Daughter of a wealthy couple, Dr. Daryl and Lucille Cartwright. Molly’s parents are affluent supporters of the anti-mutant movement after they lost their younger son, Nathan ‘Nate’ Cartwright, to an attack on a clinic that was forcing mutants to take the cure. 

 After her brother was killed and her family started their vendetta against mutants, Molly took up Nate’s research and became a mutant rights activist, dropping out of her senior year at an Ivy League school to move back and follow her work.

Her parents naturally disapproved. But Molly continued her efforts until she met a mutant drifter, Victor Creed, in a local bar and took up with him in his adventure to find his little brother. 

 Molly is tough and passionate about her work, but having grown up in a sheltered, wealthy home, she knows little about the rougher side to life and how to survive on the road. Enter Victor, who takes her under his wing and teaches to defend herself, while also encouraging some bad habits. Her generally good outlook balances out his darker side as she helps him gain some humanity, and they become a valuable team. 

 [played by Angelina Jolie]


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