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the signs as harry potter characters
  •  Aries: The Weasley Twins    Positive, determined, and extroverted, you’re the one everyone wants to be around. You’re ambitious and self-assured, and once you’re able to find a true passion — because if you don’t care about it, it’s not getting done — you have great capacity for success.
  • Taurus: Pomona Sprout (Professor)  Kindness, warmth, loyal and hard work! You are a cheerful grounded person. Your roots can grow in magical ways when you find where you belong. Enchantment with life is easy when you find your hobby.
  • Gemini: Draco Malfoy  You may present one version to yourself to those around you while maintaining an inner second, truer version at odds with your exterior. You’re a restless people-pleaser, and must be careful to keep your own goals and well-being in sight.
  • Cancer: Dobby   There is nothing more important to you than your family, and your home is a close second. Nurturing, caring, and emotional, you are set off if you feel your plans are failing you, or if you experience too much change. Deeply servile, loyal, and intuitive.
  • Leo: Harry Potter       You’re magnetically charismatic, destined for the spotlight. You want to be appreciated for your great efforts in caring for others. You can be stubborn, bossy, and a bit dramatic, but you’re also confident, strong, and a great, natural leader.
  • Virgo: Hermione Granger         Precise and perfectionist to your core, you’re a meticulous planner and an extraordinarily dependable ally. You refuse to accept anything less than excellence from yourself — at times going overboard to achieve it. You’re also a capable healer and a skilled conversationalist.
  • Libra: Minerva McGonagall     Talented, serious and intelligent. You can transform into someone else when needed be. People respect you as an authority figure for you earn it with grace. And while you do not make a big show of it you have a heart of gold!
  • Scorpio: Molly Weasley     You’re warm, kind and motherly and an expert at keeping order! And yet under that caretaker vibe you are a fierce warrior ready to protect the ones you love! Cooking and martial arts would be good outlets for you.
  • Sagittarius: Rubeus Hagrid         You might seem big and bad but secretly you’re a real softie at heart. You find it hard to relate to other people, which is why you love animals so much. Highly affectionate and extremely loyal you make a wonderful friend, just find people who appreciate it! Living in the woods brings you joy.
  • Capricorn: Voldemort                 Intense, intuitive, and … complicated, you’re a mystery to many of those around you. You’re naturally inclined to be suspicious and intolerant of those that challenge you — you can’t stand to be disagreed with. Rather than large social settings, you prefer a small-ish group of, uh, dedicated pals.
  • Aquarius: Lily Evans      Drawn to beauty and harmony with a warm heart. Though you can be known to break hearts with your enchanting presence. You can be fierce though when betrayed and show tremendous courage.
  • Pisces: Remus Lupin      To many you seem shy and closed- off, though you can transform into quite the wild creature when the time is right. Your true nature is kind, compassionate and level-headed even if others see you in a very different light. You’re a natural mentor and a loyal friend who always stands up for what’s right.

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How Dare He!

I couldn’t help myself. :) A continuation of the Anne of Green Gables AU… Find part 1 here!

It wasn’t until she had written ‘Margaret Hooper has a very bad temper’ one hundred times that Molly was permitted to leave. Mrs Hudson watched over her charge with a discerning eye, knowing that Sherlock had prompted the child to lose her temper. But nevertheless, the girl’s reaction was far too extreme. The elderly schoolteacher bit back a smile as the girl humbly wrote her sentences, but still had gumption enough to change ‘Margaret’ to ‘Molly.’

For her part, Molly was as regretful of what she had done as she was proud. The boy certainly hadn’t deserved to be attacked, but she could no longer have borne his nuisance. And to call her ‘mouse’! Why, he ought to be punished severely for that alone, not to mention his abhorrent behavior toward her! Tossing chalk and paper, as if he wasn’t more than 5 years of age!

Her pride thus wounded and her mind made up about the boy, Molly walked out of the classroom with her head held high. Mary Morstan, the neighbor girl Molly hoped and knew would become her dearest friend, rushed up to her from her waiting place by the tree. From the corner of her eye, she saw Sherlock standing across the yard talking with the beautiful Irene Adler, whose face conveyed frustration as Sherlock turned away from her mid-sentence.

Molly determinedly walked in the opposite direction, hooking her arm through Mary’s as they began the walk home. Their journey, though, was short-lived, as Sherlock stepped across their path. Molly resolutely ignored him, lifting her chin up haughtily and walking past him.

‘Molly, wait.’ He walked behind her, trying to get her attention. He shoved his hands in his trouser pockets and hunched his shoulders, his curls falling over his eyes endearingly. ‘I’m sorry for teasing you.’

Molly stopped and cast a disdainful, sideways glare at him. Tugging firmly on Mary’s arm, she pulled her friend along once more, leaving Sherlock to stare after them.

‘Oh, Molly, how could you?’ Mary whispered in astonishment. ‘Sherlock’s always getting under everyone’s skin with his deductions, but he’s never, ever, apologized before!’

‘There’s a world of difference between deducing someone and being called ‘mouse,’ Mary!’ Molly argued defensively. ‘I may be plain and lack the grace and charisma of girls far more beautiful than I, but I shall not stand for being called names, especially ‘mouse’ by an arrogant boy.’

Mary gasped. ‘But Molly…’

Molly interrupted and said firmly, ‘I shall never forgive him!’

The first term was almost half-way through and Molly eagerly anticipated their testings. For near gone two months, she and Sherlock had been waging an unspoken battle as to who was top in each subject. And Molly refused to be second to the arrogant boy.

Mrs Hudson smiled at the class, her eyes twinkling behind her glasses. ‘The results of the mathematics examination are in.’

Molly breathed in deeply and clasped Mary’s hand beside her in anticipation.

‘The top three are as follows,’ Mrs Hudson continued. ‘In first, William Holmes.’

A keen sense of disappointment filled Molly. She could almost feel Sherlock’s smug grin behind her.

‘Second, Margaret Hooper.’

Mary squeezed her hand in congratulations and Molly beamed at her. Although not first, she would not wallow in defeat, instead relishing the success of second place.

The rest of the announcement faded as the class packed their belongings and were dismissed for the day. Gathering her books, Molly slid out of her seat and turned around just as Sherlock stood. He caught her gaze and grinned arrogantly.

Her nose twitched involuntarily and she huffed. With a wink, he swept from the room, Irene on his heels.

‘Oh, Molly, aren’t you ever going to forgive him?’ Mary admonished her friend as they walked down the dirt path toward home.

Molly was about to answer when she caught sight of Sherlock up ahead, standing next to Irene. Her heart twitched in her chest and she grew more annoyed at the curly-haired boy. ‘No, I will not.’

As they passed by, Sherlock abandoned Irene and caught up to them, his books’ leather strap slung over his shoulder. ‘Congratulations, Molly. According to Mrs H, you were only a few points behind me.’

Molly quirked an eyebrow and turned her head to nod at him in acknowledgement.

‘At least you’re no longer ignoring me,’ he quipped.

Molly stopped and spoke firmly without looking back. ‘It is polite to extend an acknowledgment of congratulations. I was merely applying basic manners to a situation.’

‘Oh, get off your high horse, Molly.’ Sherlock forced a laugh.

Walking once more, Molly pulled Mary along, not deigning to reply to the boy.

‘Oh, Molly,’ her friend sighed. ‘Why don’t you let it go?’

‘I refuse to be friendly to someone who, not only insulted me to the highest level, but associates with the likes of Irene Adler. For all his brilliance, he’s easily turned by a pretty face.’ Molly glanced back to see Irene pulling Sherlock along in the opposite direction.

‘Well, the way I hear it, Sherlock doesn’t like her that way. Says he prefers someone with a brain to someone who is ‘beautiful by cultural standards.’

Molly felt her traitorous heart flutter, but hid it with a haughty lift of her chin. ‘He certainly doesn’t seem to believe it himself.’

Mary snorted. ‘You’re just jealous.’

‘I am not, take that back!’ Molly snapped.

‘Well, you are!’ The blonde prodded. ‘And she’s jealous of you! John Watson told me that Sherlock told him that you were the smartest girl in school right in front of Irene! And that being smart was better than being pretty.’

For one second, Molly felt an indescribable joy fill her. She stopped and looked over her shoulder, catching Sherlock’s eye as he looked back at the same time. Her heart skipped a beat.

But in the second, her anger rose as Mary’s words sunk in. She whipped about and marched on. ‘Well, if that isn’t the most insulting thing I’ve heard! How dare he!’

‘Wait, Molly, I don’t think he meant it like that!’ Mary rushed after her, trying to explain.

‘So I’m not pretty, or fashionable, or graceful, like Irene. I don’t give two figs! I’d rather have brains than be an empty-headed ninny like her!’ Molly stomped on, her pace quickening, unaware of her friend’s struggle to keep up. If anything, this revelation only solidified her promise to never forgive Sherlock Holmes.

{Reunión de Padres}
Normalmente era su esposo el que acudía a las distintas reuniones de padres pero como era el último año de su pequeño quería asistir ella y ver con sus propios ojos el mundo que solo conocía por las palabras de su prodigioso castaño, además de que lo extrañaba demasiado y el solo recibir sus cartas una vez a la semana no era suficiente para una madre y menos para Molly que siempre había sido muy apegada a Benjy.
Cuando llego con ayuda del mago al Callejón Diagon estuvo fascinada de ver como todo era tan diferente de cuando su pequeño iba en primer año pero sabía que no podía entretenerse mucho pues debía ir a hablar con el Profesor Flitwick que era según entendió en las cartas de su hijo su jefe de casa y también ansiaba ver a su hijo.
Entro al salón en el cual sería la reunión y empezó a buscar a su hijo con la mirada sin éxito alguno por lo que se quedo en una esquina esperando a verlo cuando noto a su lado a alguien —Buenas tardes— dijo con una sonrisa en su rostro tan parecida a la de su hijo.