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OSRR: 1077

so church today was interesting. i didn’t really go in expecting to get much out of sacrament meeting, but God has a long track record of proving me hopelessly wrong.

i have a little journal i use that i write down promptings i get during church because usually the spirit is telling me things that are unrelated to what the speaker is saying. so it was today. i was listening to the first talk - i don’t remember what charles was talking about - but what i wrote in my book was entirely unexpected:

“‘lift up your heart and rejoice.’ your mission is here.

"don’t go.”

i spent the second hour wondering why. i was so confused. why would all of this happen if i weren’t supposed to go to arizona for grad school? why is this happening? this is everything i’ve ever wanted, so why now? why???

our lesson got out ten minutes early, and i talked to lisa in that time. she reasoned with me, and told me her experience about grad school. she said there might be something that will happen that i need to be around for to help with that i wouldn’t be able to if had i been in arizona. i won’t know what will happen until either God tells me, or it happens. until then i just don’t know. that helped me feel a little better.

and then miriam’s lesson today was about faith. i wrote down in my book to have faith that everything will work out for my good and that it’ll be okay. i immediately felt better.

but despite that, it still hurts a little bit. i mean, it /is/ everything i’ve wanted. it’s got one of the country’s best security and intelligence studies program that i’ve been accepted to. it’s got a space physics program. it’s got a flight school. it’s everything i’ve ever wanted.

but that doesn’t matter. what matters is God has a plan for me that i can’t see right now. and i won’t know it until it’s either revealed to me by personal revelation or by the reason coming to pass and my seeing it. i won’t know. but i have faith that He’ll make everything okay. He knows best, and i just think i know what i want. so i’m handing it over to Him. i’m handing over my heart to Him. in the meantime, i’m going to try to build that faith i’m going to need in order to be okay with this.

so please, pray for me. i’m trying.

(i also got to talk to ian more today and he’s still adorable and sweet and wonderful. it’s nice to just talk casually to him instead of making a production about it. i like that he’s chill. he’s nice. and wonderful.)

OSRR: 1146


anyway today was general conference and it was really wonderful. i’m excited for tomorrow’s meetings, too.

also i saw a voltron langst prompt and i did the thing and i wrote a fic and it’s on this website and i’m dying. i also posted it on AO3 and people want me to keep writing?? i’ve never gotten this sort of response to my writing something like this and i’m Dying™

also i’ve been thinking about ian a lot. i haven’t seen him in a while, and it feels like i’m getting over him, but i know myself well enough to know that distance and time only make me stop thinking about someone 24/7. i still get butterflies when i think about seeing him and doing cute things with him. let me die.

American Beauty (Michael) part 1

Request: Nope. This is actually a story that I wrote a while ago on my other blog and I decided to edit it (cause it was crap) and repost it here!

a/n: I will also be re-editing a few other things from my old blog so expect those as well sometime in the near future! -Gabby


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OSRR: 882

so i still really like danny. and it’s throwing me off because i’m a total coward. on the way back, we were sitting in silence, when he asks, “penny for your thoughts?” i thought that was sweet. i don’t know if - i don’t think that - anyone has ever asked me that before. it caught me off guard and he said it so softly and i choked on my spit anyway so it was embarrassing but i couldn’t straight up tell him i like him because surprise - i’m a coward. so no, that didn’t happen. anyway.

he’s really amazing, though. the lesson he taught today during sunday school was really something. we spoke about our heavenly family and a verse that he talked about helped me realize something that never really hit home before. i had been feeling really anxious, like i was gonna have an attack, and i felt really terrible just before going to class. but after five minutes of standing in the library with my face planted into the table, i resolved to go to class and grabbed some paper so i could write or doodle a little bit. and the verse danny talked about was one where moses was confronted by the devil after speaking with the Lord. and satan tries his best to tempt moses, who replies, “who are you, to tempt me? i am a son of God.”

and that kinda hit me. moses basically said to the devil himself “who are you? you’re nothing and i, i am a son of God. so fite me m8, i’ll win” and it made me realize that all the crappy thoughts in my head are from satan. and who is he that he should bring me down? i am a daughter of the Most High. i am a princess in the eternal kingdom of God. and satan is trying to drag me down? i’m better than that. i’m more than that. and i’m willing to fight for that.

Expectations Part 1

a/n; here’s a little something to make everyone smile. part 2 is coming soon. As always my requests are open! If you want a personal imagine you can leave a request with your name and what you look like and which boy you want. Enjoy!


After and unexpected run in with Michael, Sophie becomes intrigued with the boy, but is held back by the expectations everyone has of her. But slowly she reveals that there is more to her than what you see at first glance. 

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