Over the course of the books, characters display a variety of reactions to hearing Harry’s name. Even Ron and Hermione are a little awkward at first.

But Molly Weasley’s reaction is very different from any of the other reactions we see, and hints at the role she’ll play in Harry’s life in later books

If you recall, Fred tells Mrs. Weasley that the black-haired boy they had met on the other side of the platform was Harry Potter. At this point, Harry is on the train, so Mrs. Weasley has no idea Harry can hear her through the compartment window.

But instead of the awe, dislike, or curiosity expressed by other characters, Mrs. Weasley’s first reaction is sympathy and concern.

She refers to him as “poor dear” and “poor boy,” and tells Ginny that Harry “isn’t something you goggle at in a zoo.” 

When Fred wonders whether Harry remembers what You-Know-Who looks like, Mrs. Weasley becomes “extremely stern” and forbids Fred from asking Harry about You-Know-Who, saying that Harry doesn’t need to be reminded of something like that on his first day of school.

While the rest of the wizarding world views Harry as the almost mythical boy-who-lived, Mrs. Weasley has always seen Harry as an orphan in need of homemade fudge, hand-knitted jumpers, and a loving family.

Give me angry Pansy pining after Draco who's pining after Harry who's pining after Ginny who's pining after Dean who's pining after Seamus who's also pining after Dean

Give me Pansy who tries something new every year to get Draco’s attention and being so angry when he doesn’t notice
Give me Draco ignoring Pansy because Potter is nearby and that Granger girl is far too close to him Pansy /look/
Give me Harry ranting to Hermione about Ginny because she’s been spending a lot of time with Neville, are they dating? And Hermione patiently explaining that, no, they aren’t dating because Luna and Neville are dating
Give me Ginny ranting to Luna about Dean because he’s always with /Seamus/
Give me Dean talking to Ron in a hushed voice in the common room at night about Seamus and how he totally likes me, right?
Give me Seamus having the same conversation with Ron the next morning at breakfast and being confused when Ron sighs and mumbles something about pining idiots

Give me eighth year friendships that turn into relationships
Give me Hermione and Pansy who try and get Draco and Harry together and end up having a fling. It doesn’t work out because Pansy starts thinking that maybe she doesn’t want a relationship
Give me Pansy who gets a dog and names it Clifford because what, Hermione, I’ve watched the show
Give me Draco and Harry who are pushing into a relationship by Pansy and Hermione and are reluctant at first, but then they realize that, hey, they actually work
Give me Ginny who gets even closer to Luna after the war and when Luna and Neville break up, is confused as to why she is relieved because she doesn’t like /Neville/
Give me Dean who draws Seamus in all his free time because he has a really nice smile
Give me Seamus finding the drawings and confronting Dean about them because these are /good/ but there are so many and how long has he been doing this?
Give me Seamus getting confused when Dean gets flustered because he doesn’t like him, right?
Give me Dean who kisses Seamus on the spot because it’s now or never
Give me Hermione who is fed up with all of this pining
Give me Ron who laughs harder everyday because these gay idiots have no idea they like each other
Give me Neville who ends up in a relationship with Hannah Abbot because she shares his love of plants and he really loved Luna, but more as a sister than anything

Give me Weasley dinners with Ron and Hermione, Draco and Harry, Neville and Hannah, Luna and Ginny, Dean and Seamus, Pansy and Clifford
Give me Molly going frantic because /so many jumpers/ and how do you even make a jumper for a /dog/
Give me couples swapping jumpers

Give me happy Hogwarts kids in happy, loving relationships

Eurus : i am a very bad person. i am a very very bad person. I am a horrible person.

Molly :

Mycroft :

John :

Irene :

Sherlock :

Jim :

Mary :

Greg :

Eurus : “no you’re not eurus. we still love you eurus.”


This isn’t the first time Polly’s run away from home. She was nine. She and my mom got in this huge fight and she disappeared for hours- the whole neighborhood was out looking for her.

A finished commission for @mizjoely​!

Sherlock has a bit of a ridiculous rivalry with Molly’s cat over cuddle time in Molly’s lap. Molly thinks it’s endearing but she still teases him about it: “Sherlock for god’s sake, he’s just a cat!”

“Yes but does HE know that?”

This made me laugh so hard when I drew it because Sherlock wrapped up in his sheet looked like some kind of little white butt-bean.

@picklesandsweetpea your commission is coming up next but tumblr won’t let me tag you properly. :(

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Sherlock: Molly Hooper, would you share this toothbrush holder with me?

Molly: I would love to [hugs Sherlock].

John: [from the back] Did we really need to be here for this?

Mary: Call me crazy but I find it moving.

It’s true that you continue learning about your spouse even many years into the marriage. For instance, I recently learned that at the job my husband had like 15+ yrs ago, the nickname his boss and workmates called him was “Meat.” 😆 Now despite the fact that this was based on him being a young, 6 ft, tan, and really fit guy, (Side note- yay me lol) unfortunately the word “meat” has now triggered a connection in my brain and I CANT STOP THINKING…

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