molly long is my queen

Anon Asked: Why is Peyton Your Favourite Dancer?

Did you just… Oh okay here we go. Do you have 5 hours to spare? Sit down ima teach you something.

Well anyway for starters she’s probably the cutest being in the entire world like look at that face and she’s so tiny and ohhh she’s just adorable okay don’t question it.

And she’s super dedicated. She always has pictures of herself in the studio with Molly and the other monsters dancing and improving. Shes obviously really passionate and is hell bent on improving which shows!

I rest my case alright.

She captioned this here picture ‘Work hard and never give up on what you want!’ which honestly is admirable to me for an eight year old and just plain adorable. 

Now can we please return back to the fact that shes eight.. EIGHT. Seriously. When I was her age i’m pretty sure I could only just tie my shoelaces and already shes that talented. She’s one of the youngest in a lot of the groups she performs in and is still front and centre with special parts in most of them and kills it every single time. Yeah girl!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

And a really horribly capped exhibit C (she’s literally just working it like the queen she is).

Moving on.. She’s fierce as anything! I would say HANDS DOWN this girl is the most fierce competition dancer i’m aware of and if you think otherwise you’re mistaken because its her. Without a doubt. Have you even watched her dance? She’s so sassy. I love it okay its one of her best qualities.

She has so much star quality and is so underrated. She was born to entertain for sure.

Super fierce, P.

AND SHES SO CUTE. And seems so sweet. And awhhhh.

 Look she’s a mermaid, THAT’S FREAKING ADORABLE.

Look, I could go on for hours about how much love I have for this super talented little girl I don’t even know, but I will leave it there for now. If you don’t like Peyton you’re definitely living your life wrong because nothing brings me as much joy as watching her dance.

But seriously, how could you not like this..

Aw aw aw