molly long

tags on YT

For your convenience, Perfect Dance Videos (my main YT channel) makes extensive use of tags in addition to the videos’ description boxes. Every one of the more than 800 videos is tagged for dancer name(s), studio, style/genre, choreographer(s), age group, size category, dance title, song name, and singer or other music source. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for. (Tip: quote marks help for phrases.)

For example, type these into the channel search box:

  • ocpaa “large group” jazz
  • “dance precisions” mini
  • “sophia lucia” titanium
  • “musical theater” “small group”
  • “andrew winghart” solo

All videos are also tagged with “perfect dance videos” so if you are anywhere on YT, you can simply add that string to the general YouTube search:

  • “perfect dance videos” senior contemporary
  • “perfect dance videos” “molly long” group

Thanks for watching  👀