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have some more “YAT” images from muh DA

and yeah, Molly’s adopted :>

«If you love me then let go of me
I won’t be held down by who I used to be»

fanmix: Sherlock Holmes x Molly Hooper

  • Of Monsters And Men – Black Water
  • half moon run – she wants to know
  • Muse – Space Dementia
  • Archive – Things Going Down-Hatchet
  • Banks – Waiting Game
  • Hurts – Weight Of The World
  • Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind?

Roses are red,

I’ve never planted a daisy

I didn’t want to make a backgrounds so this looks super duper lazy

I never posted a pic of Nahele and Buck’s mom but here she is with the twins back in the day. No idea what they’re all dressed up for but let’s be real mom looks good (and slightly concerned for Nahele’s sake). It looks boring, plain, and amateurish, but that’s life :1

Also they have tails now. Dolphin tails. I really wanted them to have tails. My life is complete.

“It’s a kigurumi! It’s cute, don’t you think?”

“I feel like I’m cuddling Monroe”

Molly is slowly devolving into a weeb but dang it I put her in an idol costume before you should have seen this coming.

Also the lines keep getting lost in her skin. I gotta figure out how to make them lighter and neater without making her face look weird.




So years and years ago on Deviant art there was a challenge floating around where you had to put your music playlist on shuffle and draw the first thing that comes to your head. You could only draw within the time of each song. No skipping, no pausing, no rewinding. You can’t finish within one song you just go straight to the next. It’s fun and I do it every few months because dang it’s satisfying (even though I totally cheated with the “warm up”)

Was totally feeling it towards the end! Then everything went belly up :P



Molly Monster is a preschool series that has a same-sex couple in the form of Molly’s uncles Alfredo and Santiago.

Disregard everything I say. It turns out they are actually related. This is like Marnie was Here. I’m  so sorry for deceiving you like that. 

That is some relationship writing fumble up here.

10 films for your ‘Back to school’

I made this list to inspire you for your first year of high school, college, or maybe your last year or whatever. I hope you enjoy these and have a good time! 

1. The Breakfast Club (1985)

Dir. John Hughes

A 1980´s classic that everyone should watch regardless of being a student. The high school stereotypes gather and make us see who they really are, bringing this beautifully crafted cinematic piece. Ah! And an amazing soundtrack that you´ll have stuck in your head for days.

2. Clueless (1995)

Dir. Amy Heckerling

The favorite amongst the beauty and style bloggers. This 90′s piece is why today’s ‘chick flicks’ are having a major struggle! Cher Horowitz set a very high bar. The high school experience that you won’t like to miss.

By the way, who doesn’t want to see a young and handsome Paul Rudd?(Ant-Man)

3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

Dir. Chris Columbus

This is the ultimate school experience. I bet you are secretly, still, waiting for your Hogwarts letter. (I am… but I guess is quite late. I’ll wait foe Gandalf…)

The coolest people, the coolest teachers, and the most amazing dinning room. We all want to go there, and you too. Don’t deny it.

4. The School of Rock (2003)

Dir. Richard Linklater

Jack Blace aces this film as a substitute teacher, who gets kicked out of his band. 

Who wouldn’t like to have a teacher who brings his SG to class and give you awesome music as homework? 

5. The House Bunny (2008)

Dir. Fred Wolf

TheUnited States of America and their college experiences. The ‘all-american college experience’ is my favorite thing to watch. This is nor entirely what happens but I guess is quite close. Anyway, Anna Faris is my comedy queen and if you love Emma Stone, maybe you’ll like this.

6. El Estudiante (2009)

Dir. Roberto Girault

This is a mexican film, definitely worth watching. 

A 70 year-old man decides to go to a university (yes, to study there). He meets with the youth and notices theres a great lack of romance and values among them, so he teaches them a bit of the ‘old-fashioned’ romance; the young learn from him, and he learns from them. You’ll cry, I assure you that!

7. The perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Dir. Stephen Chbosky

There’s been a wave of book-to-film adaptations, but I personally think this one is of the very few worth watching and high quality, besides being beautifully made. 

The best of this film with Logan Lerman and Emma Watson, is that both duties of scrip and direction are performed by Stephen Chbosky, who happened to write the novel with the same name. 

8.  Pitch Perfect (2012)

Dir. Jason Moore

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are the key pieces of this recent musical. It’s not that cheesy and actually fun. (And better than Glee, sorry!

Oh! and the soundtrack is awesome, you’d want to try Anna Kendrick’s music number! (in case you haven’t already)

9. Monsters University (2013)

Dir. Dan Scanlon

Pixar is a master in animation and in making beautiful stories. This is beautifully made and deserves more recognition. 

I believe tis is one of the best college experiences there is. Who said animations was only for kids?  

10. 22 Jump Street (2014) 

Dir. Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill get together once again in this undercover cop thing. But in college. 

This is a crazy film with the best comedy. You never get bored, there’s a perfect balance with the action scenes. I even think is better than the first one, and liked it better than the first one.

You’ll have a good laugh, I promise.

*Pictures are form*

“Oh well this episode will be shitty anyway-“

[Sherlock]: “Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.”

[Mrs Hudson - aside from being a badass]: “He needs you”

[John fucking Watson]: “No, he needs someone else”

[John ‘I don’t know what to feel about him’ Watson]: “Why don’t you call Mycroft or Molly”

[Number one johnlocker on board]: “They don’t matter. You do”

[Mr. High as a kite]: Freaking drank from a vase

[The only one stays dead in the show]: “Yes, he is a monster. But he’s OUR monster”

[Molly ‘I slapped you once don’t think I won’t do that again’ Hooper]: “I’m stressed. You’re dying”

[Mary deserved better]: “The game is on. Do you still miss me?”

[John ‘I don’t know what to feel about him’ Watson]: beat Sherlock into a bloody pulp

[Sherlock]: “He’s entitled. I killed his wife”

[My dear poor tortured boy]: “I’m scared of dying”

[Sherlock ‘taking “I’m ready to die for him” to a whole new level’ Holmes]: “I don’t want to die”

[I forgive him I FREAKING FORGIVE EVERYTHING]: “No. I’m not okay. I’ll never be okay. I just accepted it”

[The true founder of adlock fandom]: “The posh boy loves the dominatrix. Ohh he doesn’t know how terribly cliche that is”

[Shipping adlock since day one]: “Text her. Just text her. That chance will be gone before you know it”

[I forgive him I FORGIVE HIM MY POOR SMOL BOY I’M SORRY]: broke down crying

[True love, and no, I did not just mean it as only romantic love]: took John in his arms the awkwardly tucked him in his chest. “It’s okay”

[Bus lady aka Eurus aka THE FUCKING MISTERY BROTHER]: “Don’t you think Mycroft’s secret brother might just be his secret sister?”

Me: Call the ambulance, alert the authority, I’m having cardiac arresttttttttt

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