molly rose freeman

BBC Sherlock

If The Final Problem is indeed the series finale (as it feels like), i just want to say thank you. Thank you to Benedict, Martin, Steven and Mark for bringing Sherlock Holmes and John Watson to life. It may have not been perfect but it was an undeniably amazing series that has changed my life. I will always be part of the Sherlock fandom and will continue loving our Baker Street boys. Hopefully this is not the end!


June 11, 2017


by Molly Rose Freeman

“One day, Atlanta-based muralist Molly Rose Freeman realized that her brain, imagination and soul had been possessed” says Nashville Word of Mouth. “Patterns, inspired by spiritual spaces and iconography, she decided would be the official subject matter of her work.” Close to legally blind since birth, Durham, North Carolina native Freeman has always looked at the world in close-up. “The microscopic nature of my world allowed me to recognize that everything is made up of shapes and patterns” she says, expressing her fascination in both manmade pattern, including Ottoman mosaics and illuminated manuscripts, and natural, such as in wind maps and cell patterns. This mural on South 21st Ave. in Hollywood, Florida was painted in 2013 for the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project.  @mollyrosefree