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Castle (2009-2016)

“To the whole Castle family, our amazing cast, our remarkable crew, our imaginative writers & our wonderful fans, thank you for 8 amazing yrs!” -Andrew Marlowe

“Thank you to our amazing fans for keeping #Castle on the air for 8 seasons! Extraordinary.”  -Terri Edda Miller

“Dear Castle fans, cast, crew: Your devotion to our show has carried us for these unforgettable 8 seasons. I’m lucky to have met, work with, for the lot of you. I will always be grateful. Big hug.” -Stana Katic

“All things must end. It has been an honor working with the men and women of Castle. I am truly amazed at what we’ve done. Thank you.” -Nathan Fillion

“Aight I’ve processed the end of living an 8 year dream & now I must thank those who made that dream possible. You! the Castle fans, my fellow cast mates.” -Jon Huertas

“#Castle was a cornerstone of my life. A safe environment to learn. Thank you @ABC Network for giving a carrottop kid of 14 an amazing start.” -Molly Quinn

Castle changed my life.

I’ve met so many life long friends and have so many wonderful memories. Thanks for 8 seasons of Castle, I’m proud to be your fan. Alwasy and forever in my heart ❤️

You’ll be missed!

Just because we all love Castle

“The crew and cast at Castle becomes more of a reality than the people I’ve known all my life”  - Stana Katic

GQ: There is a special memory from this tv show that is dear to you, something you could share with us?

SEAMUS: Not one specific moment really, but a collective memory of spending most of my 30s with Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and Jon Huertas and laughing my ass with those guys.

“The four of us, we’re there on a daily basis, we get along amazingly. I know that I wish I was able to work with Susan Sullivan a lot more, I wish I could work with Molly a lot more. I wish I was able to work with Tamala and Penny a lot more, because I like the true ensemble cast. It’s just the way the show is designed. But you know, we’ve watched Molly grow up, which has been amazing. And I really love Susan. She’s beautiful. I would make out with Susan Sullivan. I will make out with Susan Sullivan one day.”  - Jon Huertas

“The guys are like brothers. Adorable, but dorks, but adorable.”  - Stana on working with Nathan, Seamus and Jon

“Once I saw Tamala Jones in person, I was like, ‘I gotta put my lips on her!’”  - Jon Huertas

“Oh, we are so girly. I’m not there all the time but when I do come we’re always catching up and talking about my personal life and her personal life. One of the latest conversations was when were we both planning to have children — if we did, when would we? We talk about taking care of our bodes and eating right. And, you know, talking about the guys on the show. We’re pretty cool.”  - Tamala on her relationship with Stana Katic.

“Everybody is always teasing each other all the time. I work with a room full of boys basically - which is great because I get to be a little stinker too. For instance, sometimes when I am doing a scene with Jon Huertas… It will be my close up and we both share an affection for ‘The Princess Bride’. So he’s a big dork and I will give him an order as Beckett and he will sashay out of the scene as Esposito and just before he does - and it’s always on my close up - he’ll go “As you wish!” …and you’ll see sometimes they’ll keep it on my face and there is always a little twinkle in my eye.”  - Stana Katic

“I even had to go to Andrew, “Andrew, are you sure? Am I enough? Can I do this?” And of course he was very nice, and he said, “We wouldn’t give it to you if you couldn’t.” We’re a family. We’re an absolute family, and that comes along with all the squabbles and everything. So I think we’re very normal, actually. We’re a very normal family doing extraordinary things on film, so I am very excited, and it has been just a wonderful journey.”  - Molly Quinn

“Just really quickly, if you know me, and you guys - you know me, you know that I don’t like to learn anything. But despite my best efforts, I have learned in 100 episodes how much I rely - on how heavily I rely - on all of you. When people tell me, and they do, that they love this show I don’t think of the polished piece that we see on TV, I think about the hours we pull, the freezing outside, the laughs, hanging out, and being here. And I appreciate you all, and I look forward to coming to work and being with you all, all the time. Thank you very much.” - Nathan Fillion speech for the 100th episode

“It’s probably a tossup between Seamus and Nathan. Seamus doesn’t know he’s funny. So it’s funny to kinda listen to him and laugh a little bit at what he says, cause some crazy things come out of his mouth.” – Jon Huertas on who does make him laugh the most

“We’re like a love fest over there and it’s rare in this business. We really, really love each other.”  - Tamala Jones

“I am crazy fortunate to have Andrew as the executive producer and creative entity on Castle. There are a couple of things that are amazing about working with a guy like this. First of all, the communication and the collaboration, and the clarity that this man has. I’m really a fortunate actress because I don’t know that a lot of people get that kind of producer to work with on a television show, especially on this kind of piece where you’re working many, many hours. He’s always open to dialogue, and he’s always got a reason for everything that he’s doing, and he’s always protective of the characters and of the story and of the show, and it’s truly wonderful to work with someone who’s just crazy intelligent and really just like a genuinely lovely guy.”  - Stana on Andrew Marlowe

“I look at the way I interact with Nathan and Jon and Stana and we have a lot of fun together.  People probably watch us in between takes and wonder how we get anything done.  I’ve had a lot of laughs with those three in the past 5 years.  I think the fun we have in real life permeates into the characters and the performances onscreen.” – Seamus Dever

“No, it’s that fun we have.  It’s real.  I’m so thankful they cast good, funny, interesting, warm, kind people in “Castle”, because we blend very well together.  At this point it’s like a family.  We help each other.  I constantly ask them: “What’s funnier: if I do this or I do that?” And I don’t think we care anymore about looking weak or unprofessional.  We all just want the best for each other and for the show.” – Seamus Dever

“We always have the writer of the episode sitting there on set so we can start fooling around with ideas, you know I have millions of ideas, 90% of them are terrible but when we have good ideas they’re so open, I’ve never had a job where it’s such a collaborative effort and really so open to any idea you have, even if it’s a terrible idea, you can say just give me one take and throw it in there, they indulge me they really do.” - Nathan Fillion

“I love doing ‘Castle.’ We pump out 24 episodes in 10 months, and we work long hours. We do lots and lots of takes, and everyone there is a talent machine. It is a taxing endeavour to say the least, but when you get into a groove, it doesn’t matter if you’re tired, it doesn’t matter if you’re sick. You can do it.” – Nathan Fillion

“I mean, I come to work every day and I don’t really think, ‘What’s in it for me?’ This is a real team effort, and when you’re here every day, when there’s 60 guys here and we’re all doing the same thing, and we’re all plugging away — and a lot of people here are working a lot harder than I am — I tend to think of it in terms of the well-being of the show.” – Nathan Fillion

“I love when a TV show, or entertainment in general, makes me feel something; be it positive, be it negative, be it happiness, be it awkward, uncomfortable… if it can make me feel, it’s done it’s job.”  - Nathan Fillion


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