Chapter 32 - A Novel Romance by EventHorizon

Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms

Rating: Mature

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes & Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Characters: Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Anthea, Philip Anderson

Additional Tags: mystrade, Mycroft the Mystery Writer, Greg the Film Star, First Meetings, and a wealth of other firsts, Enemies to Friends to Lovers


Mycroft Holmes is a successful, yet reclusive, mystery writer whose books have topped bestseller lists for years. Mycroft’s agent, Anthea, nearly had to resort to torture to persuade the writer to allow a studio the rights to film one of his books and he only agreed after a section was added to the contract that gave him final say on the choice of actors to play the detective in his novel. The studio wants the highly profitable and extremely sexy Greg Lestrade for the role, but Mycroft isn’t happy with the choice, since Greg’s films don’t fit the more cerebral tone of the novel being filmed.

Greg, however, is desperate for the role, as he’s wanted to break out of the pigeonhole he’s been confined to, acting wise, and truly get the chance to show his skills as a serious actor. The studio finally pulls Greg from a publicity tour for his latest film and sends him to Mycroft’s remote country home to do some persuading. Once there, after getting to know the secretive, brilliant and slightly-eccentric Mycroft Holmes, Greg isn’t certain which ranks higher on his persuading list - him getting a role he dearly wants or him getting a man he dearly wants. One of those however, might be winning by a nose…

Mycroft has a little chat with Janine that ends on somewhat an interesting note…

*Molly arrives home*

Jim: Hi sweet, how was your day?

Molly smiling: So good! You’ll never believe in what I found on these guy stomach…

Jim and Molly: A FIDGET SPINNER!!


Jim kissing her forehead: What I wouldn’t do for you Molly mine… No need to thank me.

Little gestures

- Person A getting really annoyed with their tangled headphones and person B just taking them off them and doing it for them

- Person A watching person B sleep and feeling like there is nothing wrong in the world.
      + Person B knowing that they’re doing this but letting them anyway.

- Person A giving up their seat for person B. 

- Person A playing with person B’s hair when they sense they are anxious to calm them down.

- Them both being alone together and eating dinner but still playing footsie like 12 year olds.

- Person A seeing that person B’s shoelace is undone and instead of telling them, they just do it themselves.

- The way that person A looks at person B when they both get a reference to a private joke.
    + them bursting out laughing and everyone else not knowing what’s going on.

- Person A coming home to dinner made by person B.

- Person A + B stargazing together and talking about their future plans together and what they want to call their children.