I might have binge-watched my way through my sick days, and this may be the result of an evening’s work, that may have been interrupted briefly for Only Connect. Hope you like it?

He waits in the dark for her. Which is, admittedly, a touch dramatic, but she must expect that of him by now, surely.

It’s half past eight when he hears the key turn in the lock, inhales the scent of a meal for one from the Chinese takeaway, and hears her kick off her shoes in the hallway. Almost immediately, the tremor in his hand quells.

When she switches on the light, she lets out a little shriek, nearly dropping her dinner. Thankfully, all those years wielding a scalpel mean her reflexes are top notch, and it’s something he makes a note of, and files away for future reference.

“You scared me,” she breathes, and he can almost feel her heart pumping in her chest, though he senses it’s not quite as rapid as his own.

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs. He looks up at her, the skin of his throat slick with sweat, and the glare from the light makes him squint. Upon getting a good look at him, she must make her own rapid deductions, because she dumps her takeaway on the coffee table, and switches on the floor lamp, before she heads back to the doorway to flip the light switch off.

“Have you taken anything?” she asks, avoiding his gaze. Apparently she wants to hear it from his own mouth before she gauges whether he’s lying or not.

“No,” he says, pulling at his shirt collar. “That’s the problem.”

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Okay but...

According to @ohscorbus Scorpius is always pulling his sleeves down over his hands in the play… So imagine Albus secretly asking Molly to make the sleeves a bit longer when she knits Scorpius’s Christmas sweaters and Scorpius opening them in delight Christmas morning and Albus blushing and smiling in satisfaction when he sees him pull the sleeves all the way down over his hands.

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I'm watching the debate and banging my head on my laptop.

This debate was ridiculous omfg I’m so…

Hilary hitting him with “You live in your own reality” and creating a freaking online fact-checker for people to use during the debate???? Amazing.

Trump insulting politicians again and again, ignoring the fact he is running and hoping to become a politician himself????

“I will release my tax returns when she releases her 33,000 deleted emails!” THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS

“Stop and Frisk was ruled illegal in New York-” “No, you’re wrong!” “Actually I’m not, it was found to be unconstitutional-” “YOU’RE WRONG.”

Trump interrupted Clinton so much and apart from a few slipups where she interrupted him back I’m genuinely impressed she didn’t rip out the microphone and beat him with it on stage because that’s what I would’ve done.

Seriously tho Trump just kept telling her and the moderator they were wrong??? And gave no evidence to back up his claims??? Meanwhile the moderator has carefully researched questions he’s reading and Hilary gifted us with the fact checker @Trumpnado you can’t just talk louder than people and hope that makes you right???

Hilary may be shady but she actually answered the questions with competent answers, Trump broke off on tangents and contradicted himself and changed topics and got annoyed when it was pointed out he hadn’t actually answered the question omfg.

He insulted her for not coming to Philly???? She has been to Philly multiple times???? The freaking DNC was here??? All Trump did was eat a cheesesteak?????

“I think you just insulted me for preparing for this debate. You know what else I’m well prepared for? I’m prepared to be President.” DAMN YOU KNOW IN HER MIND SHE DROPPED A MIC SO FUCKING HARD

“I was the only person who got Obama to produce his birth certificate.” Yeah Trump sure but that’s because there was a fair amount of smart, non-racist people that know that fucking Hawaii is part of the USA.


Also the audience kept breaking the rules and reacting bless. Oh gosh there’s so much more to freak out about but this debate was so. Why. Just so much.

#EatTheRare Fic Roundup: Hannibal Rarepairs

The creativity of Fannibals isn’t just showcased by matching Hugh characters and Mads characters.  Check out these amazing,inventive,and occasionally diabolical pairings of Hannibal’s finest cast!

The Roundups will be broken into Mads/Hugh pairs, Hannibal Rarepairs, and a special category shoutout for Femslash Rarepairs, because WOW!! NICE JOB FANNIBALS!!!  There will be separate posts for Art and Fic, for a total of six, and then we will sent out one final post with all of the post links.

Thank you to @camilleflyingrotten for the wonderful banner!

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wow you really like goosebumps

You don’t even KNOW, anon, omfg.

Listen, for 3rd-8th grade I went to a really small Catholic school (at any given time there was never any more than, like, 180 students. The entire student body could comfortably fit in the small cafeteria/gym and my graduating class was the largest in the school with 19 kids). So our school library was kinda small and old and decrepit, but in a very charming way that just gave off this great and comfortable aura, and the aesthetic was kinda killer. The only library I have never felt inexplicitly anxious in. So anyway, it was stockpiled with these old, falling apart, well-loved books in every nook and cranny, because there weren’t even enough shelves for everything they had omfg. Despite the size and general quality, the school wanted access to every book kids could possibly want or need - educational books, geography books, books about space, the Harry Potter series, little kid picture books, oceanography books, Nancy Drew series, Hardy Boys series, basically any books you’d expect to find in a library that wasn’t the approximate size of a master bedroom.

So like the setup of the room was there was a little ‘reading area’ for the younger kids with all their books, two or three shelves next to that, and on the other side a couple folding tables for when the older kids had Library Class with two or three shelves lining the walls behind all this. The Librarian’s desk/check out area was right in front of the tables. Okay, so, by the time I’d started having class there, I had already had a reputation as a big reader (I usually brought my own books to school to read between breaks or if I finished work early). So my third grade teacher had told the librarian about me and she was all excited to meet a mini-book nerd, so she helped me look for books I wanted to check out after class (we usually had like ten minutes to look around and take out/return books). Problem was, I wasn’t really finding anything that peaked my interest, because she didn’t think an 8 year old should be attempting the ‘older books’ yet, and the only books she could come up with for my ‘advanced reading level’ were Nancy Drew books, but I have a tendency to solve mystery novels by chapter 3, so…wasn’t feeling that. So we were both growing a little discouraged. She then had to go help another student with a Dewy-Decimal related question so I started wandering around (which didn’t exactly get me far, but hey.)

So I walk back over to the tables, and then my eye catches a tiny cart that was being used as a shelf, all on it’s own, tucked away in the corner between the window and the ancient radiator. All the books looked super worn out, but I went over to check it out.

This school had basically every book R. L. Stine has ever written omfg.

I had never read any of the books before, my only knowledge of the series prior was when I was five and sleeping over my Nanny’s house and my older cousin snuck me and her sister into our grandparents bedroom to watch ‘Night of the Living Dummy’ and eat a bunch of junk food without their knowledge. So when I saw all these books I was basically loosing it. This section seemed AWESOME.

So I read a bunch of the synopsis’s, grabbed like, 3 or 4 books and ran to get them checked out and the librarian was so surprised omfg. Apparently they had been tucked away in obscurity like that because no one had checked out any of them in years. I remember her and my teacher kept trying to warn me that some of them were really scary and I was like “Yes! awesome! I love scary!” which was clearly not an answer they were expecting to hear from a little girl that had a bunch of SpongeBob bandaids on and who had literally only bought a Crucifix for her bedroom because she was worried about vampires getting in. But apparently my clear excitement won out, and they let me check out the books.

So, I read them very enthusiastically and I remember trying to come up with theories for everything (I honestly don’t remember which ones I had most of the time but I can tell you every one I’ve ever read). I was reading every time I finished classwork, I was reading during recess, I was reading walking in the hallways, I was reading at home and in car rides. And I had *always* been a big reader, but this was the first time books had ever really grabbed my attention like that, I loved the creepy tales combined with humor and relatable kid narrators. I loved that even if I sometimes figured out the plot too fast, it could still keep me entertained, and that there were even a few that stumped me! I tore through those books fast, and by our next library class I returned them all, completed and thoroughly enjoyed, and then made a mad dash back to the little tucked away shelf with the rest of them to get a bunch more. I could sometimes get my two best friends to read some but it wasn’t really their style, so it was mostly me geeking out.

And it became, like, a thing???? Everyone in the school knew that I was the kid that loved Goosebumps and scary stories and all that stuff. Teachers I didn’t even know would come up to me and be like “I was doing some cleaning and I found this scary story book, do you want to borrow it?”. Whenever the Scholastic Book Fair came around I’d walk in and immediately have like 5 people pointing me to all the new kid horror anthologies and ghost books. And teachers would always have a couple entertainment books laying around the classroom each year, and I know for a fact my 5th grade teacher bought a bunch of ghost stories and books like “Scary Tales to Read in the Dark” just because she knew I would be there that year. It was really cool.

And THEN one year the Principal was trying to come up with more money and wanted all the library books people don’t check out that much to be sold at like, an auction or yard sale they were doing or something. So he went through the records and was like “Okay we sell all the Goosebumps and hopefully some collector will come along or something” but my librarian was a real MVP and was like “Molly checks them out every week??? She hasn’t even gotten through all of them yet!” and literally tried to fight him but he was firm they should be sold because only one student was reading them, as opposed to other books that get taken out often by most of the students.

So THEN, I don’t know if there was a mental group consensus or a newsletter sent out or something, but all the sudden every kid in my class and a few from other grades start checking out the freaking Goosebumps books! I’d be picking through the shelf in the library and they’d come up and ask me for recommendations, it was wild. And I could tell that a few of them, namely two guys in my class, went in with the mentality of ‘these are gonna be stupid books we can make fun of’ to ‘what the HELL THESE BOOKS ARE REALLY GOOD???’, it was so funny. They read a couple I hadn’t gotten to yet and had me too scared to read ‘Werewolf of Fever Swamp’ until I was in like 7th grade. But the point is, suddenly the school was in a Goosebumps phase and the principal couldn’t get rid of them all, it was great! I remember in the later years the school even bought some of the newer ones they hadn’t had before!

So obviously even though I’m now a tad too old to enjoy them in quite the same way I did when I was a kid, I still love the series deeply and have nothing but great memories tied to each of the books. If any of my future children even turn out an ounce like me, I’m buying a complete set so they can read them too. I saw the movie that came out last year in theaters, and GOD it was so cheesy but in, like, the best way possible. Cracked up the whole time and was nostalgic as hell for an entire month afterwards. Even if I did guess all the plot twists. (Honestly though do yourself a favor and check out the movie it’s not bad)

You didn’t ask for me to go a tangent about my childhood anon, but that’s what you got sorrynotsorry. Goosebumps were the best part of my younger years!