Next time on Teen Wolf:
  • Kira decides to let her fox flag fly high and forms an all girl band with Lydia on vocals, Malia on drums, while she takes the electric guitar. They call themselves Foxfire and The Wailing Claws.
  • Liam falls into not 1, not 2, but all 8 holes in the field. Luckily this time he packed a lunch while he waits for dad Scott to pull him out of the deepest one.
  • The Sheriff and Melissa have a nice relaxing date night in just watching netflix and ordering a pizza. The Sheriff thoroughly questions the delivery person to make sure they’re not actually a kanima or a weregoldfish.
  • Mason gets halfway through reading the Bestiary when he whips it out the window saying, “Nah, screw that….you can have this town” as he packs his bags.
  • Stiles’ Jeep and Derek’s Camaro become sentient guardians of Beacon Hills and run down any baddies attempting to enter.
  • Parrish hosts a bbq for the pack while donning an apron given to him by Stiles as a birthday gift that says, “Grilled to Parrfection”.
  • Theo is essentially taken out by his own ego. No really, it becomes a separate entity and they enjoy a nice meal while they blackmail compliment each other all night.
  • If you blink you’ll miss a Porsche speeding straight through town as Jackson screams out the window, “Looks like this town’s been into your juice, McCall!” While Danny’s pleas from the passenger seat, “Don’t slow down, floor it!” can also be heard.
  • Derek struts back into Beacon Hills in a thumb hole sweater, leather jacket, dark jeans that look painted on, and aviators. He tells Stiles “Hop on” as he shifts to full wolf and sprints away with Lil’ Red on his back into the sunset with Stiles shouting, “Onward, my faithful Sourwolf!” while Derek howls in contentment.
Brason bonding over Liam's anger
  • Brett:So there was one time when Liam got so angry during Lacrosse practise he stamped his foot and got mud all up his leg.
  • Mason:Liam once smashed his fist into his milk. It went all over him, it looked like he had an accident.
  • Brett:Liam once almost cried when he punched the locker as he forgot his code during his first week at school
  • Mason:Did you know Liam got a new TV because he threw his model dinosaur through the first?
  • Brett:We had a field trip and Liam held the entire team up as he and the coach had a shouting match
  • Mason:Liam once threw a tantrum because he couldn't sit near the window on a field trip once too.
  • Brett:And then there was that time Liam's undies went flying-
  • Liam:I CAN HEAR YOU!
  • Brett:You just practise Liam- Anyway, Liam's undies...