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Okay but imagine this: Shimada Bros. Princess and the Pauper AU

Hanzo is the firstborn son of a king and queen, destined to rule next as heir. However, his parents have been getting into some shady business with the criminal underworld to keep up their wealth. The kingdom ends up in so much debt that the royal family has no other choice but to give up their second son, Genji, to the leader of the mafia in order to repay it. Genji ends up given away to one of the mafia’s many front businesses as a tailor under master seamstress Satya Vaswani, working his whole life to save up enough to run away while his brother lives a life of luxury, each oblivious to the fact that the other exists.

Fast forward to when Hanzo is about 22, and Genji is about 19. The kingdom is having money troubles again, but the Shimada family has learned their lesson with the mafia and what that can lead them to. They instead decide to marry Hanzo off to a princess from a wealthy neighboring kingdom, one Angela Zeigler. Problem is, Hanzo is in love with palace guard Jesse McCree, a peasant he knows his parents will never allow him to be with. As a treat, Jesse takes Hanzo out into the village surrounding the castle in order to experience a first (and last) taste of freedom before he marries Angela. There Hanzo meets Genji. The two are shocked at how similar they are in both appearance and desire for nothing but freedom from their inescapable duties. They concoct a plan; Genji will pose as the prince for a few days to finally have a taste of life out of indentured servitude, while Hanzo will take Genji’s tailoring job and finally learn how life is like outside of the castle walls.

While this is all happening, the captain of the palace guard, Gabriel Reyes, has been secretly embezzling money from the royal family, which is why they are in so much debt that Hanzo must be married off. Gabe, along with his two henchmen Amelie and Sombra, plan to strongarm the royal family into marring Hanzo to Gabriel and then “getting rid of” them all so Gabe can usurp the throne. However, when Hanzo is promised to Angela, the three are forced to change their plan. They plan instead to kidnap Hanzo, get Angela to leave since there is no prince to marry, and then return the prince and be hailed a hero. They all believe that the family will be so grateful that Hanzo has been returned that they will give him Hanzo’s hand in marriage out of joy that their only son has been returned to them.

Cue shenanigans with the Shimada Bros. learning how each other lives, finding out they’re brothers, peasant Genji falling in love with princess Angela, Hanzo and McCree already head-over-heels for each other, the Talon trio attempting to usurp the throne, and everything else that comes with this absolutely beautiful Barbie movie that I know way too much about.