molly your irene is showing

If John was really unhappy with Mary, he would’ve taken the BIGGEST FREAKING FREE PASS IN THE WORLD to dissolve the marriage and leave her.

I mean, she had a whole secret past life as a cold-blooded assassin, and she shot his bestfriend! That’s like, a gigantic glowing shiny KICK MARY OUT OF YOUR LIFE NOW option!

But John didn’t. HE DIDN’T.

So you want news, bitter shippers who can’t accept that John actually is in love with Mary in a romantic way, a way in which he does not feel for Sherlock?

Here it is: John loves Mary SO BLOODY MUCH that he doesn’t care about her past and even called her future his PRIVILEGE. Not his duty, not his responsibility, not his burden, BUT HIS FLIPPING PRIVILEGE.

He loves her so much that he’d very much rather stay married to an ex-killer rather than break it off with her.

So ship johnlock all the live long day, that’s your business. If you ship peacefully without calling Mary slurs and being misogynistic bitter children, that’s great! Good for you!

But if you’re one of the ones who diminish just how much John is ROMANTICALLY IN LOVE with Mary, as is true in BBC canon, just because you’re so sore that johnlock isn’t canon, then you’re watching a different show. Don’t make up fake facts. To quote Martin Freeman himself, you’re not fans of the show, you’re fans of the show inside your heads.

And that’s from his lips, not mine.

P.S. Almost everyone in that show is a bloody liar. Sherlock Holmes is the biggest liar of them all. Moriarty is a liar. John Watson lies about what he feels sometimes. Kitty Riley was a liar. Irene Adler was a liar. Mycroft Holmes is a liar. Heck, even Mrs. Hudson AND Molly have told lies of their own.

I know Mary’s lie was big and it’s really a dealbreaker, but if you call her a “f*cking liar” while praising Sherlock and shipping him with John even though he basically lies through his teeth 80% of the time, then your double standard is pitiful. And no, don’t tell me that Sherlock lied to John to save his life. We know that the sniper meant to kill John was killed by Mycroft’s minion.

So technically, Sherlock Holmes LIED to John because he didn’t trust his own bestfriend enough to keep his secret, AND HE ADMITTED THAT. He lied about being alivet PRIMARILY because he thought John would blow his secret, and thus caused John grief and trauma because he doesn’t trust him enough to stay quiet.

But no one is giving him crap about it.

Mary lied because she wanted to start anew. Her past had nothing to do with Sherlock nor John. Yes, she made mistakes but she’s trying to move on from it. She didn’t plan on meeting John and making him fall in love then manipulating him. Yes she shot Sherlock but she also saved his life. It’s not justification enough but it shows that she does truly care for both John /and/ Sherlock.

She GAVE John a USB stick on everything about her, and she GAVE him the freedom to watch it and leave her. She didn’t threaten anyone for him to stay with her, she already accepted that John will most probably read the info on the USB and leave her. She was ready to accept her punishment. She wasn’t acting all smug and insensitive and all jokey-jokey like Sherlock was when he returned from the dead.

“You don’t even know my name!” –> That was Mary Watson actually trying to keep John Watson from MAKING PEACE WITH HER, almost trying to stop him from forgiving her, because she wants him to know everything about her first! It was JOHN who made the decision to start her life anew as Mary Watson.

But Mary Watson gets all the flak and Sherlock Holmes still gets treated like a hero.

It’s funny how shipping goggles can make people blind. That’d be all fine, if only it didn’t cause certain people to accidentally step all over other characters.