was just straight-up asked to be Mrs. Hudson. Lara sent in videos of her playing scenes, and within 72 hours she was in London reading for the writers, producers, and Benedict. Apparently within the hour afterwards, Benedict had emailed the writers saying that they had found their Irene Adler.
-There was a night shoot when she, Martin, and Benedict played a word association game called “Mallet’s Mallet” where she ended up bonking them on the heads with empty water bottles at 3 in the morning.
-When asked where she would like the writers to take Molly, Loo said she didn’t know and that they’re better off killing her off. She doesn’t actually want that, obviously, but she feels like Molly has already had some pretty good character development and she’s not sure where they can take her next.
-On what would happen if Irene and Molly ever met: Lots and LOTS of suggestive glances between Lara and Loo. “I’m open~,” Lara said.

It was a REALLY fantastic panel, I love them all so much!


Animal Crossing sculptures made by me
Photographed by my father

They are handmade, no molds were used. They are made of Super Sculpey Firm and Apoxie sculpt over a wire armature and painted with acrylics. The base is made of wood and is also painted with acrylics.


Molly, you’re screwed up.

  • *221B*
  • Anderson:*walks in on Sherlock & Molly snogging*
  • Anderson:*gaping* Oh my God!
  • Sherlock & Molly:*abruptly separate*
  • Sherlock:*breathing heavily* Philip-
  • Anderson:*grinning* Are you two getting back together?
  • Sherlock:We never bro-
  • Molly:*elbows him*
  • Sherlock:*quickly* Uh, no. No, we're not. Molly was just...looking for her keys.
  • Molly:*blushing; pats her pockets* Yes, I brought over some parts and lost my, um, keys...
  • Anderson:*smirks* Did you check the bedroom?
  • Sherlock:*narrows his eyes* Don't you have work to do?
  • Anderson:*sighs; gestures file* Yeah, yeah, I just brought this over. Have fun 'not getting back together' *chuckles; leaves the flat*
  • Molly:...
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Sherlock:*thoughtful* I don't think we did check the bedroom.
She’s very capable in the job she’s doing, and she’s also rather respected and yet she just crumbles in the face of this one guy who is a bit of an asshole about it.
—  Benedict Cumberbatch on Molly Hooper