molly hooper knows the truth


Her eyes are a warm shade of brown

Her smile helps you when you feel down

His cold eyes are fixed on this clue

He always knows exactly what to do

Her manners are perfectly polite

She tries to do everything right

He insults people all the time

Even at the scene of a crime

She is a little mouse who comes

Does what she must and quietly goes

He always wants attention in some ways

It’s always right what he says

She does love him

She would do everything for him

He does need her

He does feel something for her

I ship Sherlolly, you know

This is my OTP of the BBC Sherlock-show

Oh yes, I ship them so hard

My feels rip my heart apart

This is one of those poems that I write within minutes after I got the very first idea what’s it about. So another Sherlolly poem! I hope you like it!

Confusing feelings

There is confusion in my head

It’s such an unpleasant feeling

I’m lying in my bed

Thinking, starring at the ceiling

What’s wrong with me?

There’s nothing in my mind

But this girl I see

It’s as if she wants me to remind

That I have a heart beating in my chest

What does she do with me?

I need to know, I’m unable to rest

I’m not the man I used to be

She does count and I trust her

To be the one that saved me

She helped me out of my despair

She’s always seen me

When I looked sad

And tried to hide it

But now I feel bad

Because I needed her grit

She had helped me to survive

This mess I got myself into

But now she has my whole life

And I don’t know what to do?

Why can’t these feelings just go away?

What’s if love is what I feel?

What’s if the feelings stay?

Is there any way I can heal?

Molly Hooper is all in my thoughts

Every day and every night

I’d like get all this into words

But I fear I’ll never get them right

This about Sherlock who is confused after Molly saved him. Now he doesn’t know how to feel about her. I don’t know if Sherlock is really able to love a woman but if he is then he would love Molly Hooper. I ship Sherlolly <3!