An Actual List of Colonial Names

I decided that I really wanted to find a new way to waste my own time, so I used this list of Founders to conduct an extremely unscientific poll. There are 140 men on that list, from all of the thirteen colonies, so at the very least there’s some geographic variety (an important thing to note is that every single one of these names belonged to a white Christian). I then surveyed the names of their wives—if they had multiple wives in their lifetime, I counted all of them, and if I really couldn’t find any record of a wife, I used their mother’s names. There are 171 names on that list. A lot of women went by nicknames, so I’ve noted the nicknames I’m certain were in use next to the names. 

The most popular male names are:

  1. John (22)
  2. William (14) [including a William Williams]
  3. Thomas (11)
  4. Richard (8)
  5. George (7)
  6. James (7)

Some of the odder male names are:

  • Button 
  • Caesar 
  • Eliphalet 
  • Gouverneur 
  • Gunning 
  • Titus

The most popular female names are:

  1. Mary (31) [Polly, Molly]
  2. Elizabeth (29) [Betsy, Bess, Eliza]
  3. Ann/Anne (21) [Nancy]
  4. Sarah (14) [Sally]
  5. Catherine (5) [Kitty]
  6. Hannah (5)

Some of the odder female names are:

  • Annis
  • Euphemia
  • Phebe
  • Mehitable
  • Huldah [apparently it means “weasel" or “mole”]

It’s pretty notable that the women here are far more likely to bear one of the more popular names (a lot of the guys married multiple Elizabeths). In fact, though 31 more women were included in my count, men still had 51 unique names to their 44.

61.4% of the women bore one of the 6 most popular names, while only 49.2% of the men could say the same. 

The names I haven’t mentioned are below the cut, along with the number of bearers, just in case you wanted a better sense of what kind of names people had around the time of the Revolutionary War. 

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Chamomile Tea

George Weasley x Reader

Harry Potter, Golden Trio Era
Summary: In order to get his mother off his back about his insomnia, George reluctantly heads out to go buy some tea that might help, but he finds something a lot more attractive than a box of teabags.
Characters (+Mentioned): Reader, George Weasley, Fred Weasley, Molly Weasley, Polly (OC), and Ava (OC).
Warnings: Mentions of Fred’s death, war, insomnia, sad George, and more death I guess?
A/N: And I, once again, suck at making good summaries, but anyways, this is genuine trash that I haven’t read over to check for mistakes. Sorry if there are any.

George never really liked tea all that much, the taste was occasionally bitter for him or maybe even way too sweet; even for a guy with a sweet tooth. But his mother insisted he buy a few teabags from the small tea store down the street from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. She had recommended that he go there because they had special teas that could help with almost anything.

He was beginning to have sleeping issues again, insomnia was his worst enemy at the moment and Molly kept telling him that he’d probably run away all his costumers because of how scary he looked; deep, purple bags under his eyes, disheveled hair and his eyes had lost their shine but they had been like that ever since he lost Fred in the war two years ago.

The tea she had mentioned, would apparently ease his nerves and allow him to get a good nights sleep so he wouldn’t feel as shitty as he did during the day…

He wrapped his jacket around him tighter, it was beginning to get a little colder now. He stopped for a moment after a child had ran past him towards the old wand shop with an excited look on his face, a woman following after him with a smile as she glanced around at all the odd stores.

The 1st of September was just a few days away and then another school year at Hogwarts would start. He strangely missed the place a lot, but who didn’t? It held several happy memories from when Freddy was still alive and they were pulling pranks and bugging students and teachers.

George’s eyes burned a little and he knew that the more he thought about his brother the more likely he was to break down in front of all these people and that was the last thing he wanted. He just needed to enter the little store and leave quickly, maybe if he drank one cup of tea in front of his mother—who had gone to stay with him for a little while, the Burrow was always very quiet since the rest of the Weasley kids had moved out—she’d stop nagging him so much about the stupid drink.

(Y/N) threw off the cap she was wearing and ruffled her hair a little, the hat making her scalp itch a little as she placed another box of green tea on the top shelf. She then rubbed her nose and began to stock the bottom shelf full of black tea.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around, shrieking and dropping a box on the floor. Her shoulders relaxed a bit when she realized it was only Ava, her co-worker.

“Merlin’s beard! Why’d you sneak up on me?!” (Y/N) cried out.

“You’re late. I wanted to make sure you were all right.” Ava let out a small chuckle and plucked the box up from the floor and put it back in it’s place before turning back to the face the other girl.

“Yeah, sorry. I woke up a little late today and I still had to buy flowers to go out on Polly’s grave.” Her voice got a little quiet near the end but she kept her smile. Turning around, she picked up a few more boxes of teas and placed them on the shelf.

Oh.” Was all the Ava could muster.

Polly was one of (Y/N) closest’s friends back during her time at Hogwarts. They had met in their first year during Herbology and had stuck together ever since then, people often at times mistaken them for sisters. It was until the Battle at Hogwarts that everything changed. (Y/N) had her back turned for one second and a Death Eater had come out of nowhere, she was suppose to have Polly’s back but the flash of green light was too much for her to bare and suddenly, Polly’s body was falling in front of (Y/N) like a marionette who’s strings had been cut.

Ava knew that they were very close, often at times (Y/N) would come late to work simply because she got sidetracked sitting near Polly’s grave and just talking to her gravestone…

“I have to go organize all the products in the back, you have everything under control here?” Ava said, eyeing a lady in the corner of the store who ripped off the plastic and opened a few of the boxes.

(Y/N) gave a nod and turned to the old lady who was making her to the counter to purchase a few teas. She made her way over and rung her up quickly.

The sound of the small bell on the door ringing gained her attention and she turned her head over to see a man stepping inside the store, his dark eyes gazing over the place. (Y/N) immediately recognized him as George Weasley who owned the cute little joke shop down the street, it was quite odd to see him without the other twin beside him but she knew indefinitely, that she’d never see the two of them together again.

Everyone had heard of the death of Fred Weasley, even if she didn’t personally known him, (Y/N) had grieved. She had grieved for the loss of a fellow Gryffindor, of a brave man who fought for what was right, she grieved for his twin brother who’d never be the same after losing his other half.

Her eyes looked over his distinctive red hair and then down to the small hole on the side of his face where his ear was missing.

“Hi, how can I help you?” (Y/N) spoke loudly so he would turn his head over and see her, his eyes seemed a little dull as he made his way over to her, a weak smile on his lips which was odd to see because the boy normally use to carry around a large smirk on his face back when they attended school.

The war changed people so much that it was unbelievable, no one smiled the same anymore or had the bright happy glow in their eyes, people had died just because a foolish wizard wanted to rule over wizards and muggles.

If you asked (Y/N), the Dark Lord was a pathetic excuse of a wizard.

“I’m looking for something that could help me sleep at night.” George said in a polite voice.

He expected the young girl to eye him mysteriously and question his sleeping habits like anyone else would, but instead she gave him a knowing look and stood up from the chair she was sitting on behind the counter and made her way across the store and down into an aisle, George following closely behind.

“Chamomile tea.” She pulled out a box and handed it over to him, his eyes looked over her features for a moment, as if to admire them before looking down at the box.

“Does this.. taste good?” He asked nervously before he glanced at her again, her small lips and cute button nose. He would’ve slapped himself then and there for creepily looking at her but he didn’t want her to think he was crazy.

“Yeah, it’s one of my go-to teas whenever I can’t sleep.” (Y/N) said with a sheepish smile.

“You have trouble sleeping?” He wasn’t really thinking, and he couldn’t hold himself back from asking a personal question to a girl he had just met today, but it slipped.

She didn’t seem offended or angry, she just gave him one of those little smiles that could light up the whole room; the tiny smile that also made his heart beat just a little bit faster.

“Everyone seems to have trouble sleeping, this tea is always out of stock because of how many people come in here to ask about it.” He finally noticed the faint purple eye bags under her eyes that were going away. “I’m sure it has to be because of the war, we’ve all lost something, whether or not it was a person. Battles always seem to change people.”

(Y/N) pressed her lips together for a solid minute after realizing that the handsome twin could probably care less about her ramblings, she also didn’t want to bring up his twin. She smiled and looked up at him before moving over to the counter to ring him up, before he made his way out the door.

It was needless to say that instead of drinking one cup and throwing the rest away, he found himself quickly finishing it all up just to go back and see her.

At one point though, George finally got the courage to go inside and instead of buying more tea, asked (Y/N) to come over and enjoy a nice cup together, with him.

And he’d like to imagine Freddy with a halo of heaven light around him, grinning down at George and congratulating him for moving on.
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anonymous asked:

Can you give me (and your followers) some random regency names for fics? Such as Lady Georgiana Conroy, etc etc because I've noticed some silly repetitions of Janes and Elizabeth's... and strangely enough all of the surnames are Fairfax 🤔 would be very nice of you.

You wanna know my Secret Surname/Title Trick?

Google maps, bro.

Zoom in to some random-ass corner of Britain if it appeals to you and grab some place-names. Maybe mix and match some beginnings and endings and see if you like how they sound. Bear in mind the changes that can be made to spellings, swapping out Ys for some vowels or adding Es to the end. I once wrote a fic where I wasn’t impressed by a Lord Cunningham, but Lord Conyngeham made me laugh as he should. Titles are often tied into place names, so anything ending in -ton, -ville, -ley/-leigh, etc. works well.

Surname/title ideas I’ve used:

Abberley, Romsey, Kincaide, Besswell, Meredith, Armstrong, Beckett, Osbourne, Knox, Bolton, Brydges, Roydon, Shaw, Ebbsgate, Oughterridge, Sothersby, Hawksley, Northcott, Selkirke, Devereux (French influence on English surnames could signify an old Norman ancestor, perhaps, as we might infer from names like Darcy.)

And there’s nothing wrong with being common! Litter your fics with Greys and Greens and Browns and Whites and Smiths and Taylors and Bakers and Fletchers and all the old occupational surnames. (Though these would be unlikely to be found among the higher echelons of old genteel and aristocratic society.)

For given names, there are the standard old ‘English’ names, but bearing in mind the mania for all things neo-classical, Greek and Latin-based names became very popular for girls at the time, too. Also consider if the family has any foreign influences or special interests which might prompt a more unusual name! I’ve put more common nicknames and shorter variations in brackets after some names.

Catherine (Kate, Katie, Cathy, Kitty,) Elizabeth (Lizzy, Eliza, Beth, Betty, Bess,) Jane (Jenny, Janet,) Mary (Molly, Polly,) Frances (Fanny,) Harriet (Hetty,) Theresa (Tess,) Maud, Ruth, Lucille/Lucilla (Lucy,) Sophie/Sophia, Sarah (Sally,) Louise/Louisa, Georgina/Georgiana, Antonia, Theodosia, Anne, Lydia, Rebecca, Edwina, Cora, Frederica, Alice, Rosanna, Aurelia, Julia/Juliana, Eleanor/Elinor (Nora,) Helen/Ellen (Nelly), Stella, Charlotte/Caroline (Lottie, Caro,) Margaret, Philippa (Pippa.)

Robert, Laurence, Theodore, Walter, Dominic, Stephen, James, Taliesin, Victor, Edward, Francis (Frank), John (Jack,) William, Henry, Charles, Martin, Timothy, Thomas, Edgar, Gilbert, Jasper, Elliot, Joseph, George, Nicholas, Anthony, Howard, Evelyn, Ivor, Alexander, Everett, Frederick, Arthur, Peregrine, Felix, Aldous, Paul, Phillip, Edmund, Owen, Richard (*note that Austen was consistently ripping on dudes named Richard in her writing, including going so far as to make a “Dick” joke about a jerk who bore the name.)

I used to rely heavily on the Regency name generator on the now-defunct website Stuff and Nonsense, but someone has saved it here. Several of the resulting name combos can come out a bit ridiculous in the line of Georgette Heyer novels, which don’t always feel realistic to me, but might be good for more comedic characters. And sometimes people do have ridiculous names.

I had a dream last night that was crossover leverage ot3 with daemons only Parker was Eliot’s daemon and still human and I’ve been thinking about it all day like

  • Parker not understanding how to be “normal” because she’s not actually human
  • Parker and Eliot pretending to be siblings, very terrifying siblings
  • Eliot buying them matching insect-daemon lanyards so people won’t question them in public (they would be so cute)
  • Parker being an amazing badass thief and Eliot like, welp guess I gotta do something to support this, and that’s how he becomes a hitter, to protect her
  • Hardison falling in love with Parker first and not realizing that he’s in effect also in love with Eliot
  • Parker telling Hardison he can touch her and Eliot being like, Parker wtf no, and Hardison like, hey man, the lady can make her own body autonomy decisions and Eliot like I will literally kill you
  • Eliot thinking that he’s a monster because of the things he’s done but Parker is his soul and she’s the best parts of him and if she can be human, he must be too

Also, Hardison’s daemon was a pig (because they are sloppy and messy but they are also adorable and cuddly and deceptively smart and clever. also I think my brain was just delighting in picturing Aldis Hodge cuddling a pig) whose name was Margaret, but he never called her that, it was always nicknames like Maggie and Molly and Peggy and Polly and Momo, etc. and since lots of people don’t know the origins of the nicknames no one ever figures out her real name (until someone hurts her and then Hardison yells out her name and everything hurts)


A Discworld playlist of all the songs referenced in Terry Pratchett’s Soul Music.

This is also a story about sex and drugs and Music With Rocks In.
…one out of three ain’t bad.
Actually, it’s only thirty-three per cent, but it could be worse.

1. Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes (“Don’t Tread on my New Blue Boots”)   |   2. The Beatles - Rock and Roll Music (“Give Me that Music with Rocks In”)   |   3. Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run (“Born To Rune”)   |   4. Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire (“Great Fiery Balls”)   |   5. Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly (“Good Gracious Miss Polly”)   |   6. Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven (“Pathway To Paradise”)   |   7. Big Bopper - Chantilly Lace (“Sto Helit Lace”)   |   8. Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode (“Sioni Bod Da”)   |   9. Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (“There’s a Great Deal of Shaking Happening”)   |   10. Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK (“Anarchy In Ankh-Morpork”)   |   11. Meat Loaf - Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad


Nicknames I call my pets more than their actual names:

Molly (cat):
Molly Polly
Molly Polly Ala Doodley Doddley
Moll boll

Megan (cat):
Meggy eggy
Meggedy eggedy
Megs and bakey

Mickey (cat):
Mickey moogey
Ginger biscuit
Mickey the dick
Ginger whinger

Misty (cat):
Misty LAAAAAADY (emphasis on the AAAAAAY)

Bean (cat):
Bean bag
Beanie baby
Lil bean
Bidge badge
Butter bean
Bitey bean
Runner bean

Harvey (dog):
Harvey marvey
Puppin squidge
Muppsles puppsles
Chocolate poopie (?)