I’ve been wanting to do a good piece for The Last Unicorn for ages and ages and ages… got to go see the TOUR tonight, and found my inspiration! (Was an absolutely wonderful time, btw, highly recommended if you’re a fan. c:)

Molly will be my favorite, forever, and this movie AND the book will always be at the tippy-top of my formative influences.

The Last Unicorn astrology..

The Last Unicorn/ Amalthea: Pisces

Schmendrick: Virgo

Molly Grue: Sagittarius

Prince Lir: Cancer

King Haggard: Capricorn

Mommy Fortuna: Cancer

The Skeleton: Gemini

The Cat: Scorpio

The Butterfly: Libra

*Note: I was conflicted between Capricorn and Aries for Haggard. And you should all watch The Last Unicorn if you haven’t already, it’s been my favorite movie since I was a little girl!