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Sherlolly Appreciation Week - Day Five: The Abominable Bride.

  • it is february 1980 when they meet at a funeral
  • they are two red-haired women, one pureblood and one muggleborn, but neither of them care because blood does not matter
  • (except that it does. except that this whole stupid war is about blood)
  • they are two red-haired women with the future of the wizarding world growing in their bellies
  • and this is how it goes
  • gideon and fabian prewett go into the ground that day
  • molly, the last remaining prewett, feels like she’s drowning
  • (and although she is now a weasley, she will always be a prewett)
  • arthur’s hand in hers reminds her that she is not alone (far from it, in fact), but it does not ease the pain, the grief of losing all that was left of her family in one fell swoop
  • there is a stream of endless platitudes and consolations, so repetitive and meaningless that they blend into one another
  • (and she feels awful for the ones she has offered in the past)
  • (sometimes words mean so little)
  • she tries to tune it all out. sometimes she mutters, ‘thank you,’ towards her feet, but mostly she is silent
  • ‘when are you due?’
  • it is the only question that cuts through because it is so thoroughly unexpected, especially at a funeral
  • looking up, she meets a pair of brilliant green eyes, softened with sympathy in this moment
  • (but she knows just by looking at her that this woman can be hard, so hard and strong when she wants to be)
  • (and behind the woman stands a tall, bespectacled man with black hair, wilder and messier than hair really has a right to be, and she knows immediately that they are lily and james potter, who gideon and fabian talked about because of how bright and brave and in love they are)
  • when she does not answer, lily tries again, ‘you are pregnant, right? this isn’t some awful, social faux pas where i’ve asked a woman if she’s pregnant when she’s not, right?’
  • james sniggers and lily elbows him in the stomach
  • (and she wonders about these two, clearly so young, too young, for war and for a baby and for merlin knows what else might be coming)
  • (but she sees the way he holds her hand reverently, and the way she looks up at him reproachfully, her eyes betraying her amusement and embarrassment, and how he smiles and she smiles back and molly may as well not be there because they are so in love and damn the war)
  • ‘march,’ she eventually answers and the anxiety in lily’s face melts away
  • then molly casts her eyes downwards and smiles
  • ‘and you?’
  • ‘august,’ she answers, glowing like only a woman who is creating life can
  • lily’s hand skims across her stomach, the instinctual action of a woman whose belly is full of baby
  • (and molly would know, she has patted her own belly too many times to count)
  • ‘well, i guess our children will be going to hogwarts together, then,’ molly muses aloud
  • ‘maybe they’ll be best friends,’ lily smirks
  • and, for a moment, molly feels lighter because it is so reassuring to talk about the future in this way, to think about her children growing up in a world where they’re safe and happy and blood doesn’t matter and they can be whatever they choose to be
  • ‘potter and weasley,’ james is staring dreamily at the sky before dropping his gaze back down and grinning widely
  • ‘hogwarts won’t know what hit it.’
  • she never sees them again
  • her hands shake when she reads about them in the daily prophet
  • and she cries when she thinks about how they were bright and brave and so young
  • (too young and so in love)
  • (and now gone too soon)
  • she never forgets, but the memory does fade, the memory of meeting a vivacious couple on one of the worst days of her life and how they gave her hope for a future when the word future felt like taboo
  • and it doesn’t happen the way any of them had predicted, but it happens
  • because ron writes home in september 1991, talking about how he made friends with harry potter and how he stuffed himself silly on the hogwarts express because harry was generous and cool and being friends with him was easy and natural
  • so she thinks of lily and how she rubbed her belly, green eyes alight with hope
  • and she thinks of james and his cheeky grin and what he said that day
  • ‘potter and weasley. hogwarts won’t know what hit it.’
  • and she smiles
Molly Weasley

My freckles get more intense in the summer.

((OOC: In my mind, Molly has always been freckled as heck. Arthur likes to connect-the-dots with his fingers, which always makes Molly blush.

I was super duper inspired by @asktheboywholived, @sirussly, and @ohtheclevernessofme1972, who are all beautiful and amazing.

Also I spent a real long time editing together a gif, which then didn’t work, because I am technologically inept. But I tried! ))

So I was watching TRF again today,

and every time I watched it, I knew there was a connection between these two scenes. And I just found it today.(may be a little too late)
Scene 1: kitty and sherlock

K: sooner or later, you’re going to need someone on your side. Someone to set the record straight.
S: You think you’re the girl for the job, do you?
K: I’m smart and you can trust me .. totally.
S: well, look at me and tell me what you see. If you’re that skillful, you don’t need an interview, you can just read what you need.

Scene 2: Molly and sherlock

M: You look sad, when you think he can’t see you. Are you OK? And don’t just say you are, because I know what that means, looking sad when you think no-one can see you.
S: You can see me.
M: I don’t count. What I’m trying to say is, that if there’s anything I can do, anything you need, anything at all, you can have me.

can we just look at his face when he challenged kitty to read him, and his face when molly actually read him without the challenge? It’s day and night.
Kitty was advertising her talent with expectations of some reward, after all “Sherlock Holmes the man under the hat” was going to be her big scoop. Whereas molly simply offered to help, asking him if he needed anything that he thinks she is capable of doing without any expectations.
And that’s the moment with molly when he knew that she is the one he needs on his side to set the record straight.

Sherlock : [In a crowd and can’t find Jim] This calls for drastic measures.

Sherlock : [uses hands like a megaphone] IS THAT SHERLOCK AND MOLLY KISSING?!

Jim : [appears out of nowhere] what whAT ATLEAST ONE OF THEM WAS SUPPOSED TO END UP WITH ME

Sherlock : [blinks] wait a moment

Molly : [In the background] did he just say atleast one?

Under Appreciated TFB Lyrics

“I’m stabbing at the thoughts only to see what’s bleeding while I’m tripping acid and you’re tripping mushrooms.”- The Wrong Way

“You and your friends feel free and you’re way too cool for me and you do drugs now and all your problems run so deep”- Taking My Uzi to the Gym

“I keep asking questions I will never know the answers to”- The Winds

“It’s okay to give up ‘cause nobody here could care less”- So Sick We’re Dead

“We are so dishonest with ourselves”- So Sick We’re Dead

“Keep yourself distant and remote, unhappy and alone”- So Sick We’re Dead

“Times were pretty good before they started to unwind”- Silver Shinbone (Bucket Song)

“Believe me I’ve tried, and what I found
Was what we have is nowhere near as good as what we should have by now”- Not Yet

“I’m fine, I’m alright, but I will never let it go”- Somebody Else

“I have no idea what you’re going through so I won’t act like I do”- Somebody Else

“If I tell you all my secrets will you tell me all your lies?”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“He said no one’s going to listen until you mean every word you say”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“We keep saying we’re unhappy and they keep saying that we’re fine”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“Everything you’re feeling is common even though you’ve never felt so alone”- Rhode Island

“She says you gotta promise not to break no matter how far you are bent”- Rhode Island

“I wanna be stronger than your dad was for your mom”- Santa Monica

“If you need a little sunshine you can borrow some of mine. It’s okay if you’re unhappy, I would say before I leave her,
just take a look around there’s no one here that’s happy either”- Lonely Eyes

“If for some reason, you don’t feel like talking, I would just sit and enjoy your company”- Lonely Eyes

“Stop asking questions and learn to accept that the things that we have right now are the best things we’ve had yet”- Molly

“In this moment, I was pretty pleased with the person I was pretending to be”- Summer Shandy

“Well I’m staring at unfamiliar ceiling and I should leave ‘cause everybody here is tripping some new drug, except for me. WHY?! ‘Cause I don’t have the money”- More Than It Hurts You

“I am alone only half of the time, the other half I am only hiding”- Legit Tattoo Gun

“There’s a voice in the back of my head in the back of my head, says, ‘let 'em be just let them be happy.’”-Legit Tattoo Gun

“Whenever I’m alone or feeling lonely 
I pretend I can play the drums 
Inside my head”- Legit Tattoo Gun

“I need to stop playing out relationships
inside of my head because every one of my memories is filled with shit you never even said.”- If You’re Happy

“I’m scared I’m gonna die as lonely as I feel right now”- Lipstick Covered Magnet

“And this is only a cry for help, you said watch me fade away.”- If You’re Happy

“Today we could do something we would’ve never done before”- Jim Bogart

“Hey, Sweetheart, where’d you get those eyes? You think that I could have a pair?”- Just as Big, Twice as Swollen

“I should hug my friends more than I do”- The Distance That I Fell

“All the kids I used to spend my time with but now can’t stand seem to be dying”- The Bells

“She’ll go to church and pray to god one day but is she getting into heaven? There is no fucking way”- Carry Me Down the Street

“The end of the world makes me nervous because I, for one, have not found god yet or someone to fall in love with, rob a bank, shoot a cop with”- The Cops

“Don’t ask questions, keep your head down, learn your lessons, 'cause no one with money ever goes to jail”- Current Events

“Only the strong survive and that is only the biggest lie”- Current Events

“I shaved my head last night to start anew in a chapter I call without you and it’s going to be the best I’ve ever written”- Current Events

“Sometimes you get sad when we’re together because you’re not sure if you’ll miss me when I’m gone”- Everything I Own

“I get these strange phone calls at night with no one on the other side”- Flying Model Rockets

“I’m always focusing on the wrong things and then the wrong things become everything, I don’t know what I’m gonna do I don’t know what I’m gonna do about anything”- HELP

“She is begging you not to cut your hair 'cause curly hair don’t look good cut short”- Hooped Earings

“She’s coming over because it’s better than being alone”- I Think Your Nose is Bleeding

“Well I’m not going to sit here and deny what I think I felt”- I Think Your Nose is Bleeding

“I’ll stop writing the book because the book, I realized, was boring”- I Wrote a Book

“I just want this to mean something to anybody even if they don’t know who I am”- Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It

“It’s a shame the bad habits are the hardest ones to break”- Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It

“I will stop cutting my pants into shorts, I will address the issues I cannot ignore, I will do the things that I think you might like, and I will be alone probably the rest of my life”- Swimming Pool

“I have been thinking about letting my hair grow, I have been thinking about cutting it short, I have been thinking about dying it yellow, but I don’t think I have the bone structure or wardrobe to support that type of look”- More Than It Hurts You
A Little Friendly Advice

The message arrives in her inbox six months to the day after Sherrinford.

As soon as she sees the sender Molly stops. Stares. She bites her lip and tells herself that Mary’s email has simply been hacked, that’s why she’s getting a message from a dead woman’s account.

Deep down, however, Molly knows that that’s not true.

For she doubts- knowing what she does now- that John’s wife would be lax enough to leave behind an easily-hacked email address. As Sherlock had pointed out once (while deeply upset and drunk), Mary had been a former super-assassin with a terrifying skill-set: Basic IT would have been second nature to her. 

And that being the case, Molly tells herself, it’s highly likely that the message in her inbox is real. Given that she’s Rosie’s godmother, she should probably open the email and see what it says.

It’s the least she can do.

Quickly, decisively, Molly clicks on the email before she can change her mind, or stop to wonder why this is making her feel so unsettled. To her surprise, when the mail opens up there’s a link inside which she clicks on, one which takes her directly to Mary’s cloud account and into an mp4 file.

She bites nervously at her lip as she waits for the file to load.

A request for a password to view the file appears, and after a moment’s thought she  types in Rosie.

This password is correct.

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Wrong Name

@thebonnielassofyvie requested Molly reacting to Sherlock accidentally introducing her with his last name (could you add in some Warstan and Mythea?) 

Molly’s face grew red, and she looked at her feet, then glanced up swiftly to Sherlock. If he realized what he’d just said, he clearly was putting on a good show of not noticing. He just went right on talking to the press as if he had not just referred to her as ‘Molly Holmes’.

Which she wasn’t.

“Sorry, Mr. Holmes, so, just a moment,” one of the press agents pushed forward, recorder in hand. “You’re saying Doctor Hooper is now Doctor Holmes?”

Sherlock looked at him as if the man had two heads.

“No, I never said such a thing!”

“That’s what I heard,” the man said.

“Me too,” a woman piped up beside him. “Said it twice, in fact.”

The others all nodded in agreement, then looked to Molly for confirmation. Sherlock too, turned and faced her, surprised he had made such an error. Molly caught the panic in his eyes, realizing he’d flubbed. Why he’d said such a thing, she wouldn’t know, not yet any way.

“He misspoke, obviously,” Molly put in. “Our names are often being mixed up-“

“Really.” One of the men snorted. “Okay.”

At this, Sherlock looked miffed, narrowing his gaze at him.

“Yes, really,” he bit out. The more seasoned members of the press all leaned in, knowing when someone was about to receive a dressing down from the World’s Only Consulting Detective. There were still stories about how he’d ruined Kitty Riley. “Doctor Hooper is well published in journals around the country and in foreign countries. She speaks regularly at Oxford and if I misspoke, it is merely because her brilliance is so on par with mine, naturally I would refer to her as mine.” He held himself even straighter, squaring his shoulders. “As if anyone else could match her…” he said that last under his breath.

The press all looked to Molly now.

“So…are you taking Doctor Watson’s place, helping solve crimes now with Mr. Holmes, Doctor Hooper?”

“Oh! No! Hardly,” she gave a nervous laugh, still flying quite high from Sherlock so fiercely defending her, and bragging about her to about six of the most important papers in London. “My particular field is one that Mr. Holmes is familiar with, given his cases, so our paths often cross. This time, I just happened to have the week free, so we decided to give Doctor Watson a holiday.”

The questions went on, and Molly fell silent again. In the back of her mind, she did wish she’d been bold enough to snap at the agent and say she was indeed Molly Holmes, just to see the looks on their faces. Clearly, they didn’t think she was Sherlock’s equal. Well…buggar them, then.

Only Sherlock, as he spoke, reached between them, took her hand and lacing his fingers in hers. He was warm, so she shifted slightly, shoulder brushing against his. As he spoke, he commended Molly’s quick thinking, her skill in the laboratories, and how she’d understood right away what the cause of death was, linking the killer to three previous unsolved deaths. In the end, Molly was flushing, smiling at her shoes as Sherlock quite happily went on bragging to them all about how she’d helped solve the case.

The press finally dispersed, questions answered, and Sherlock tugged Molly along to find a cab, still holding onto her hand.

At Baker Street, they found John and Mary were waiting for them, as were Mycroft and Anthea.

“To what do I owe the pleasure, brother-mine?” Sherlock asked as Molly accepted the mug of tea from John’s outstretched hand.

“Simply wondering how the meeting went.” His eyes twinkled with some mischief, clearly, he’d heard Sherlock’s slip-up.

“As they usually do,” the younger Holmes shrugged.

“Really? One doesn’t usually refer to someone with the wrong surname.”

Anthea and Mary were grinning like Cheshire cats.

“I’m sure it was just a mistake,” Molly batted a hand, trying to wave it off, clearly having trouble doing so.

“Well what if it wasn’t?” Sherlock snapped finally, looking at her directly. “What if I rather like how your name fits rather nicely with mine?”

For a moment, Molly couldn’t speak. She stared open-mouthed up at him, and she saw his gaze flick down to her lips, then back up at her eyes again.

“Well…” she began falteringly, then her smile was suddenly bold. “What if I’d rather have a hyphen?”

Mary grabbed John by the arm who grunted.

“Nails, nails, the nails,” he hissed, trying his hardest not to spill hot tea on himself.

Sherlock, clearly ignoring them, shrugged, hands in his pockets. “Well it makes no difference to me, would you prefer alphabetically?”

“Does that matter?”

“Well yes,” he said with a frown. “Hooper-Holmes-“

“Sounds much better than ‘Holmes-Hooper’,” Molly interrupted. “Sounds like we’re a law-firm rather than a couple.”

“Hmm,” he nodded, pondering. “Very well. But you’ll be the one to tell Mummy, not that she’ll care particularly.”

“Okay, wait, wait-“ John interrupted.

“Oh do catch up, John,” Sherlock sighed, rolling his eyes. He took Molly’s hand, kissing it gently before stepping past her to collect his violin. “If I misspoke, it is clearly because I have been considering proposing to Molly, which I sort of have, just now. If you’d all leave, I’ll do it properly.”

Mary and Anthea immediately set their mugs down, collected their bags and started shoving their men out of the door.

“But-“ Mycroft began

“But-he-“ John also spluttered.

“Shut up, we’ll talk about it in the car,” Mary said, waving goodbye, kissing Molly’s cheek as they passed.

“Oh let’s take one car,” Anthea added, eyes quite merry as she beamed at Sherlock and Molly. “We can talk on the way.”

“On the way where-“ Mycroft asked, not liking his being physically hustled out the door.

“To lunch,” Anthea and Mary said at once.

“They won’t be long,”

“Oh yes we bloody will!” Sherlock called back, quite miffed (for the second time that day). Mary threw him a teasing wink, shutting the door after them, all crowded on the stairway, John and Mycroft both looking confused.

“Now, you were saying,” Sherlock turned, suddenly quite smooth charming.

“Oh I believe you were,” Molly said, and seated herself in his chair. “And I fully expect a proper proposal, mind, my brilliance, after all, is only matched by the World’s Only Consulting Detective.”

Sherlock smirked, and knelt down at her feet, all too happy to oblige.


TWD Favorite Scene(s) (1/?): I want to you stop acting like you don’t give a crap about anything, like nothing we went through matters, like none of the people we lost meant anything to you. It’s bullshit!