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For those who kept asking, they finally bought a version they liked!!

Elliana Walmsley - Breathe

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molly long choreo

One of the things I really want to see in s4 is Molly Foster. I don’t need much, I just want to see that she’s okay and happy. She’s so precious and amazing and she deserves to be so happy. I love Molly Foster so fucking much. Protect her at all costs.

  • Molly: It's quiet.
  • Ginny: Yeah the kids are upstairs playing.
  • Molly: It's too quiet...
  • Ginny: What are you trying to say mom?
  • Molly: Here's a little advice dear... If the children are quiet, something valuable is probably broken... and with the reincarnation of a Marauder up there... you might want to run...

after the war Narcissa starts sending Harry annual birthday presents and Christmas cards and at first it really freaks Harry out because a Malfoy??? but then he starts to get used to it and always sends her thank you letters and holiday family cards and they actually have a very lovely relationship this is 110% canon you can’t tell me otherwise

as excited as I am about this, I just don’t think this was their first kiss?? Mal and Molly are so chill about this one and you know that their first kiss would be all nervous and squirmy, and not…kinda….ordinary(?) like this one.
They have literally zero chill when it comes to the other person so i doubt their first kiss would be this normal


I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY SHARE THE SECRET MOLLY AND I HAVE BEEN KEEPING!!! This is Tessa. Many of you may know her story, but many of you may not. Tessa is living with and fighting Neuroblastoma. She is one of the most brave people I’ve ever known and she’s only 8! I am truly inspired by and admire her courage and strength. Tessa LOVES Taylor!!! Shortly after I offered Molly a package, I learned that Tessa is her cousin. I knew that I had to send Tessa a package which was possible thanks to Molly’s help! Molly told Tessa’s mom about what I wanted to do and when I shipped Molly her package I also sent her Tessa’s. Molly sent Tessa’s package onto her so that it was a complete surprise for Tessa! I included a three page letter explains to Tessa why she was receiving this package and how it was made possible thanks to Molly! This is Tessa with her package and I couldn’t be happier! I am so grateful to @pittstick for all of her help!! I am also so grateful to Tessa and her mom for allowing me to do this and know her story. She is such an amazing young lady and I hope one day she gets to dance along side Taylor!!


Molly: Ok now that mom and dad are gone I’m less nervous… Who should I pick Marceline?!

Marceline: It sounds like you have a safe choice and a bit or a risk… can you live with two people who are mischievous… questionable values..? Could you live with someone like mom for the rest of your life?

Molly: I could live with mom forever! I love seeing people happy! Kasia is so talented and sweet…

Marceline: I don’t think there is anything about either of them that make people unhappy… You just have to choose who is best for you Molly… maybe think alone for a bit and I’ll keep the girls busy… you have to be leaning one way or another you just need some silence…

So when my mom got home today, after she sat down I was like “Okay don’t have a heart attack” so obviously that freaked her out and she’s like “What???” so I told her Lin cut his hair and she just. Processed that for a long moment and said “Okay” and went up stairs. And like 10 minutes later I just hear her yell “BUT IT WAS LIKE LONG BEAUTIFUL SILK” omfg

262. Ginny wore her mother's dress on her wedding, not for tradition or lack of money, but because both got married heavily pregnant.

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Any thoughts on Molly Hayes being swapped for Molly Hernandez?

I wonder how will Marvel try to handle the difference between comics and the show. Will they pull out something akin to DC’s two Wallys, or just do some retconning - you could easily say Hernandez was the maiden name of Molly’s mom. I think this would be a similar instance to Kyle Rayner, who was created as a white character and then Judd Winnick would reveal his father is a Latino.